The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

1.2 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

Sasha, who stiffened behind Kyle, widened her eyes. Her long, golden, eyelashes were trembling. She had a clear, white, skin, pale cheeks, jewel-like blue eyes, and golden hair.

My eyes! My eyeees!

The beauty of Sasha made me want to close my eyes!

“You’re a transcendental beauty, but your lips are dry because you keep breathing through your mouth! Breathing through your mouth makes it easier for you to catch colds. Well, you’re tougher than your look. Regardless, if you aren’t careful, you’ll catch a severe cold someday.”

“I, I see.”

“If your mouth is dry, you will get cavities more easily. Moreover, if your lips are left open, you’ll look silly. What I’m saying exactly is, the bad outweigh the good.”

Looking away from my family that was busy staring around in bewilderment, I saw a mirror hanging in the corridor. I was dizzy due to being a comically fat girl with black hair and black eyes, the lovechild between Baldie and Fattie. Fortunately, I wasn’t bald.

My cheeks were swollen, just like my obese body. My eyes were small and my greasy skin was full of acne.

I’m so fat, to the point it doesn’t make sense. Moreover, I’m the fiancée of the prince?

Due to my weight, I kept heaving. I released out a loud sigh.

Because I was jealous of her beauty, I bullied my sister Sasha and locked her in my house. Kyle, whom had been forcibly adopted from a distant family’s house, was also abused by me. In Alfred’s eyes, I was less than an insect.

Even though I was ugly, I kept pestering my fiancé—

isn’t this the villainess who appeared in the novels I read!?

I looked at myself in the mirror again. I saw a ridiculous blend of cunning, subservientness, and arrogant pride. In the fantasy romance novels I read in my previous life, the villainess was a seasoning element for the books—and sometimes was even the heroine.

My present self might be worse than any villainess in any novel ever.

To prove that I was the villain even further, my family—the Marquis of Gessel—was extremely wealthy.

Rather than ‘Gessur’, aren’t we just a ‘jest’?

While retorting in my chest, I stood up. “I’m a little tired, so I’ll be resting in my room…”

Holding the hem of my flashy dress, I walked past my shocked family and servants. I staggered the entire trip down the hallway.

“Juliane, as I thought, wouldn’t it better for you to see a doctor?”

My mother spoke from behind me. I waved her off again.

“I don’t need it. That would be a waste of medical expenses. If I sleep a little, I’ll be cured. Kyle, once you finish changing, please come to my room. How about in an hour?”

“O, okay.”

Kyle somehow found his voice. Feeling that my mother and my maids were trying to follow me from behind, I shook my head gently and refused. “I want to be alone.”

My feet are wobbly…

For eighteen years, I must have walked through that corridor all the time. The shame struck me at once, I felt that my knees were unreliable. I felt like I was ready to sink.

When I finally arrived at my room, I kicked out all my maids who were trembling against the wall.

“Ohoho, all of you are in the way. A change of clothes? I’ll do it alone. Bath? Ah, no, there’s no need to wash my body every time I get changed. Please vacant my room!”

The eyes of the maids widened all at once. Their expressions were asking me if I was still sane.

I was able to push through the high-pressured and awkward atmosphere. If I suddenly acted like the person I was in my previous life, it was only expected that everyone to be surprised and might even have heart attacks.

“Okay, first, I need to grasp my current situation.”

I pulled out a notebook from the pile of books piled up on the desk.

I spread it across the desk and wrote down the aspects that made me anxious.

  • Juliane Gessel (18-years-old), the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Gessel. Fiancée of the crown prince, Alfred. She is truly obese, has a horrid personality, and is obsessed with wealth.
  • Baldazar Gessel (54-years-old), the 4th Marquis of Gessel. The richest man in the kingdom. He loves to fatten his belly. Bald. Deservesall the lifestyle-related diseases that are about to come.
  • Rotundia Gessel (53-years-old), the hater of social circles. She is thinly related to the royal family. She is fat. The definition of lifestyle-related diseases. It was only in her fifteenth years of marriage that she gave birth to her long-awaited child (Juliane).

While I wrote that, I clutched my head—you’re beyond salvation.

By the way, the reason why the Gessel family was filthy rich was because they had many mines in their territory. Jewels and fuel were produced from here and there.

Our ancestors, who managed to raise their title of ‘Baron’ to ‘Marquis’ three generations ago, were reluctant to receive the vast, undeveloped, land, but upon excevating it, were surprised. They couldn’t stop laughing at what they had come into.

I ran my pen again—‘—which is why Baldie and Fattie are trying to instate me into a position that isn’t appropriate for me. Well, I’ve been actively involved, too.’

  • Alfred Ruderva (19-years-old), a traditional powerhouse. He is a cold, indifferent-looking beauty that women will approach despite his aloof attitude. He is a workaholic and loves studying. He has a proportional and imposing body, and is good at swordsmanship and martial arts.
  • Kingdom of Ruderva—a powerful kingdom with a vast territory ranging from the eastern part of the continent all the way to the north. It is the kingdom where the members of the Gessel family live along with Juliane.

The resemblances with the fantasy novels I had read in my previous life was uncanny, to the point that my head boiled and my blood vessels clogged.

“Hmm… I have never read a book where the male lead was named Alfred, much less one set in the Kingdom of Rudelva…”

I folded my arms and groaned. I had read all the novels lent to me by the volunteers at least three times. So, there should be no mistake.

“I died at the young age of eighteen, and I was hoping that I’d be reincarnate in another world—one like the novels I read. No way, did I really get reincarnated? When it happens to the heroine of a novel, it’s nothing, but… having it actually happen to myself is giving me goosebumps…”

The daughter of the Marquis family, whom had a muddied history, was both mean and gluttonous. To top it off, she was extremely ugly, which enhanced her evilness. From an objective point of view, there was no doubt that I was the ‘villainess’ of that world. I wished that I was at least familiar with the world—that it was a world from a novel I had read. That way, I’d know what was going to happen and would be able to devise countermeasures with said knowledge.

“Well, let’s proceed for now.”

  • Sasha Gessel (17-years-old), she is the second daughter of the Marquis of Gessel. She has golden hair, blue eyes, and is an extraordinary beauty. Her beautiful, wavy blonde, hair flows lustrously. Her small face, cherry-shell like ears, and smooth skin are transparent. She is truly a ‘special’ individual with a beautiful body and soul.

“Wow, she’s the exact opposite of me.”

I dreamily wrote about the beautiful Sasha. I felt like I was falling into a deep, dark, hole.

Not only was my hair black, I was also full of acne.

My hair, which I forcibly tied and made into a bundle, was bulging and huge. I was eye-catching in a way different from Sasha. I turned around, amazed. My sigh turned into a laugh.

She must had been favorably accepted by everyone, and was recognized as a special, beautiful, girl in the world. On the other hand, not only was I hated, I was also avoided by my fiancé. It was obvious which one was more suitable to be the crown princess.

I got up from my chair and saw myself in the mirror. The experience was beyond painful. My eyes were going to be blinded.

“It has been a year since I gained weight. It’s been stressful. I refused to admit it, because it was like acknowledging that I was unsuitable to become the crown princess.”

I wanted to stand out. I wanted to stand out from the women who flocked to Alfred. Hence why, I wore a wacky, flashy, dress that was a shocking pink and green. It was so much so that pierced the eyes. Of course, it was to no avail.

Baldie kept donating to the royal family, so it was worth the money. Other than that, did I have any other value to be recognized as Alfred’s fiancée?

“Nope, nothing, nada… how unfortunate.”

I involuntarily sighed.

***T/N: Okay, so she doesn’t actually know what will happen in the future!

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