I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

54. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Even though summer was supposed to be the hottest season of the year, it was a delightful morning with a nice cool breeze.

Good morning! It’s me! Rururia!

I got out of a bed that wasn’t mine and exited the room that also wasn’t mine.

This was some remodeled corner of the Knight’s Tower.

It’s my temporary room.

This is important, so I’ll repeat myself.

I’m in the room!

Thanks to Sara-chan’s practical advice, I was able to preserve my honor as a maiden.

As Sara-chan advised, I decided to prepare food.

Surprisingly, the damned Dragon had no smell!

So, I prepared all kinds of ingredients, arranged them in front of the Dragon, and the one it ate first…

…Was honey.

What’s up with that? Was it a Dragon or a bear?

Well, the Heavenly Dragon liked the wine, so… I guess it’s just a matter of preference?

I took the honey it so clearly liked and set some out in the Training Grounds. The damned Dragon began to relax like it was at home.

…I probably should have tried to stop it from coming here, but to be honest, I’m a bit miffed that it valued honey as much as it valued me.

But at least, now I can go inside the building.

…Why does it take so much effort to do something as simple as sleep in a room?

Why did this happen, onii-sama?

No matter what I did, you always answered with, ‘I did nothing.

You’re so harsh!

I looked out the window at the clear blue sky. Phantom brother was being cold today.

Oh, and my actual brother had been acting pretty cold recently, too. Damn.

“Good morning, my lady.”

“Good morning, Manya.”

As Manya made preparations, I remembered my rough first day at the Knight’s Tower.

First, they showed me my temporary room.

According to the 12-year-old squire that advised me, this first aid room had been torn down and remodeled because it was closest to the Training Grounds.

It seemed like that took a lot of work.

But, uhm… Won’t the Knights hate me for this!?

They’ll say things like, ‘Hey, hey! I guess we’ll just head to one of the far-away first aid rooms, then. This aristocrat’s daughter’s a demanding one, isn’t she!?

Having heard that information, I was horrified as I stepped into my temporary room.


It was not unpleasant to the eyes, but was actually relatively welcoming. It was like I was being welcomed with open arms. I’m not quite sure.

But wait, why are the Knights gathering out front?

There were many female Knights, too. So, I guess, it’s not so bad? But it’s still hard not to feel oppressed with over a dozen trained individuals gathered out there.


What’s that!?

Within my temporary room, a banner was hung… It said, ‘Welcome party for the Commander’s wife.

Damn! I wanted to tear it down right away, but I’m not tall enough!

As I struggled to get it down, I heard a familiar voice laugh at me.

I turned around to see the Knight Commander!

Hey! Knight Commander! Stop laughing and help me get rid of this!

Well, actually, I was a bit nicer than that when I asked him, but he still laughed at me as he took down the banner.

Well, that’s good. However, he folded it gently and handed it to me for some reason.
The Knights outside started applauding… I don’t even want to ask why.

I don’t need it! I don’t need this at all!

But maybe somebody here made it, so I can’t just throw it away. What am I supposed to do?

…That’s it! I’ll stuff it in the back of a drawer later.

Just as I decided to do so, some of the surrounding Knights started talking to me, and not the squire.

I guess they decided to start explaining about the room now?

To hear them say it, the Knights had actually taken the initiative to bring the bed and furniture in here. Or rather, too many of them pitched in. So, the whole process was over in the blink of an eye. Behind the group of Knights advising me happily, the squire who had advised me earlier was looking far off.

Well, I’m sorry…

For now, at least, I’ll take a look around while listening to the Knights’ explanation.

The first aid room was originally a single large room, so they added some partitions to set it up.

The bed was reasonably sized and seemed like it will be comfortable to sleep in. There was also a bookshelf with all kinds of different books in it.

Oh, and there’s the embroidery set I brought from home!

There was also a delicate little table set for making a pot of tea.

Althought… It doesn’t really go well with the rugged walls of the former first-aid room.

The bath and toilet were in a separate room, along with Manya’s room and a watering hole.

Hmmm, well, this will do!

…For now, at least.

This was only temporary!

It’s not like I’ll be living here forever…

His Majesty didn’t really say until when, though.

…I’m sure it’ll only be for a limited amount of time, right?

“My lady, would you like to have breakfast?” Manya’s voice brought me back to reality from the deep thoughts of my first day here.

“…I’ll take it in the same spot as yesterday.”

“Yes, lady! Understood!” Manya’s reply was cheerful. I’m always so unmotivated these days.

But well, I do know the reason why…

Once I finished getting dressed, I headed to the dining hall.

…That’s right, the same dining hall used by the Knights and Magicians.

Huh? Was the aristocrat’s daughter taking her breakfast in the dining hall? Could it be?

Indeed, wouldn’t one take it in their temporary room on the first day?

But, since I’m so used to eating with someone from the family, I can’t suddenly start eating alone, now can I?

I’m lonely! Oh, so lonely!

Thinking so, I decided to eat in the dining hall from now on.

I’m jealous of Manya, who moved with such happiness.

She had hesitated to come with me to the Knight’s Tower, but now was filled with the sweet notion that ‘maybe love will bloom betweem me with a Knight or Magician’

Oh well…

“Oh, you’re up early today! The Miracle Girl, Lady Rururia! As well as, Manya-san!”

“…Ah, good morning.”

“Good morning!”

“So, you came today! Miss Lady of the Last Hope.”

“…Let’s try to enjoy ourselves today.”

“I recommend you to try the egg dishes for breakfast. Lady, Conscience of the Commander, Rururia”


What’s this…

What’s with this!?

Before I knew it, I had been given too many names!? I don’t need them!

And they’re all ones I don’t remember!?

“What will you go with? My lady?”

“…The egg dish.”

It seemed that all the Knights have given me a few nicknames.

I’m glad that you’re all welcoming me, but quit it!

Look! Even all the Magicians in the dining hall seemed taken aback!?

Wait, no… They’ve been keeping their distance from the beginning…

…Well, I guess I’ll just have to get used to the nicknames.

At first, I was annoyed and tried to protest, but the Knights didn’t listen.

If anything, they enjoyed my protests. I heard them say things like ‘how lively‘ or ‘as expected‘, but maybe that’s all in my head.

But I’m a Countess and a Lady!!!

And as a lady, I can easily handle these things.

…Okay, I’ve calmed down now.

And here’s Manya bringing my breakfast.

Oh! Those eggs look so good and fluffy!

She put them in front of me with a big smile.

“I brought them! Lady Bad Luck.”

…Manya!!! You too?!