The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

44.2 The Overlord Confronts Intruders

 ──The next day──

[The Overlord-sama’s familiars have captured some intruders!!]
[What?! Familiar that protect the village on their own? I’ve never heard of such a thing!!]
[As expected from Shouma-nii-chan!]
[For them to try to sneak into a village guarded by our king, the 『Aberrant Overlord』……how reckless……]

The village has been in an uproar since morning. I receive a report regarding the intruders from Lizette, who came to deliver breakfast, soon after waking up.

[All of the intruders have been incapacitated by the walls-san.]
[I only intended for them to keep animals away, though……]

Since the 『Enchanted Stone Walls』 I made to help test Yukino were surprisingly useful, I placed them around the village. The mamono have disappeared thanks to the barrier, but wild animals still come. Letting them ruin the crops isn’t something I could do. Although, they were meant to be scarecrows. I never thought intruders would end up caught by them as well……

[As expected from Nii-sama’s familiars. They are outstanding!]
Lizette’s eyes shine as she looks at me.

[Animal deterrent during the day. Intruder suppression at night. Being able to wait from the outside the fields while everyone is working in them makes them excellent. Not even spellcaster-san in the capital are able conjure familiars like them.]
[……Is that so?]
[Very much!]

……How weird.
I just wanted to create moving targets to examine Yukino’s magic……

[Well then, the intruders were 21 armed men. They brought with them herbs for paralyzing people and tools for scaling the walls. They were led by the swordsman-san who was dismissed by Silvia-hime…… Hmm?]

Seriously, what a bother.

[What should we do, Shouma-nii-sama?]
[The guy was a subordinate of Silvia-hime, right? Let’s hand them over and have them deal with it. After all, this is just bothersome.]

We just entered into a personal alliance with Silvia-hime. It’s hard to imagine that she would all of a sudden send a spy. If that’s the case, then this must have been instigated by one of Hime-sama’s opponents, or it could be an arbitrary action of the swordsman-san.

[If this is the work of a hostile force, handing them over to Silvia-hime will lead to her owing us a favor. That’s what we’re going for at this time.]
[Indeed, Lizette believes that is the best course of action.]
[So, can I talk to the intruders?]
[Yes, they were injured quite badly, but their lives are not in immediate danger. The stone walls-san apparently performed well there.]
[I wonder why they even bothered sending these intruders. Really, I don’t plan on doing anything other than enriching the frontier and surviving these turbulent times.]

I sigh.

[Can’t be helped. Let’s make these intruders realize down to their bone marrows that 『messing with the frontier is dangerous』 before returning them.]
[Then Nii-sama is going to show them his power!]

Lizette cries out.
She’s really hooked onto the idea.

[Lizette believes that it is a good idea. Like the intruders this time, there are those who believe only in power. Here we should demonstrate the power of Nii-sama── no, the power of 『Aberrant Overlord Kiryuuou Shouma』-sama and show these lawless intruders that they are absolutely no match for him!! If we extradite them to Silvia-hime after that, the horror that they experienced will spread to others, and consequently, will serve as a deterrent to those who wish to invade the frontier!!]
[……I see.]

Lizette has a point.
Both of her eyes are shining and the breathing of her nose, fun fun, has gotten rough. She must be quite confident about this.

[So, how are we going to do this?]
[Let us discuss it. Lizette shall also call Haruka and Yukino-san.]

With those words, Lizette runs off.

 ──A few minutes later──

[Here, here! If we want to intimidate the intruders, I believe Aniue-sama should force me into submission!] (Haruka)
[Yeah, we’ll act as if the 『Aberrant Overlord』 is using his power to make all the ajin submit to him. If we show them that even the power of the oni tribe is no match for Aniue-sama, I’m sure the intruders will be terrified!]

That makes sense.

While the ajin are looked down upon by humans, they are still powerful. If we show them that I can easily drive the oni tribe into submission, the strength of 『Kiryuuou Shouma』 should also be transmitted to them.

[Then, what’s your opinion, Yukino?]
[I’d like to see the 『Absolute Sight (Twin-Headed Dragon, Absolute Seal, Destruction, Slash)』 once again!]
[……No, this isn’t about what kind of technique Yukino wants to see.]
[But, but, that technique uses the 『Twin-Headed Dragon』 to draw the enemy’s attention, right? It’s why the 『Twin-Headed Dragon』 is considerably impactful and can overwhelm your enemies, right? Therefore, as the 『Overlord who wields transcendent power』, isn’t it the best way to rip out their spirits?]

That makes sense!?

Yukino’s body trembles slightly── surely, she’s excited about it.
And despite realizing that, I can’t refute her points. Indeed, 『Absolute Sight (Twin-Headed Dragon, Absolute Seal, Destruction, Slash)』 is a fascinating techni── “Sit back down!” Is a fascinating technique. It’s the best method of frightening enemies. It would also be an effective way to let them know that 『messing with the frontier is dangerous』.

[What’s your opinion, Lizette?]
[Lizette agrees with Haruka and Yukino-san. However, Lizette would like to add one more thing.]

Lizette speaks while placing her hand on her chest.

[As this is a good opportunity, we should also let him know that Nii-sama has no intention of invading the territories of others. For example…… demonstrating that Nii-sama is occupied drowning in sensual pleasure?]

……Sensual pleasure?
In other words, alcohol and lust── women?

[I, don’t drink alcohol though.]
[The alcohol here in the frontier is not that strong?]
[My constitution can’t handle it.]
[Is that so……?]

For some reason, Lizette’s cheeks turn red──

[Th, th, then…… How about having Nii-sama losing himself in 『lust』.]

She speaks while taping her fingertips, tsun tsun, together.

[To, to be, specific, Lisette believes Lisette should be beside Nii-sama, like this, with Lisette’s arms around Nii-sama’s shoulders. Then, Lizette will say those kinds of words. “Ni, Nii-sama, even though you are busy loving Lizette and the others, the outside world, not interested in fighting1……” with that…… to make them…… understand……]
[……Liz-nee, your face is red, you know?]
[……Shust it…… Hyaruka……]

Her tongue doesn’t even work properly anymore. That must have really embarrassed her. Lizette’s character is one that values 『righteousness』, and as a person she’s awfully serious, after all.

Also, her proposal makes sense.

If I were to convince them that I’m not interested in territorial expansion or military affairs due to being weak against women, they’ll see that I’m not worth messing around with. However, if I only show them that I am philanderer, they’ll just look down on me……

[……Shall we do all of them?]

I was planning to have Silvia-hime’s retainers come here, anyway. The timing’s just right.

『The Tyrant who Subjugated the Oni Tribe』
『The Overlord who Wields an Extremely Flashy Power』
『The Foolish Ruler who Lusts for Women』

I’ll perform all those roles to teach them how pointless it is to meddle with 『Kiryuuou Shouma』.

E/N: Wait, if they show that he loses himself after women, won’t that just be taken as, “send him beautiful girls for maintaining peace”??

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  1. Lizette speaks this in kana, showing she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking.