I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

56. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

I’ve finally finished exchanging words with the Knights for today. It had already become like a routine.

Right now, I’m going to see the Dragon. This had also a routine.

…I will be able to go home someday, won’t I…?

I called all of this my daily routine, but I don’t want it to be.

Here, in the Knight’s Tower… It’s just a temporary residence for me, right?

No one else was saying it, but I need to hear that from myself, at least.

I mustn’t falter! That’s not an option!

I spent the day in my tent, being stared at by the Dragon while trying to inspire myself.

I wondered if I should take those two books out of the magic storage stone and get rid of them?

But, since I have them now, it seemed even more troublesome to not do anything with them, so I decided to write in them.

“Uhm… Let’s start with today’s date…”

I flipped open the Observation Record, one of the several items they had thrusted upon me and started writing today’s entry.

…Why did I start with the Observation Record? No reason in particular.

It wasn’t me holding a grudge that the Head Priest had tried to recruit me before.

I’m not that narrow-minded.

“The weather… Sunny. The temperature… I’m not sure, but it’s warm. The humidity… I don’t know! A bit damp?”

I tried to write it correctly. But I did say I was an amateur.

If they end up telling me, ‘this is useless!‘ or something, then I’ll ask them to ‘put a specialist in charge then!

Yeah! That should work!


“Wait a minute, you damned Dragon. I’m working right now. It’s not a good time.”

I looked up in the sky, at the Dragon, as it called out to me.

…Well, we still can’t communicate, but that Dragon hadn’t stopped staring at me either.

“The appearance of the Dragon’s scales…? Glittering brown. Excrement… Are they really trying to make a lady check things like that?”

I looked down, seeing there were still a bunch of empty spaces to write in.

That would be bad enough on its own, but I have another book to deal with.

Ah. I missed the yesterday when I wasn’t so busy.

Even so, there’s a bunch of blanks where I don’t know what I should fill with…

Even though I read all the notes, I still didn’t understand what all these technical terms meant.

It’s too much of a pain, so I’ll just write ‘?‘ anytime I don’t know something. Let’s go with that!

“Frequency of meals… Plenty of honey. Patrolling for demons… ‘?‘ Range of activities… Only moves for honey. Today’s beautiful angle…? What’s that…? I’ll just write ‘?‘”

I didn’t understand anything after that, so I just wrote ‘?and I’m done! Good job to me!

I, at last, set down the Observation Record, but there was still the Growth Diary next to it…

I took a deep sigh as I opened it… Hmmm? Wasn’t this mostly the same stuff?

The writing style and order were different, though… But they were pretty similar…

Hey! If it’s all the same, I should only do one book! But if I don’t do it, the Chief Priest might make me into a nun!

I guess there’s no choice, but to reopen the Observation Record and fill in the Growth Diary.

Then, I set down my fountain pet.

Oh, yeaaah! I finished writing!

I stuck the pen and the two heavy books back into the magic storage stone. It had been 10 minutes since I started writing. Yep, it took a while!

Feeling relieved, I took out my tea set.

Well, then! It’s cheese tart day, wasn’t it!?

I used my head today, so I deserved something delicious!

I was giddy with excitement as I prepared my tea. Oh, I can’t forget… I should prepare some honey for the Dragon, too.


Oooh. He’s happy, too. Here’s your honey.

“Excuse me, Lady Rururia Talbot.”

…Ughhh. I don’t want to turn around.

“Uhm… Lady Rururia Talbot?”

I can’t turn around. If I do, something wrong will indeed happen.

That’s what I’ve learned.


“Ah… Ahhh! La… lady Rururia!”

The Dragon was bringing its face closer to whoever was behind me, which was why they were calling out for help.

It can’t be helped.

When I turned around, I saw a blue-faced Knight, who seemed relieved to see me.

“Are you not lady Rururia Talbot? Do I have the wrong person?”

“You must be. His Majesty is here for you. This way please.”

I should have just said he had the wrong person!

…I get it…! I really should have just lied…

I was led to a magnificent conference room.

I had expected it to be some ordinary reception room, so I was shy when I was told to go in.

But I can’t just not go in.

The moment I entered… I thought about wanting to come back to my tent. I want my temporary room.

I just want out of here!

“Please sit quietly, Lady Rururia.”

“…Understood…! Good morning, everyone…!”

Long time no see, yeah? Your Highness!

He looked at me with his usually funny expression.

This definitely won’t go well.

My thoughts were confirmed when, seeing my depressed self, he started laughing at me!

