The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

137. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (27)

“You…! So, you actually did send a messenger…”

Vissel snorted at Jill who involuntarily voiced her doubt towards him.

“Can you stop painting me as the bad guy? I don’t have much time. Get ready to dispatch the troops. I’ll go rescue Her Highness Natalie.”


“Wait! His Majesty won’t forgive you for sending troops!”

Vissel coldly turned at Jill’s plea.

“It doesn’t matter if he’ll forgive it or not. Hadith has abandoned the princess. Or, perhaps, do you want to leave her as it is, too?”


“As I thought, you are a naïve kid.”

That might be true, but Natalie and Frida tried to protect the imperial army. If that was a mistake, would the fleeing imperial army end up becoming a rebels?

“If you truly disagree, go help the former imperial army. Leave Hadith here.”

By doing so, Jill would just be letting Vissel implicate her. She’d surely be framed as a spy from Kratos, a country in cahoots with the rebels. She’d end up being disqualified from becoming a Dragon Princess in the human world.

…There’s only one way to do it. I could pick them up as I head to Radea to suppress the rebellion, but there’s no guarantee they’d actually follow me. Above all, I can’t leave His Majesty here, especially considering the current circumstance.

Vissel was provoking her. She mustn’t fall for it. As she tried to shake her head, the forlorn voice of a soldier cried out.

“…H, His Majesty the Dragon Emperor, actually, he—…”

“What are you so scared of? If he’s so against it, I’ll convince him of the otherwise.”

“The Dragon Emperor is missing.”


The voices of Jill and Vissel overlapped. Although shaking, the soldier mustered a reply.

“He, he left a letter…”

“What kind of letter?!”

“He said that he’ll be attending some baking lessons in Radea… The letter is currently being analyzed to determine whether or not it’s some kind of code!”

Well, probably not.

Vissel, who recovered, turned towards the soldier.

“Chase after him immediately! If you use a courier dragon, you’ll arrive at Radea by tomorrow at the earliest!”

“B, but, the dragons are unusable! Even if I try to get close with one, it’ll run around…!”

Hadith had probably ordered the dragons to not chase him. It was one of his abilities as the Dragon Emperor.

Pfft, Jill smirked. Vissel turned around.

“What’s the matter? No way, did you plan this—”

“—No? I haven’t heard anything. Yup, I totally haven’t heard about any of this. However, I think His Majesty is rewarding me. I wished for him to stay in a safe place and cook delicious food as he waits for me.”

“A reward?”

“Yes, it’s an important reward for slaying the Goddess. So, what is he doing, taking cooking classes in the territory where the anti-emperor army is gathering?”

Vissel clamped his mouth shut, perhaps due to the terrible intimidation Jill was exuding.

“When I’m busy doing my damnedest to lay low and become a proper Dragon Princess, what is he doing!?”

She understood it well—is this the way of the Dragon Emperor?

When what happened dawned upon her, she gradually broke into laughter. From her fist, which was clenched, tremendous magical power could be felt.

“I’ll tie a rope around his neck and drag him back, that idiot husband of mine—!!!”


At the pillar of magical power, which rose for a moment from the imperial capital, Hadith shrugged. The green dragon he was riding desperately flew faster, as if trying to escape from something.

“I have no part in this.”

Even the Dragon God sounded terrified. While biting into a piece bread, Hadith laughed at the Dragon God that wass perched on his shoulder.

“But, isn’t it fun? My wife is going to chase after me.”

“Will she, though? You have made it so that the dragons won’t be usable.”

“If she thinks about it properly, she’ll surely understand. Jill is smart and will properly chase me.”

“So you say, as you shorten your life even more…”

While sighing, Rave took a bite from the bread Hadith was currently eating.

“Delicious. New recipe?”

“Yes. Will I be able to become a good baker?”

“Probably, yeah, do your best. I don’t care anymore.”

“What’s with that flat tone? It’s going to be difficult, you know. If I were to run a bakery, I’ll have to rise early.”

“Be careful to not be killed by your wife before that can happen.”

“…Now that I think about it, I should’ve included ‘I love you, Jill.’ In the postscript!?”

“That would have only infuriated her even more…”

Rave wrapped himself around Hadith’s neck. As he lowered his face, his eyes were squinted. There were soldiers hiding in the shadow of a rock not too far from the imperial capital.

They were the same soldiers who had taken Natalie hostage and fled.

…Their numbers are decreasing by a lot…

Some may had taken the princess hostage and escaped before Vissel could reach her. Were the remaining ones simply stranded there, or were they trying to protect Natalie who faked being a hostage so she could escape? He hoped it was the latter.

“You won’t help them?”

“It doesn’t make sense for me to do that. Also, I’m sure they are under the protection of the dragons. They have Rho, after all. The imperial army will do just fine without that knowledge, though.”

“Do you think Little Miss will help them soon?”

“Indeed. She’ll probably turn them into an army that will save Radea—because Jill is kind.”

The best way to overcome that situation was for Jill to go to Radea as the Dragon Princess and suppress the rebellion. He was sure Jill was aware of that. However, it was unlikely for Vissel to issue said order. Due to Vissel’s reputation, Jill leaving the capital with Hadith wasn’t an option.

“If I leave the imperial capital, Jill will be able to move. I’m the biggest reason Jill is stuck there.”

With that in mind, a horrifying feeling crawled down his spine and he trembled. Hadith exhaled a warm breath and murmured in an enchanted tone—

“—That cool and strong Jill, for me to keep her in bondage… it’s both a terrible and thrilling thing to do! …I’m shivering, I must’ve caught a cold… I have to be careful.”

“I diagnose you with degeneracy. Once Little Miss grows up a little, my diagnosis will be proven to be wrong… is what I believe at times.”

“What’s that? You’re making it sound as if I’m a pervert. I just feel sorry for tying Jill down, that’s all. I’d like to set my awesome Jill free.”

Hence why he left the imperial capital—so that she could freely fly in the sky and become his Dragon Princess.

“I’m sure the moment he sees Jill like that, my brother will change his mind.”

Because Vissel was against it, he was playing his hands to prevent Jill from making a move. Hadith’s brother was more proficient than Jill. Therefore, Hadith had to make up for Jill’s weak points.

“I recently noticed… I’d rather be tied up than doing the tying…”

“Stop it, you degen.”

“As a man, isn’t that quite well-behaved of me? But I can’t be tied up so easily.”

Rave, who had his face stuck inside of Hadith’s bag, took out a piece of bread.

“Not gonna lie, Little Miss has her weird sides, too. She is a suitable partner for you, I think.”

“That’s right! We suit each other! An ideal couple like us will surely make the happy family plan come true!”

“You look happy… but, I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve been alone with you.”

Stealing half of the bread from Rave, Hadith responded.

“Indeed. Recently, I’ve always been in the presence of others… Now, we’re back together, only the two of us. It’s… kind of weird.”

“It’s not a good thing, though. Just be careful about using your magical power. You can only exert about half of the power of the heavenly sword. Absolutely do not engage with the Goddess.”

“Well, if I have to do something, now’s the perfect time for it.”

Rave, who encircled Hadith’s neck, became frustrated.

Hadith looked ahead.

“I will turn Jill into the Dragon Princess no matter what.”

Rave relaxed himself on Hadith’s neck.

“You never run out of your extreme ideas and ways, do you…?”

“Jill always says that part of me is amazing.”

She probably doesn’t mean it in a good way, though. However, the Dragon God of Reason, who didn’t understand love, shrugged it off.

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