The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

43.1 The Overlord Ponders About the Combat Ability of the Village

 The day after the alliance with Silvia-hime was formed…

[We’re going out. How about you, Lizette?]
[……Please leave Lizette alone. Lizette is going to die……]

So, it’s no goodー.
I tried knocking on her bedroom door, but only a quiet voice answered back.

[T, to be flying around in the sky without even her underwear on…… How shameful of Lizette…… not to mention, in Nii-sama’s arms……]
[Surely, it’s alright. No one was around.]
[Nii-sama was there!]
[I’m sorry, I guess.]
[……O, of course… Nii-sama is family…… and because Nii-sama is family, then skinship like that should not be anything special. It should…… not mean anything.]

Sorry, it didn’t 『not mean anything』 to me.

Flying with Lizette in my arms while the clothes covering her skin decreased by the moment…… I couldn’t help but to look here and there while also being nervous about various things…… setting the sworn status aside, she’s my little sister and that…… I wonder how it goes in this world.

Don’t get it.
And it’s not like I can just ask someone either.

[……An, anyway, Lizette feels a little weird right now…… Lizette will compose herself soon, so please wait a little longer, Nii-sama……]

With those words, Lizette falls silent.

Thus, Lizette won’t be joining us──
Regardless, I decide conduct a magic experimentation excursion while on a walk.

[I’m going for a walk with Aniue-sama! Alriiight!!]
Haruka’s large bosom shakes as she jumps up and down.

Can’t you be somewhat nervous, oh, strongest of the Oni tribesmen? Also, make sure you tie your sash properly. That’s dangerous in many ways.

[Are you all set, too, Yukino?]
[I surely am.]

Yukino answers while struggling to wrap a bandage around her right arm. Upon getting it up around her elbow, she’s no longer able to have it stay in place— so she holds her arm out to me.

Okay, okay, it’s chuunibyou cosplay, right? Tie a knot and let what’s left flow a little. Then fray the tips and give the impression they’re the result of a battle.

[Th, thank you very much.]
Yukino gives a deep bowed, then,

[Then, once more…… kohon.
── Fufufu, allow me to show the 『King of the Frontier』 my 『Power of Abyssal Freeze 《Cocytus Arms》』]

Yukino declares such while holding her bandaged arm in front of her face.

Deciding on a pose takes a surprising long time.
I don’t want to remember, but I get it.

I knock on Lizette’s room once more before leaving, but there is no response. All I hear is something like a surprised, “yees,” followed by what sounds like her falling off the bed.

I decide to leave Lizette alone for the time being and head out with Haruka and Yukino.

[Around here is fine, I suppose.]

We come to a stop at the edge of the forest. This spot, it is a certain place in the forest. Scattered before our eyes are broken houses and crumbling stone walls.

[This village seems to have been abandoned quite a while back. I’d say it’s been about 100 years.]
Haruka says.

[There are plenty of places like this in the frontier. Like with the 『Abandoned Castle』, other ajin used to live in them but they abandoned them due to the increase of mamono.]
[What happened to the people?]
[I believe they disguised themselves as humans and entered human societies. Apparently my ancestor-sama proposed that we all live together in 『Hazama Village』, but there are ajin who hate other tribes.]

The frontier has various circumstances, too.

[Well then, Yukino. Why don’t you try using your magic here? I want to ascertain the sort of magic that Yukino can use.]
[Fuh, if it’s the order of my………… temporary lord, then I can’t refuse……]

Yukino begins to strike a mysterious pose ── but stops and holds her arm towards me.

Coming, coming, the bandage came undone again, right?

[A stone wall1 still happens to remain over there. Why don’t you try attacking it?]
[Very well, but…… an unmoving target might not be much practice.]
[That so?]
[I am 『Yukino Dragonchild』…… The Witch of Freezing who freezes everything in its place. My sins run deeper than the heavens, and their beginnings bear resemblance to the big bang──]
[Shouldn’t you continue that introduction until the end?]
[No, after all the full version takes 15 minutes.]

Yukino shakes her head.

