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Extra 18.2 The Battle of the Third Prince 4

Meanwhile, at the same time, in the office of the king’s younger brother, Gideon.

“For that man to go to such lengths, who would’ve guessed…”

“Yes, Your Highness, I’m ashamed to admit this, but His Highness Sevan is truly suitable to inherit the throne.”

“He seemed to be but a chick back then. The only thing he lacked was experience, but he has managed to overcome that.”

The successor of the throne, which seemed certain for a while, had changed. There was no bud for reversal. The enemy just grew stronger every day. However, towards Gideon’s words, the man who was both his confidant and the leader of the faction of the king’s brother could only be surprised.

“That man… I knew it, Sevan is truly capable. The reason he never tried to stand out this entire time, could it be, is it because he is confident he’ll succeed?”

“Your Highness, what are you…”

“But that alone doesn’t make him eligible to be the future king. Albeit excellent, he lacks ambition.”

A greedy king was a source of conflict, but a king who lacked ambition couldn’t be relied upon. A king couldn’t be swept away if he aimed to win the throne for himself.

In that regard, Gideon initially thought that Sevan didn’t have what it takes.

“But… it turned out that he was just hiding his true ability. When I think about it, everything starts to make sense. If he were forthright about his ambitions, he’d have been nipped by a powerful faction. Only after the factions of the first and the second princes were crushed did he decide to make a move. He was just looking for an opportunity to pluck off our claws all along.”

“T, that’s right, but you mustn’t give up, Your Highness…!”

Gideon believed he knew everything about the third prince. The truth was, he failed to perceive the ambition and zeal hidden inside Sevan.

“…No, by the time Sophia Brightwell was taken in, our defeat had been decided.”

Sophia was said to be the key to having the Marquis of Brightwell on Sevan’s side. At the same time, she was also a ‘shackle’ to the king’s younger brother, forcing him into a continued search for a suitable suitor for her. In fact, there was no mistaking it—Sophia should have been Gideon’s queen candidate. Sevan’s engagement with her was quite an effective measure at deflating the faction of the king’s brother.

“It’s such a pain, but…”

Once Gideon took the throne, there was a question of who he’d choose as his queen. While Gideon was nearly twenty years younger than his brother, the current king, he was already in his thirties. As such, he deemed himself too old for such a maiden. He would also lose momentum if he were to wait the few years for her to reach adulthood. However, finding a high-ranking noble lady who had passed twenty and wasn’t engaged wasn’t easy.

On the other hand, not only was Sophia’s status perfect, she had also received the same education of a queen due to her father’s policy. She was truly a good candidate.

“How did you manage to read so far ahead, third prince Sevan!”

It might be fine to leave the throne to that man. Sevan had proven himself to be a man of ambition and foresight. Sevan was also able to compensate for what he lacked due to his youth.

“If he’s our future king, I have no objection in regards to becoming his right hand.”

“Your Highness…! No, if that’s what Your Highness truly wants…”

Besides, Sophia, who had taught Sevan as an educator for many years, would be an eligible partner.

Some people might use their age difference as ammunition. But conversely, there were no drawbacks other than her age.

“Let’s wait for a while. I don’t want to overestimate the situation and come off as condescending. I also need deterrence.”

“I, I understand…”

Originally, Gideon never desired to become the king. It didn’t matter to him if his role was the king or a vassal as long as he could contribute to the peace and development of his kingdom.

“I sure am looking forward to the future…”

He wondered about what would happen from that point onward.

Gideon caressed his mustache with satisfaction, claiming that the future of that young and promising wise king and wise queen must had be bright.

Well, even if Sevan’s purpose and means were the opposite, Gideon’s guess wasn’t wrong…

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