The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

42.2 A Meeting Between the King of the Frontier and the Lady (Encounter Phase)

[The mamono of the frontier will surely attack your soldiers if they are scattered.]
[……Are you not the 『King of the Frontier』?]
[And what of it?]
[You have supposedly said this. That you personally exterminated the mamono in the frontier. If that is the case, then should there not be any mamono here!!?]
[Weren’t you the one who proposed we meet in a 『neutral place』?]
[That is why I’ve lifted the protection from around this place. Presently, this place is not part of my territory. That is why mamono appeared. That’s all there is to it.]

The adjustment I made to the 『barrier』 with Haruka yesterday was for this.

The 『barrier』deploys by using the land’s mana. Therefore, the mana supporting it will not run out, and the 『enchantments』 on weapons and tools will remain while within the barrier. Mamono won’t be able to enter either.

However, what Silvia-hime requested, persistently, was to meet in a 『neutral place』. If there is a 『barrier』, it will be treated as my territory. That is why I altered the 『barrier』 around 『Hazama Village』 into only be missing from this area.

The barriers from the 『Abandoned Castle』 and the 『Fortress』 are still intact, so the harpies and 『Mawari Village』 are safe from the mamono. I’ve told the residents of 『Hazama Village』 to not go outside. I’ve also asked the harpies to check for caravans traveling along the road.

All that remains is to finish this meeting and quickly return the 『barrier』 to its maximum setting.

[『The King of the Frontier』 has kept his promise. The mamono returning here is nothing more than the consequence of it. If you hadn’t kept your soldiers hidden like this, nothing would have happened.]

When I speak those words, there is a scream.
Several soldiers come running out from the riverbank. Their bodies are limp. Their eyes are spinning in circles.

[That is poison from the 『Black Centipede』!]
Lizette shouts.
[There are 『Black Centipede』, large centipedes with hallucinogenic poison, in the riverbank! They are why even we residents of the frontier refrain from approaching riverbanks at this time of year!]

[Not good. There will be a friendly fire!]
I call out to Hime-sama.

Silvia-hime and her elderly retainer issue orders.
[Soldiers, hear me! Hold these soldiers down! The others are to head into riverbank and forest! Rescue the ones being attacked!]
[No, half are to remain and protect Hime-sama!!]

The soldiers pick up their weapons and immediately set off. 

[……For such a thing to happen…… I never……]
[You see, Silvia-hime, this is the frontier.]

Lizette says such to the trembling Silvia-hime.

[Shouma-nii-sama has been using his great powers to maintain that peace. Originally, this place was infested with mamono. Merely traveling the road was dangerous. We are in that sort of place. Do you understand, Silvia-hime?]
[…………Aa, aa, aaaaaa.]
[If 『Governor Kittle』-sama wants to annex the frontier, then Lizette and the others shall flee as far as necessary. Naturally, invaders will not be granted Nii-sama’s protection. The Governor-sama’s army will have to advance through swarms of mamono. They will have to pitch tents in forest roamed by goblins and sleep amidst packs of man-eating 『Black Hounds』. Do you truly think you will be able to wage war in such a state?]

Silvia-hime is at a loss for words.

[……Nii-sama, Lizette is angry at the lie of the human lady.]
Lizette looks at me with an intense gaze.

[Shouma-nii-sama kept his promise and came here with only Lizette and Garunga-san. Despite that, Silvia-hime brought a lot of soldiers with her. If that was all to it, then Lizette could still forgive her. Yet she went so far as to hide them so that they could assault Nii-sama. In the name of Lizette Ryuuge, who values righteousness, this lie shall not be overlooked.]
[No matter what?]
[No matter what.]
[……Understood. However, you’re only to give a demonstration.]

Lizette nods with a serious expression.

[What are you going to do, ajin girl?!]
[Nothing at all. However, Lizette wishes for you to direct that 『protective field』 toward us.]

Silvia-hime nods at Lizette’s words.
The soldier waiting by her side points the 『parasol』 towards us.

The soldier laughs.

[You’re just a mere ajin. What can you do about this? I’d like to see you try.]
[Lizette shall inform you of one thing. Had you directed your arrows towards Nii-sama…… the only ones getting hurt would have been all of you.]

With those words, Lizette picks up a stick near her feet.

[So long as Lizette has the new name Nii-sama has given her, no magic will work on Lizette!
Awaken, Lizette’s other name── that name is 『Lizette (Principle-Suppressing Path) Ryuuge (Flow of Spells)1』!]

Lizette swings the stick down.


The 『protective field』 that had been deployed in front of the parasol is ripped in half.

[Damned ajin!! What did you do to Hime-sama?!!]

A robed soldier, having seen this from a distance, probably misunderstood. Maybe thinking Silvia-hime was being attacked, he releases small fireballs at Lizette.

[That will not work.]
Lizette flicks them aside with the small stick in her hand.
One after another.

She erases the flying spells as if she were dancing an exalted dance.

This is the power of the 『Naming Bless』 I placed on Lizette, the new attributes I granted to the name 『Lizette Ryuuge』.

I considered various names, but…… at the aspiration of the person herself, the name I gave was 『Lizette (Principle-Suppressing Path) Ryuuge (Flow of Spells)』.
Her appearance is distorted as I had exceeded my chuunibyou, but her abilities are high. After all, she has the power to 『suppress』 all 『principle』 and make 『magic』 『flow away』.

