The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

1.3 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

“Well, the reason Sasha is so different from me is because Sasha is adopted.”

Sasha was actually the daughter of Baldazar’s younger brother. She had lost her parents shortly after birth. Therefore, she was actually my cousin. He seemed to have decided to report her as the second child of the Gessel family because of the bond Baldazar and Rotundia had with her family, and also because Juliane was their only child.

I returned to my seat and added a continuation to Sasha;

              —the royal family (not sure if Alfred is included), initially nominated (or hoped) Sasha would be his fiancée.

Ah, how should I say this…

Laughter blared in my chest.

Because of that, the former Juliane was angry, hurt, and jealous of Sasha. She’d hurl profanities towards Sasha and hid her personal belongings.

Why is Juliane actively doing such outrageous things!?

As of the present, the Ruderva royal family was in poverty. Alfred had seven older sisters and four younger sisters.

All the elder princesses had been wedded to other kingdoms on the grounds of diplomacy. The younger princesses were also in relationships with different kingdoms.

The king and queen looked pretty good. They took it upon themselves to build a new royal palace so as not to be embarrassed by messengers from other kingdoms. When it came to preparing dowry and dresses for their daughters, the national treasury was beyond in the red—which the Gessel family took advantage of.

In Rudelva, which had a long history, it was customary for the crown prince to be engaged with a princess from another kingdom, or from the national duke’s family.

Nonetheless, my parent’s eye-catching controversies to change the tradition was successful. They did it through huge a dowry and annual donations. But that couldn’t be considered a massive success.

It’s held that the eldest daughter has to take a husband and take over the house—which means that Sasha is better suited in a roundabout manner.

My parents, who never even considered such an outcome for Sasha, exploded. They threw a huge temper tantrum. Sasha was then banned from socializing due to her illness.

My fingers were weak, and I couldn’t use the pen well.

Still, I wrote about Kyle while taking a big breath. I saved him for last.

  • Kyle Gessel (17-years-old), the son of the Marquis of Gessel. His delicate and graceful beauty has a feminine sensuality. Before Juliane, he always had a smile on his face.

He was adopted from a baron family, one which had separated three generations ago, at the age of seven, in a hurry—it could even be called a kidnapping. The purpose of his adoption was so that Juliane wouldn’t have to search for a husband to lead the family.

Well, no wonder I was resented by Kyle. Even though I was obliged to take a husband, and my family was obliged to adopt a son-in-law, they slapped the baroness with a wad of cash, and forcibly separated a 7-year-old from his family…

I couldn’t help but think that I was the villain’s daughter in the most literal sense. My chest felt empty, yet at the same time, it hurt—as if it was overflowing with puss. I wanted to scratch it out.

To be honest, all I wanted to do right now was slide on the floor and dogeza to my half-sister and brother. However, I’d just be a nuisance by doing so.

“There’s no way an apology will be enough. Especially considering what I have done. How can I make up for what I’ve done to Sasha and Kyle? If it’s truly a world based off a novel, then a bad ending is my just desserts…”

A bad ending! For the villainess! That’s exactly it!

I could see my past self. While gritting my teeth, I flipped through the notebook to open a blank page.

  • ‘Just Desserts’, another synonym for it was, ‘to have a taste of your own medicine.’ It was a curse to swear at people’s mistakes and misfortune, while deriving sadistic pleasures from it. It sometimes used to refer to the bad ending villainess suffered, which were usually the consequences of their misdeeds.

Looking at the short explanation, I nodded many times.

For me, the ‘villainess’, who had been doing misdeeds, the only thing that awaited me in the future was a bad ending. That was just right.

“Writing that woman’s name is highly unpleasant, but…”

I went back to the notebook, and wrote a name of a different person after Kyle.

  • Amalia Ruston (18-years-old), the only daughter of the Duke of Ruston.

She was considered the most eligible candidate for the crown princess because of her family, age, appearance, and talent. However, her position was snatched away by Juliane after she played her hand and money.

She seems to have been entering and leaving the royal palace frequently these days?

Like my mother, I loved gossip more than eating meals three times a day. I always attended any kind of tea parties, no matter how small it was, to collect information. It was also my way of rubbing the fact that I was Alfred’s fiancée to others because I believed I was special. Naturally, along with flattery, all kinds of gossips came my way. Regardless, I didn’t hear anything about Amalia.

Despite that, the woman named Amalia was definitely laughing at me—for a long time, at that. I hated her neat and elegant face.

As I wrote about Amalia, the letters became jagged and messy.

However, Amalia’s appearance was heroine-like, and she had the qualities to become the crown princess. Judging from the current situation, Amalia must be my rival. She must be devising a plan.

“Anyway, for now, let’s not ask Kyle about the Duke of Ruston and Amalia. For the time being, I shall keep up my villainess façade, so that he won’t be suspicious of me.”

At that time, there was a knocking sound.

I gently lifted the edge of my mouth and answered, “Enter.”

“Excuse me… where’s the maid?”

Kyle looked into the room from outside and lifted his eyebrows.

“It’s because I’ve come up with a plan. This will be a serious talk, so I dismissed them. With only six months to go until you became 18-years-old and succeed the family, it’d be problematic to reveal your connection with the Duke of Ruston and Aldridge.”

Kyle smiled with a deliberate bitter smile as he combed his slightly long bangs. I snorted at his flawless beauty.

“You probably thought I’d charge into the royal palace and expose my ugly side. But, look, I’m not that stupid. The Duke of Raston and the Duke of Aldridge, correct? You want to convince them that I’m an eyesore.”

It seemed that I was spot on. Kyle’s gaze changed into that of one looking at trash. Even though he didn’t put it in words, his dislike and repulsion towards me was transmitted clearly.

“So what? You’re going to tell father and have him punish me? Why did I even feel the need to ask you that? Obviously, that’s what you’ll do—”

“—Come in, you’re going to get tired if you continue to talk while standing.”

Kyle clicked his tongue. He walked into my room with a reluctant stride. He resembled Alfred in that his limbs were long, and that he was tall.

Kyle sat down on the sofa and looked around at arguably the largest and most luxurious room in the mansion.

“…Did you see through my plan?”

Following Kyle’s line of sight, I also turned to the bookshelf that filled the entire wall, from floor to ceiling.

“Now, isn’t this just strange? For what purpose did you buy all these books? They aren’t just for reading, right?”

Well, I read them so I could have a topic to talk about with Alfred. I spent a lot of time on old documents, scholarly books, and foreign books.

“They were for reading of course. If you want to trap me, you’ll need to do a little better next time. After all, you and I, we’re neck-deep in the darkness of the aristocratic society.”

I told him that to threaten him.

“Well, the praises, the compliments, and the storm of applauses coming my way are all thanks to the power of ‘money’? With that power, I can remove any obstacles effortlessly. I don’t think it’s a great idea to go against me until you’re eighteen?”

Kyle was stunned immediately.

That guy was, after all, tempted by the Duke of Ruston to try and make me self-destruct.

If my memories hadn’t returned, I’d surely have gone to the royal palace and screamed at the top of my lungs. I’d surely be demanding answers regarding the relationship between Alfred and Amalia from everyone.

Kyle lightly bit his lower lip and tilted his head.

“I’m not sure stepsister has what it takes to get rid of the duke’s family? It’s a fact that Lord Alfred has been avoiding you these days, isn’t it?”

Kyle smiled as such disconcerting words oozed out of his mouth.

“Well, indeed. Such is the case.”

***T/N: Kyle, as of the present, you should be grateful your sister doesn’t sumo you to the ground.

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