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Extra 18.1 The Battle of the Third Prince 4

“Your Highness, thank you for your support.”

“It isn’t a big deal. Most importantly, everything seems to have been carried out safely.”

“Our connection will bring development to my territory.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“It may be hasty of me, but I’d like to attend Your Highness’ wedding ceremony.”

“Be sure to attend. I’m looking forward to it.”

Inside the royal palace of Elgacia.

When the third prince, whom was usually in the villa, appeared, a number of executives gathered around him. Those who tried striking up a conversation with him were of the third prince faction. His was the most powerful faction in the battle to inherit the throne as of the present.

The issue of succession for the current Elgacia, which had been peaceful for a long time, was a bit complicated.

The faction of the first prince was destroyed three years ago while the faction of the second prince, which had amassed a lot of support, self-destructed after just a few months.

Everyone thought that was the end for the princes—however, the third prince, who was considered but thin air, suddenly emerged.

“…W, when was a marriage between a neutral house and the third prince established!?”

“Not only that, it seems that he’s steadily making alliances with influential aristocrats of neighboring kingdoms.”

Although the second prince was not deprived of his birthright, it was impossible for him to make a comeback. While the third prince was considered the closest to the throne in terms of lineage neither the factions of the first prince nor second prince were worried in the slightest.

They doubted that little, dim, third prince could do anything.

Even the aristocrats who supposedly backed the third prince were actually rooting for the concubine who gave birth to him. It just so happened that contrary to everyone’s expectations, the queen was the first one to be blessed with boys. As such, the son of the concubine became the third prince.

It was expected that the factions of the first and the second prince would become the largest.

“While expanding his own power, he also made sure that his allies grew in power… such an admirable feat, and he managed to pull it off in a year.”

First, the third prince made an arrangement with his own educator, Sophia Brightwell, and allied himself with the Brightwell family which was leaning towards her royal discipleship. Then, using that as a foothold, he reached out to other neutral factions, scooped up the remaining members of the second prince faction, and also seemed to be coveting those of the first prince faction.

Recently, he had been very active in organizing beneficial marriages among aristocrats within his faction. Although his method was deemed classic, he was steadily amassing influence.

“Who would’ve guessed he possessed talons. At the end of the day, he is a young hawk…”

“Your Highness, this isn’t a laughing matter!”

Witnessing the momentum of the third prince, his biggest rival, the present king’s younger brother, Gideon, regretfully, but somehow happily smiled.


“S-Sofia, she… behind my back…”

“What did she do?”

“She’s secretly making a list of queen candidates!!”


“Every time I learn of a potential suitor, I immediately married that woman off to a guy in my faction. Of course, I also make sure that their positions are balanced.”

“That’s why some of Your Highness’ aides have secretly been calling you the, ‘Cupid of Love’…”

In the backyard of Fala Rubia academy, along a dented and secluded space within the wall of the school building, the third prince, Sevan Casey Elaine Elgacia, who had the most power as of thepresent, was sitting back while physical education class ensued.

“The gossip about me reaching out to influential aristocrats in neighboring kingdoms… well, how do I say this… I’m merely sending those women off due to the nature of my exchange.”

“Well, didn’t that end up strengthening your faction?”

Next to him, sitting in the same gymnasium, Riol, the counselor of the third prince, retorted.

“Because Sophia was the one who chose them, they are all good women. Somehow, I also ended selecting a good match for them. So far, all the couples are in love… which I should be grateful for.”


“I hate seeing others happy.”

“How up front.”

Incidentally, Sharina wasn’t present. Riol decided that when Sevan was in such a state, he shouldn’t be in Sharina’s company.

“I’m actually surprised at how direct I’ve become.”

“I’m more surprised that you haven’t ended up hating Sophia.”

“Well, her cuteness triumphs over my hate. Her cuteness is like, 100 times stronger.”

“You also love her a thousand times over.”

“Hence why it’s difficult.”

The third prince, Sevan, was anxious about Sophia Brightwell. The woman, who was older than him, also happened to be his tutor.

“She said that ‘Even if the woman doesn’t end up becoming one of your queen candidates, I’m pleased with the strengthening of your faction and the improvement of my backing.’ Sophia is cute, and I respect how fast she is able to find new candidates… but, as expected, I hate her.”

“Well, love and hate are two sides of the same coin.”

“But my love is enough to triumph over my hate.”

“No matter how much you try to gloss over it, reality won’t change.”

Apparently, Sevan had the Marquis of Brightwell promise him the hand of his daughter in an attempt to succeed the throne. However, what actually happened was the opposite. The only way they could get married, as implied by Sophia, was if Sevan succeeded the throne.

“By the way, what do you want to vent about, today?”

“Ah, right, forgive me. I got too immersed in summarizing.”

The only people who knew that truth were Riol and Sharina. Albeit it was a pretty important secret, it was akin to common knowledge to them.

“Recently, there’s been a guy behind the scenes trying to prevent Sophia from becoming my queen candidate.”

“How troublesome.”

“I’m wondering about how Sophia will respond.”

“Are you trying to figure out the identity of your true enemy?”

There was no official announcement, but when the factions of the first and the second princes collapsed, the Brightwell family played a key role in establishing the third prince faction. Such was the condition for Sevan to marry the marquis’ daughter, Sophia. It was clear what would happen.

Most people thought Sevan would turn Sophia into one of his concubines. However, there were growing rumors that Sophia would become queen, as no other candidates for the role of princess had appeared.

“It seems that Sophia is devising ways to harm her own reputation. That way, she’ll be reduced into being a concubine candidate. If too big of a scandal is sparked, there’s no way she’ll be able to become the princess.”

“You don’t actually think anyone else but Sophia is behind this, right?”

“What do you suggest I do to stop her?”

“…I really don’t know which of you is the bad guy here.”

The rumors didn’t pose any problem for Sevan, but the masses begged to differ. Those who weren’t happy with Sophia becoming queen—including Sophia herself—would absolutely take advantage of such bad rumors.

“Well, you could make it appear as if the position of a concubine is more advantageous than a princess.”

“How do I achieve that?”

For now, he managed to foil Sophia’s plans. However, there was a limit to one’s efforts—especially when his opponent was very keen on it. At that rate, Sophia would truly stop from becoming the queen candidate—which was exactly what she wanted.

“If a person seeking power has his daughter turned into a concubine instead of the queen, who is he going to support next?”

“As a way to outdo the queen, that person will surely try to make the child born from the concubine the next king—oh…!”

Sevan, who noticed Riol’s true implication, beamed as he took his hands.

“Thank you! I shall keep that in mind!”

“I wish you good luck.”

After a while,

Within the royal palace, a rumor began to circulate. “The third prince, Sevan, has a complex due to being the child of a concubine. Once he becomes king, he’d dote on the concubine more than the queen, and will recommend the concubine’s child as a successor.”

Those who once were eager to reduce the queen candidates into mere concubine candidates ceased their movements entirely. It only took a short time until the candidates of the role of queen to bite the dust.


“While expanding his own power, he also made sure that his allies grew in power… such an admirable feat, and he managed to pull it off in a year.”

“Who would’ve guessed he possessed talons. At the end of the day, he is a young hawk…”


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