[To put it short, I don’t really feel like it.]
[So you don’t feel like giving your all against a simple wall……]

That’s rather troubling.
Since this is a good opportunity, I want to confirm Yukino’s maximum attack power.

The weakness of 『Hazama Village』 is that it doesn’t have a lot of people. My 『Naming Bless』 can enchant weapons, and thanks to the 『barrier』, our stats have been risen, but there is nothing that can be done about the small number of troops. If we were to be overwhelmed with numbers, it would be a disaster.

That’s why all I can do to cover for that is use my skills as a summoner and Yukino’s magic. To do that, I need to confirm Yukino’s maximum attack power.

[Aniue-sama! I’ll be the target! Basically, I’d just need to go babaan! and bounce back and avoid the spells, right?!]
[There’s no way I can attack my precious friend with magic!!]
[There’s no way I’d let my precious (sworn) little sister do something dangerous!]

Haruka, even though she got yelled at, for some reason she is holding her cheeks.
[Aniue-sama…… called me his 『precious little sister』…… ehehe.]
[Ano—, I called Haruka-san my 『precious friend』 too, though?][Ehehe. Ehehe.]

She’s not listening at all.

Either way, the problem is Yukino. She can’t get serious against an unmoving target. On the other hand, I can’t let her attack Haruka with magic either. In that case, won’t I just have to make a moving target?

At any rate, it’s an abandoned village. No one owns anything here, so I’ll use whatever I can.

「Activate── 『Naming Bless』」

I touch a wall I believe will serve as the target. It is made of stone. In other words, this is a 『stone wall2』 ── no, that’s not it.

The remaining walls that surrounded the foundation of the house are in a 『コ shape』. That means these are what were used to surround the house itself, a 『stone wall3』.

[『Stone Wall (ishi no hei)』── thou shalt henceforth be 『Soldier of Will (ishi no hei)』. Receive the King’s christening. 『Naming Bless』!!]


The stone wall… moves.

We are inside the 『barrier』 and a 『dragon vein』 of mana courses through the ground. That seems to have been enough to give the 『stone wall』 a 『will』 and make it a 『soldier』.

[It responded?!]

As expected of a 『Dragon Emperor』 skill.
I seem to have temporarily turned the stone wall into my familiar.

[Will this do, Yukino?]
[Ah, yes.]

Yukino and Haruka have both blanked.

[Well then, you too, try to hold out as long as you can.]
『Hei hei hei hei!』

The stone wall swings its body(?) from side to side as if to provoke her. If I am to make a comparison, it’s like an American 『Nurikabe4』 getting into the mood.

[He, here I go! 『In the name of the Freezing Witch』……]
[──Uuーuh. How impudent! 『Pillars of the Freezing Dynasty that Flows in Perpetuity 《Eternal Roaring Icicle Lance》』!!]

Appearing before Yukino are 『Icicle lances』, each about 5 meters long and several tens of centimeters in diameter. There are five in total, spinning at high speed like a drill.

[Go forth! 『Pillars of the Freezing Dynasty (Apologies for Omitting)!!』]



The 『stone wall』 catches the 『icicle lances』 released by Yukino. However, that’s as far as it goes while the 『icicle lances』 continue their high speed drill like spinning.

The stone wall is being shaved away just like that. Holes are being made. They are going through!


Yukino shrieks.

Both Haruka and I have our eyes pop wide open as we stare at the scene developing in front of us.

The walls that enclose the foundation of the house have begun to move. With agility that’s unexpected from objects made out of stone, they rush over to the wall that caught the 『icicle lances』.

I see. 

The stone walls were in a 『コ shape』. The wall that I had enchanted was connected to the other 2. Without realizing it, I had used 『Naming Bless』 on all 3 stone walls. That’s why the other 2 rushed in when the first 『stone wall』 was in a pinch.


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  1. hei – 塀
  2. 石の壁 – ishi no kabe
  3. 石の壁 – ishi no hei
    a wall. Hei is a set of walls that encloses a space.
  4. Nurikabe is a wall youkai in Japanese mythology.