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115. The Demon Invasion

Due to the major earthquake, I lost my balance, and almost fell.


Nigel reached out and supported me.

“Douglas, what is happening…!?” While being supported by Nigel, I continued my exchange with Douglas.

“The demons are attacking the royal capital! They forcibly broke through the barrier…!”

“I, is that so!?”

I raised my voice.


The barrier I placed around  the royal capital was limited in duration. Before the barrier disappeared, I had to acquire the power of the Original Saint.

“…The barrier should have lasted for another day.”

However, as the barrier waned, so too did its effect. There was no disputing that.

Therefore, the demons were able to break through the barrier by themselves… We had anticipated they would launch an offense at such a time.

Although, in that case, the demons would have their strength reduced.

Therefore, we concluded the demons were more likely to start attacking after the barrier had disappeared completely.

“Judging from Eliane’s reaction… could it be, are the demons invading the kingdom?”

“That is correct.”

When I nodded, the eyes of both Claude and Leticia, who were nearby, widened.

“They sure act fast.”

Nigel’s eyes turned serious.

“Eliane, bestow upon me the blessing of the Goddess. We must communicate with the Goddess, and gain the power of the original saint.”

“I understand.”

I put my hand on Nigel’s back, and blessed him.

Nigel’s body began to glow.

The radiance was enough to fill the dim underground in pure white.

“Goddess, I have acquired the ‘path’—therefore, please help us…”

I put my hands together, as if praying.


However, there was no response from the Goddess.

“Goddess! I have acquired the hair of the original saint! The ‘path’ has been acquired! The demons have also invaded this kingdom, so please…!”

However, no matter how desperately I called, there was no answer.


Nigel anxiously stared at me. Unlike that night, he was still conscious—which only meant one thing—the communication with the Goddess wasn’t going well.


The requirements had been met! I had acquired the hair of the original saint!

Even so… why didn’t the Goddess answer?!

I couldn’t conceal my impatience.

“I, it’s dangerous to stay here!”

Claude raised his voice.

Certainly, as we spoke, the entire castle was shaking—rubble had started to fall.

The place would collapse at any moment.

“We have to escape from here, soon! I’m worried about what’s happening outside!”

“Y, yes!”

Nigel raised his voice, bringing me back to reality.

I didn’t know why I couldn’t communicate with the Goddess.

…But, we didn’t have the luxury of time.

The royal capital had to be in trouble with the demons unleashing a total invasion.

“Let’s hurry!”

Although I was reluctant, I removed the blessing of the Goddess.

The blessing of the Goddess did give a great deal of power, but the burden on the body was also great.

Considering the upcoming battle, we couldn’t waste our energy there.

“Leticia, here!”

“O, okay…”

Claude pulled Leticia’s hand.

Even if Leticia was a sorcerer, she was still a pretty girl.

In contrast to Leticia, who seemed uneasy, Claude looked very determined.

Although his legs were trembling, he still held a strong will to protect Leticia—and only her.

“…Why would the Goddess…”

“Let’s think about that after we leave this place. It’s time to get out of here.”

Nigel gave me a powerful sentence to think about.

***T/N: I love how when they came into contact with the Original Saint, who is never specified to be death, and is only ‘slumbering’, not even a single person thinks of freeing the poor woman. Especially our Eliane, here. All she cared about is to be as majestic as the Original Saint in term of power. When the place is about to collapse, not a single soul gave a second thought to the Original Saint, who is about to be buried there forever with the Demon King. Heck, they didn’t turn around even once, as if saying—‘—Well, in term of having to sacrifice oneself to seal the Demon King, better you than me, right?’

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