I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

53. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Well, have a nice day.

I, Rururia, have recently become friendly with the Royal Palace Gatekeeper.

I’m just waiting for advice on how to get to the Knight’s Tower. I wonder if I can just run away now?

The Heavenly Dragon had left a damned Dragon on my doorstep. So, now I’m facing the tragic fate of living in the Knight’s Tower.

I thought His Majesty must surely be joking, but he was dead serious.

Aren’t I a mere noble lady?‘ I had asked without thinking, but it did not sway His Majesty’s response.

Wow, I’ve hit the jackpot on this one.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Princess Rururia”

…Was it okay for the Knight Commander to guide me to the Knight’s Tower? Do you really have time to waster?

The Knight Commander met my skeptical gaze and responded.

“Unfortunately, no one else can get that close to a Dragon… We’ll be needing to give the others some additional training first.”

We sure will! I understand, you Knights! I want to do the same! How about we start now!?

….I’ll pretend not to have heard the last thing the Knight Commander said.

Even so, the Knight Commander escorted me.

I don’t care at all about the damned Dragon behind me! You’re incredible, Knight Commander!

I think you know the way to the Knight’s Tower, so why are you leaning towards the path to the Dragon’s? Maybe your footing is a bit off.”


Recently, everyone I’ve met around here seemed to be afraid of the dreadful atmosphere back there. For some reason or another, Sara-chan, Solan-kun, and Lady Irene were in a state of combat readiness, showing hostility towards the damned Dragon.

So, the best thing to do was act natural and try to feel at ease.

We took a leisurely bath route walking through the groves. A refreshing breeze blew, and the sunlight touched my cheeks.

It’s a perfect day for a stroll.

Ah. I no longer see the damned Dragon behind me. If I didn’t have to live in the Knight’s Tower, I’d have nothing to complain about!

“…By the way, Princess Rururia, have you heard?”

The Knight Commander’s voice was weird like he had something stuck in his teeth. What was up?

“Heard about what?”

“…Oh no. It’s fine if you haven’t.”

What… What is it? I want to know! What is it?

Was it something about the Knight’s Tower?

“Aero pulp is good for treating burns.”


“Of course, cool running water is still the best, but if you don’t have it, you should use the aero pulp.”


What was he talking about all of a sudden? I don’t have any burns on me right now, though?

Until we reached the tower, the Knight Commander continued giving mysterious advice about first aid.

What? Seriously. What was that all about?

The refreshing breeze of early summer felt good.

I am Rururia, feeling absent-minded in front of the Knight’s Tower, having received advice from the Knight Commander that I don’t really understand.


I felt the Roots of Evil… The damned Dragon, peered at me from behind.

…I won’t be going back there any time soon.

But I don’t really want to live at Knight’s Tower either.

While waiting for the Maid, Manya, I daydreamed for a bit.

Manya must be a lonely person that chose to come to Knight’s Tower to avoid getting close to the damned Dragon.

I thought about it again… Was living in the Knight’s Tower a decision she made…?

…Seriously, why am I here!?

Even if there was a Dragon out there, surely there must be someplace else!?

Wasn’t the Knight’s Tower supposed to be for Knights!? Oh, Your Majesty… Why?!

Back home, thanks to everyone’s cooperation, I could take baths, and move around in the comfort of my own personal space, but here… It was different.

There are so many Knights around here.

Sure, there were a few female Knights, but most were overwhelmingly male.

How am I supposed to live like this!?

“Good morning, Ria. Are you starting today? Your life here, I mean.”

…That voice belonged to my friend. It was Sara-chan!!!

I turned to see Sara-chan walking towards me, dressed in the robes of a diplomat.

“Save meee! Sara-samaaa!”

I spread my arms wide as I rushed towards her, but she stepped aside.

…She dodged me…


“Are you in a hurry to be somewhere? Ria.

Sara-chan giggled.

Surely you know!? Sara-samaaa! I’m in a crisis right now!

“The problem’s that Dragon back there, huh?”

As Sara-chan squinted her eyes, the useless land began to tremble. It must be that. Because Sara-chan looked like an ancient, dark Dragon herself.

…And then there was that useless Dragon. What’s with you?

Are you even a Dragon??

“That’s right! What should I do!? We need to send it back to Dragon Islands!”

“That’s not possible.”

“Why nooot!?”

Hearing my heartbroken cry, Sara-chan pointed at the forehead of the damned Dragon.

Huh? Was something there?

…Huuh? Some kind… Of pattern… I remember something…

As she met my disbelieving eyes, the ancient, dark Dragon, Sara-chan grinned like a thief that had found a gold nugget.

“It looks like you’ve made a contract.”

“N… Nooo! Was that because of the Dragon Crest!? I didn’t notice it!”

No, wait? That damned Dragon must have left this Dragon Crest on me!

So, if I tried to look at my left hand… Nooo, it’s still there!

Why!? The Dark Dragon’s resurrection was over… Why won’t this faaade!?

“…I have a few hypotheses on why the Dragon Crest hadn’t faded, but I’m still investigating.”

“…Please, let me know when you find out… Sara-sama…”

Ahhh. That damned Dragon really wasn’t going back to Dragon Island…

I felt like it would… But the Heavenly Dragon did say he had a contract…

No, no! Let’s set that aside!

“Sara-chan! What should I do!? I’m only allowerd to change my clothes, and take baths… Outside!”

“…Well, I heard the report. It would be best if you lived well here for now… Ria.”

My face twisted as I was told this was a matter of life and death.

Sara-samaaa! Please give me some wisdom!

“Well… I don’t know if it would work on Dragons, but I heard that animals use food and their own scent to mark their homes.”

“Oh, that’s it! Thank you, Sara-chan!”

I was deeply moved as Sara-chan gave me some kind of package.

Hmmm? What’s this?

“What could it be… Oooh! It’s one of those!”

These summer gloves were pretty famous, weren’t they!?

They’re made with cloud spider thread, making them light, durable, and ideal for sunburn protection! They also feel cool to the touch!

…Hmmm? But summer hadn’t really been that hot this year?

“I pray you won’t need them, but I’m giving them to you. Consider it as your moving in the present.”

“Wow! Thank you, Sara-chan!”

Whatever! It’s summer, after all!

As I thanked her with a broad, satisfied smile, Sara-chan’s ancient, dark Dragon smile returned.

That really was scary!!!

Even so, Sara-chan had given me hope!

Alright! I’ll need to take a look and find that damned Dragon’s food!

For my own peaceful life!

For the honor of my maidenhood!

…Hold on?

What do Dragons even eat…?