With this, any spell that comes into contact with Lizette will be nullified, both protective and offensive. Regardless of the type of spell the soldier uses, it will not work on Lizette.

……However, it comes with a risk, so I had to 『prohibit its use』.

[Cease!! We are the ones at fault. Cease!!]
Silvia-hime cries out.

[『King of the Frontier』!]


It comes out of nowhere.
Silvia-hime lowers her head before my eyes.

[I, I was mistaken! The frontier is not a place we can lay our hands on!]

The soldiers cease their movements at the sound of her voice. They are all silent, staring at the trembling Hime-sama.

[Please, we desire a 『permanent non-aggression pact』 by all means. I shall persuade my father. Please…. I beg of you.]
[Of course. After all, we’re the ones who wish for this alliance.]

Lizette, Garunga-san, and I exchange glances.

It’s not like we want to be hostile towards 『Governor Kittle』. So long they understand that we have no intention being hostile against them, it’s fine.

[──『Dragonkin Awakening』──『Dragon Breath』!!]

A pillar of flame rises on the main road. For a moment, the soldiers, and even the mamono, stop moving.

The maximum-powered 『Dragon Breath』 I fire straight overhead becomes a massive signal──

 ── At the same time, in 『Hazama Village』──

[Haruka-san! We received contact from the patrolling harpy Roroi-san! She said that she confirmed the flames from Shouma-san’s 『Dragon Breath』!]
[Right. Then, let’s deploy the magic circle’s 『barrier』 to its maximum extentー!]

 ── At the same time, in the plains near the frontier ──

The mamono scream.

Particles of light dance around us. Haruka has redeployed the 『barrier』.

The light quickly fades away, and our surroundings regain their original scenery.

Then all the mamono that were inside the 『barrier』──

『……Gwa.』 『……Kyuu.』 『(Shnn)』

──Every single one disappears.

They were all low-level mamono, after all. Must have been inevitable.

[……Haa.] [Wh, what happened……?]
The soldiers let out a rough sighs.

The ones afflicted with the 『hallucinogenic poison』 are being held down by the soldiers around them. Seems like there won’t be a problem.

[Well then, Hime-sama. This is where we part.]
I say.

[We will be waiting for the document pertaining our alliance. For taking the trouble of traveling so far today, you have our gratitude. There should be no mamono on your way home, but please be careful, regardless.]
[Dear soldiers, I was discourteous a moment ago. Please excuse my impoliteness. Well then.] (Lizette)
[If you’ll excuse us.] (Garunga)

With those words, we quickly departed from that place──

[Lizette, are you alright?]
[Lizette is alr-ah, alright, but…… Nii-sama, if possible, Lizette would like hurry back the village……]

With her face dyed red, Lizette leans against me. Her steps are awkward. She’s holding her chest while barely managing to walk.

[I am going to run back. Please carry Lizette-sama by air, King-sama.]
Shuta, Garunga-san of the oni tribesmen raises his hand and takes off.

I’ll accept that good will. Lizette doesn’t have the time. After all──

The power of 『Lizette (Principle-Suppressing Path) Ryuuge (Flow of Spells)』 breaks off the principles of whatever comes into contact with Lizette. Consequently, as an after-effect to invoking it, the fibers of Lizette’s clothes break off as well.

Of the clothing touching Lizette’s skin, all of it is affected. Every piece of fabric unravels and becomes thread, and every knot is untied without exception.


[Wai…… Shouma-nii-sama, please. Go…… slower.]
Lizette is clinging to my arm.

I leaped into the sky using 『Winged-kin Awakening』 and am currently headed straight for 『Hazama Village』. It won’t take more than 1 hour by air. In the meantime, however, Lizette’s clothes are steadily unraveling.

[……That’s why I told you not to use that power.]
[It was for the sake of 『righteousness』! For Lizette to forgive someone who breaks her promise and hides soldiers is impos…… Aah, Lizette’s skirt is unraveling by its edges! How, how indecent! Even though Nii-sama is next to Lizette….]
[Next time, don’t use it until I give my approval.]
[That depends on the time and situation!]
[You sure are unwavering, Lizette.]
[It was for the sake of 『righteousness』 and Nii-sama’s honor. Some, something as insignif…… aaah, Nii-sama, it’s an emergency!!]
[What happened now?]
[Lizette’s underwear is coming undone! Sho, Shouma-nii-sama, even if Lizette holds it in place for a bit…. Uwaaaaan. Lizette is so indecent! Dragon Emperor-sama, your forgiveness, pleeeeaaase!!]
[Hang in there, we’ll be there in a bit….]

……As a proper member of society in his 30s, the unraveled white cloth that’s fluttering down to the ground…… shouldn’t be looked at.
I head for 『Hazama Village』 at full speed.

It appears that the usage of 『Naming Bless』 on people still requires a bit more research. 

── Thus, Silvia-hime and the others who were left behind──

[……Do not touch the frontier.]
Silvia-hime says such as she boards her carriage.
[Do not make an enemy of the 『King of the Frontier』. That is a strict order for everyone. That person…… is equal to Father’s nemesis…… or perhaps even stronger. Listen well. 『Do not touch the frontier』, this shall be the motto for the 『House of Governor Kittle』!]

Like that, the lady keeps repeating the same phrase to her soldiers. She speaks them all the way back to the castle.

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  1. Lizette’s name is written with kanji (理絶途 – Rizetto, 流呪 – Ryuuge). I tried my best to ‘translate’ the name, but it might still not make sense.