The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

Preface 0.1

The prince was in awe as he stared at me.

As long as you have money, you can do as you please!

I can change the world as much as I want!

“Ohoho, I’m Juliane Gessel! If you get engaged with me, Your Highness Alfred’s happiness will be guaranteed! Bask yourself in this tremendous luxury! Allow me sing an energetic song that will grant you a glimpse into the spring you’ll experience—the spring of my world, where you can live as extravagantly and as fulfilling as you want!”

The moment I said that, the beautiful, almond-shaped, eyes of the prince narrowed like that of a cat’s.

Such… a flat reaction?

While I was left wondering, the prince pressed his mouth into a thin line and mercilessly said, “I don’t need any of that.”


“What did you say!? I can’t meet him!? Again!?”

I screamed as if I were about to spit out flame.

However, when I glared at the man, I instantly knew I wouldn’t be happy with what he had to say.

“Forgive me, Lady Juliane. His Highness Alfred has something that requires his immediate attention, as such…”

…Sure enough, Georges McAllister, one of Alfred’s aides, made an excuse.

Over and over, it was always the same excuse!

“I’ve been hearing the same line for the last few months. Why isn’t the crown prince dedicating his heart and soul towards his fiancée’s mood? Did he forget to whom this kingdom is indebted to?”

It was so frustrating, I gave up on being subtle.

About 10 years ago, I, the daughter of the marquis, Juliane Gessel, was engaged to Prince Alfred Ruderva of the Kingdom of Ruderva. The monthly tea parties held at the royal palace to deepen our friendship should have been an important promise made at the time of our engagement.

“Even His Highness himself found the situation unexpected… As such, I’d like for Lady Juliane to understand…”

Although Georges sounded as if he were attempting to coax me, it was clear that I was unwelcome. Even his laugh sounded half-hearted.

Georges was the son of the Duke of McAllister. He was 19-years-old, the same as Alfred. His family was superior to the Gessel family, and he was also older than me by a year. As such, I always got the ‘I’m better-than-thou’ impression from him.

He was making a fool out of me. My cheeks flared up.

“I came at the behest of my father! I want to talk to Lord Alfred about next year’s donation, you hear me?”

After spouting that, I realized that I said it in a high-pitched voice, instead of a dignified one.

Don’t look down on me! How much do you think the Gessel family has donated to the royal family? Even now, you still need our financial resources!

The princess of Ruderva, a figure of authority, should be a princess from another kingdom, or at least a duke’s daughter. However, the current royal family didn’t have enough financial resources to court a foreign princess—that was where I came in.

The royal family decided to welcome me, the daughter of the Marquis of Gessel, as the princess. Even though our family’s history was short and there was a discrepancy in status.

Indeed, financial strength was the Gessur family’s biggest and only trump card.

“Next year, the eighth princess, Leone, will go to the Kingdom of Daglin to be married. In addition to dowry, there will be a lot of jewels and paintings to feast everyone’s eyes—”

“—I’m sorry, but there are various more pressing issues at hand.”

“What did you say?!”

Because of my anger, I involuntarily stood up from my seat. My large earrings swayed violently, my set of necklaces also made a rattling noise.

Is he saying that there’s something more important to the royal family than the donations from my home?!

In a glance, Georges had turned his back towards me, and was heading towards the door of the drawing room. Confusion crawled up my body like a snake, and I was left utterly speechless.

“L, Lady Juliane, His Highness is truly busy. I’m sure His Highness feels bad for not being able to participate in the tea party…”

Even the servants of the royal palace were pitying me! Was there an even greater humiliation that that!?

“Shut up! If you have time to repeat the same thing over and over, then how about you all make it so that I can meet Lord Alfred!”

“F, forgive us, forgive us for not being able to fulfil your wish, Lady Juliane!”

All the servants bowed.

Their resolute apology only pierced my heart. My inclinations to care about the servants suddenly diminished. An indescribable silence spread throughout the room, engulfing it.

“—I’m going home.”

The old maid was a little surprised. The eyes of the young butler popped open.

“What are you being silent for? Get the carriage ready.”

My chest was rumbling, and that was all I could do to not scream.

“U, understood!”

The butler hurriedly ran out the room.

Anyway, I need to hurry back to the mansion to gather information.

My flashy dress, which had been especially tailored for my tea party with Alfred, felt heavy, as if it was a bag of sand.

A dress with an intricate design that glittered as if it were on fire. It was adorned with a lot of lace and jewels. I wore that dress, fully desiring to standout amongst the noble ladies. When I reached the entrance exclusive for the royal family and those of equivalent status, I entered the carriage which was still being prepared.

As someone whose fiancé was absent from her life for almost half a year, perhaps it was inevitable. I had lost all the energy to shout.

“Someday, he’ll suffer the consequences!”

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