A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

19. Stop Joking Around

I recalled everything at once.

My almost forgotten, unpleasant, memories resurfaced, making my chest tighten.

My breathing became shallow and painful as my entire body broke into shivers.

“I’ve looked all over for you! Such a devilish woman you are, to make me chase you all the way here.”

His voice echoed in my ears.
His sweet words overlapped with the heartless words he spoke to me back then.

I was scared. I couldn’t muster a single word.

“Liliana, do you know this person?”

I couldn’t answer Grave’s question.

Was he worried when he saw me trembling?

Grave held my shoulder, “Liliana, what’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“A, ah…”


My eyes were brimming with tears.

Grave called out to me, and the moment I heard his voice, my tears flowed.

He looked at me intently. Then, his expression turned ugly.

“Don’t tell me…”

While glaring at Allen, Grave proceeded to ask him.

“Who the hell are you? I don’t recall ever seeing you in this city.”

“That’s only obvious, for I’m from the royal castle. My name is Allen—the hero.”

People passing by stopped at the mention of the hero.

Grave was a celebrity, as such, it was easy for him to catch everyone’s eyes. In the blink of an eye, there was a crowd.

The moment Allen introduced himself, Grave’s expression became even scarier.

“I see. It was you…”

His grip on my shoulder grew stronger.

It hurt a little. But thanks to that, my shivering calmed a little.

I took a deep breath and looked at Allen’s face.

Our eyes met.

“How are you faring, Liliana?”

He showed me a smile.

The same smile he used to show me back then.

In the past, I loved that smile, but all I felt right then was fear.

Because I already knew…

…That smile was fake.

“Why… are you here?”

“Shouldn’t it be obvious? I came to fetch you.”


Fetch me…?

To the royal castle?

“If not, why else would I step foot in such a dingy city?”

“Huh? What did you just say?” The people around us voiced their protests.

“I said it’s a dingy city. Got a problem with that?”

It didn’t affect Allen as he continued to smile.

“Why, now…”

“Dunno. I also don’t think you’re of any use.”


“But it’s His Majesty’s order. It’s not like I can refuse him. That’s why, come back soon, Liliana.”

…Why was he acting as if nothing had happened?

The cruel words he had spoken to me—how he had played me—

—he reached out to me as if none of that had ever happened.

That day, when Grave saved me, without even touching his hand, I could feel his warmth.

It was a hand I wanted to take.

However, Allen’s hand was different.

His hand was akin to a chain.

My body started to tremble once again.

Although I wanted to deny him, I couldn’t say a word—I was just scared.

“Can you stop spouting nonsense?”

Grave spoke instead of me.

“You can’t just kick her out and then ask her to come back? She’s not yours.”


“Hmm, who are you again? I want those who aren’t involved to keep silent.”

“I’m involved, though. She’s working in our guild now.”

“Is that so? Well, isn’t that surprising? So, it turns out a place on Earth exists that would hire you!”

He applauded while cackling.

It wasn’t an applause out of admiration, but ridicule.

“A shame isn’t it? She’ll be saying goodbye to all of you today. Don’t worry, I will accompany you to see them, Liliana.”

“Don’t decide on your own. It isn’t like Liliana has accepted your request.”

“Hmm? Did you misunderstand? This isn’t a request, per say, but an order. She is part of our kingdom. She has an obligation to fulfil the king’s decree.”


Grave’s expression turned menacing.

The power of his hand became stronger than ever.

Anyone could see that he was angry.

Still, Allen went on.

“Why don’t you come over here?”

“I, I…”

“What’s wrong? Oh, are you perhaps still hurt about that?”

About that?

“Such a troublesome woman you are.”


“It can’t be helped. I don’t really want to, but if you truly insist, I can accept you as my mistress?”

It was a term I had never thought of.

I was so shocked, I became even more speechless.

He continued with dismay.

“You must be quite overjoyed right now. Well, it’s only obvious. For a woman who reeks of iron to be a hero’s mistress… it can even be considered a miracle. You should be grateful.”

Wh, what was he talking about?

I never wanted any of that!

As always, he’d butter me up, and once he was done with me, he’d throw me away…!

Again and again…

“Stop j-joking—”

“—Stop joking around, you piece of shit.”

Grave uttered the words I was trying to say with even greater anger than I felt.

***T/N: …Whoa, just whoa, I gotta say, the fact that the scum didn’t even try to conceal his assholery is quite astonishing.

Other than that, yea, stop joking around you piece of shit!!! You want to get your d*** chopped off or something?!?!?! Then you better shut your mouth altogether because you’re making the air around you smells like c***, you medieval STDs transmitter!!!!!!

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