The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

141. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (31)

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Towards the stiff Rho, Zeke and Camilla called out from behind.

“Rho, go. You have no other choice but to go. His Majesty has done it, therefore, you’re also responsible~”

“If you’re scared, run away. Fight!”

“U, u, ugyu…”

“I’m not going to get angry at Rho.”

Jill straightened the misunderstanding up and sighed.

“I’m glad that you’re safe.  I was truly worried. Thank you very much, Your Highness Natalie, for protecting Rho.”

“N, no, I did nothing, really… in fact, it’s Rho who has been protecting me.”

“I see. What you did is amazing, Rho. You did your best.”

Rho snuck out from behind Natalie.

Crouching, Jill reached out for him.

“Come here.”


Rho jumped into Jill’s chest, overjoyed. Jill tightly embraced Rho in relief.

But, still.

“So, how connected are you with His Majesty’s heart?”

A shocked Rho raised his head in Jill’s arms.

He contemplated for a while with his hand under his chin, then beamed and responded cutely.


You knew everything!? Did you share everything with His Majesty!? Or perhaps, Rave!?”


Rho escaped in a hurry and snuck behind Natalie. Natalie immediately raised her voice.

“Hey…! I don’t know what happened, but this dragon is still a child!”

“Don’t try to get between us, Your Highness Natalie. This is a couple’s argument! Rho, don’t you dare run away!”


“Dragon Princess, Dragon King, enough already!”

Jill and Rho, who were running circles around Natalie, suddenly stopped due at the voice.

Natalie raised her shoulders and thrusted a finger towards Jill’s nose.

“Listen, even if he’s a just person, the Dragon Emperor has a penchant for little girls! He has no dignity!”

“Y, you misunderstood… His Majesty has never held penchants for little girls…”

“Look at yourself in the mirror! To be married to a girl this young, he has serious issues!”

She couldn’t voice any objection. Rho seemed to be the same. He could only stand next to Jill.

“But, it seems that the Dragon Princess also lacks dignity! The two of you are an embarrassment!”

“I’m sorry…”


“That’s why, you have to go to Radea right away! It’s a land ruled by the Dragon Princess. If you don’t do it properly, no one will acknowledge you as the Dragon Princess!”

“I, I know, but please tell me the details. What does it mean for the Dragon Princess to rule that territory?”

 Natalie solidified instantly at Jill’s question. Their surroundings quieted down.

“Ah~!” Camila put her finger on her forehead, and muttered. “By the way, has anyone explained it to Jill-chan, yet~? At least, I haven’t~”

“…I haven’t, either.”

“…Why did you try to go when you barely know anything?”

“In the territory ruled by the Dragon Princess, I should lead the army and suppress the rebellion. I wondered if that was what His Majesty wanted me to do. However, I don’t think I can do that. I wish I could, though…”

When she thought about it then, it was a mistake to beat up the Fairert soldiers. Had she not done that, Vissel might had provided Jill with some decent soldiers on the consideration that she wouldn’t be able to crush Radea and would end up being eliminated instantly.

“I’m not very good at deception, but I know what to do if I get entangled in a complicated strategy by the enemy. Which is, to provoke and harass the enemy!!”

Vissel wanted to subdue Jill’s movements, anyway. Jill didn’t want to move while Hadith was still in the imperial castle. However, such wasn’t the case when Hadith was gone. Thus, she came out. As a result, she didn’t know what would happen from now on anymore. Vissel might be unhappy, but it’s what it is.

A subtle silence spread from Jill as she asserted such with a clenched fist. Camila could be heard secretly muttering to Zeke.

“…Was she taught by that raccoon~?”


“Maybe that’s why she decided to suppress Radea in the first place~”

Apart from her frustration, she could see why Hadith escaped. Hadith flew to Radea himself in consideration of Jill who couldn’t move as long as he was in the imperial capital.

But, it’s also possible that he just wants to practice at a bakery! Your Majestyyyy!

His magical power should had already recovered to half its original amount. At the same time, it also meant that his constitution would be weakened. She was worried, alright. She had to find him soon.

“Could it be, you also don’t know about the Dragon Princess’ sacred relic…?”

“The Dragon Princess’ sacred relic!?”

What’s that?! Sounds interesting!

Jill screamed at Natalie’s words.

“T, the Dragon Princess—my sacred relic!? What’s that!? I absolutely want it!”

Zeke looked away into the distance.

“…Perhaps, that’s why I instinctively refrained from explaining the details to her.”

“…Had you done so, Jill-chan would have single handedly suppressed Radea~”

“…I can see that happening.”

Natalie nodded a few times.

“Well, regardless of your desire, whether it manifests or not is out of your control. Not to mention, there’s also a seal.”

“A seal!? This sacred relic sounds authentic as hell! What kind of seal!? Is it a magic seal, perhaps!?”

“That’s right. The magic seal can’t be undone without the Goddess of Kratos.”

To put it the other way around, only the Goddess of Kratos could unlock it!?

Jill suddenly recalled—wasn’t the Kratos army also enroute to Radea?

No way, the real target of the Kratos army isn’t Radea, but the Dragon Princess’ sacred relic!?

“Could it be, His Majesty took that into consideration when he decided to practice in a bakery in Radea!?”

“Hol’ up, what is this thing regarding a bakery!?”

“It doesn’t matter! As I thought, going to Radea is the best option!”

Jill raised her fist and shouted.

“Retrieve my sacred relic, then His Majesty, then suppress the territory properly!”

“…Why does it sound like His Majesty is only an afterthought and that you’re suppressing the territory in name, only~?”

“As expected of captain.”


Rho sighed. Jill suddenly spoke with a smile.

“Of course, the sacred relic will be used to keep His Majesty on a leash.”


“So, does the clever Rho know what I want him to do?”

The dragon king slowly looked up at Jill’s face.

Yes, Rho was the king of dragons. Just like Hadith, he had black and gold as his colors.

“As of present, the dragons of the imperial capital are adhering to His Majesty’s command.”


“But, a dragon should be able to carry us to Radea, right?”


“If you do that, I’d be very happy. I’d give good morning and good night kisses to Rho.”


Hadith’s heart succumbed the moment Jill spoiled him.

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