His Imperial Highness really was the worst!

“So, did you do a good job? On your Observation Record?”

“Huh? Oh… Uhm, of course!”

The Chief Magician glared at me. Oh, come on. I’m doing the best I can, aren’t I?

Hey, hey. If you keep glaring at me like that, won’t your face be stuck like that?

“…Sit over there, lady Rururia. Now, let’s begin the main meeting.”


And so, as His Majesty and the Chancellor had said, a meeting began. I was there, not knowing what’s going on, stuck in the middle.

This has nothing to do with me!

No way… I just… I can’t deal with this…

“So essentially, it’s about a request from the Frontier?”

The Crown Prince’s face was solemn as he asked His Excellency.

…I don’t think he looked good with that serious expression… Sorry!

Please don’t show that face, looking like some ancient Chaos God planning on how to punish a sacrifice.

The Chancellor replied to him, ignoring me.

I admire your ability to ignore that Evil God face, Your Excellency!

“Yes. There have been many reported sightings of suspicious beings in connection with the incident with the Evil Dragon, and we have received requests to investigate them.”

“Suspicious beings? You mean monsters?”

“If this weren’t about monsters, we wouldn’t all be gathered like this, would we, Chief Magician?”

The Crown Prince spoke with ridicule, drawing surprise from the Chief Magician. Was he trying to pick a fight with him?

His Majesty and the Chancellor let it go and proceeded with the meeting.

Well, I’ve heard enough.

“The reports also indicated changes in Dragon activity.”

“I’ll go.”

That’s quite an immediate answer, Chief Magician. Was this acceptable to you, Your Excellency?

The Crown Prince shared his demon smile with His Majesty, who returned it.

Very well. The Chief Magician will investigate these unclear phenomena.

This will be a challenging undertaking. Do your best.

His Excellency grinned like he was a whole other person.

“In that case, the Chief Magician and Rururia will conduct the investigation.”


Huuuh!? What do you mean!?

At no point in this conversation did I hear I needed to be there!?

The Frontier was near Dragon Island, wasn’t it?

Does that mean there were Dragons nearby? Wasn’t this dangerous? And weird things were appearing around there, right?

I can’t just let this go.

I thought about how the Heavenly Dragon had recently dumped a Dragon on me.

I must insist against this!

Yes, peace by my hand! We don’t know how many of these efforts would affect my Dragon.

I raised my hand.

“…Was something the matter, Lady Rururia?”

His Excellency, the Chancellor, doubtfully asked, but I wasn’t scared.

However, His Majesty, the Crown Prince, and the Chief Magician turned their attention to me, which made me nervous.

I must win my freedom!

“I have no experience researching paranormal activity, so I doubt I will be useful in this investigation.”

That’s right! I said it!

How was that!? It was such a perfect statement with no hesitations!

I was satisfied as I finished speaking, lowering my hand. The Crown Prince looked at me with a strangely gentle look in his eyes.

…What’s up with that? What was he going to do?

“…After the war with the Fallen Hero, we’ve stepped up our forces here and can’t ask for aid from the continent.” the Crown Prince said with a sigh.

It seemed the days of isolation and hostility were at an end; different nations cooperated for monster extermination measures.

Ah, I see… So?

“It appears they want to hold an eight-nation conference here soon… They want you, the bride of the dragon knight and the saint of salvation to be there.”

…Whaaat? No way!

What are you talking about!?

I don’t want any part of this!

“With that being the case, we want you away from the Royal Capital.” the Chancellor said with little care.

Well, in that case…!

“Uhm! Can I do that at home then? That’s okay, right!?”

“…Either the Knight Commander or Chief Magician would have to go with you…”

“Never mind.”

I can’t do that!

Father, mother, and brother won’t be home, so that it would be just the two of us…!

…And with the Dragon around, father won’t come home, mother will hide out in the provinces, and brother will stay in his room…

“With this being the case, we will conduct our investigation by ship. Will you accompany me?”

The Crown Prince was straight to the point.

I’m getting backed into a corner!

“But, to travel with my Dragon…” the Chief Magician muttered, his face reddening. It’s not me you’re worried about, but the Dragon!

“I expect the Dragon will be of use in the investigation.”

Though the Chancellor’s gaze was sympathetic, his words cut off my last hope of escape.

No one was backing me up here!

I looked at my last resort, His Imperial Majesty, imploringly.

“…It’s decided then.”

Wha…! Why!?

I just want to spend my days in peace!

But my hopes have been dashed… Huff…