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Extra 15.2 The Battle of the Third Prince

Sophia Brightwell narrowed her eyes as she looked at her motivated student.

“Do you have any questions so far?”

“No, it’s alright. Sophia’s lessons are easy to comprehend. Go on.”

For some time, Sophia had been aware of the third prince’s interest in her.

Sophia wasn’t insensitive in any way. She also wasn’t unsightly. She knew that it wasn’t uncommon for boys Sevan’s age to yearn for adult women.

As that Sevan, who was often told by other educators to be more motivated, would unfortunately demonstrate his true abilities and wouldn’t hate if the class was extended, Sophia instantly knew what to do.

“You’re amazing, Your Highness! Today’s lesson is over.”

Regardless, the effect was truly outstanding. Unintentionally, she smiled.

It was unfortunate that what Sevan was truly expecting wouldn’t come true in the future.

“Is there much more to learn? I’ll continue doing the rest until tomorrow.”

“That willingness of yours is just outstanding!”

Longing was but that—longing. Someday, it’d be reduced to a mere memory. Over the next few years, Sevan would forget that simple promise.

For that reason, she dared not make any straightforward statements. Sophia hadn’t said a word about whether she wanted to be his queen or marry him. She just said that she wanted to offer her support by staying at his side. Considering her position, she meant offering support as an educator.

“Then, is it alright to begin class earlier starting from tomorrow?”

“Of course, I’m someone who’s capable, after all!”

If one day Sevan became the undisputed successor to the throne, their promise would surely become null as his father would find him a suitable bride.

Now that she had already stuck one leg, after a few years, both of her legs would be stuck. Originally, she had no dream of getting married. As a second wife, she should still be in demand.

“I’m looking forward to the future, Your Highness Sevan.”

“Yes, I’ll look forward to it, too. I’m looking forward to the future where you will be beside me…”

Although the future that Sevan envisioned was completely different from what Sophia envisioned, she dared not correct it.

“Fufufu, grow up soon.”

“How old do I need to be? I don’t necessarily have to be an adult? I should be mentally mature, already…”

Sevan had largely been ignored by his excellent brothers and had been despised by the aristocrats around him.

But, from the time they met, she thought that if he were motivated, his qualities would surpass even that of his brothers.

Even though he was her precious student, would she dare misguide him?

“…Then, how about when His Majesty officially nominates you as his successor?”

“I, I understand!”

If she were to give such a condition, he’d surely aim straight for the throne. Once he reached that goal, that would be the end of the role. Sophia didn’t want anyone to make fool of Sevan. If he were to get an older woman as a bride, surely, that would give rise to bad rumors…

“Sophia, you gave me your word, so don’t forget about it…!”

“Yes, a woman will never retract what she said, Your Highness Sevan.”

By baiting him, she had guided him to the throne. If, at a later date, he no longer felt interested in said ‘bait’, she wouldn’t blame him. By that time, beautiful ladies of the same age as him would surely rush in as candidates for his fiancée. By that time, Sevan would’ve already forgotten about Sophia.

Sophia renewed her determination—it was her duty to gracefully raise that future king until one day a suitable partner appeared.


Sevan knew what his beloved educator was thinking.

“I’m sorry to have summoned you so suddenly, Lord Brightwell.”

“No, I’m honored to have been summoned by His Highness.”

Sophia had no intention of fulfilling her end of the bargain. She purely said she’d support him as an educator.

However, Sophia wasn’t originally a cunning woman. Sophia wasn’t a foolish woman who would naturally spout such misleading lines.

“I’m not good at bargaining, so let me be straight with you.”

Why would Sophia say such a thing, then?

It was to misguide Sevan.

To make him think that once he became king, she’d be his queen.

She was aware of Sevan’s feelings, and she wanted to motivate him.

“Lord Brightwell, please ally with me instead of my uncle.”

Then… why didn’t he just become that foolish man, who misunderstood as was expected, and speak directly to her father!

“W, what are you saying, Your Highness Sevan?”

Nicholas Brightwell, the Marquis of Brightwell. He once planned to put his daughter in the Rose Garden, but failed.

Now that the first and the second princes had both fallen, they were still neutral, but he was rather close to the king’s younger brother.

Even after the current king had recovered from his illness, talk about making the king’s younger brother into the future king remained. There was also the fact that the king’s younger brother was still single. It wasn’t hard to imagine that Nicholas would consider suggesting his daughter to be his princess.

Sevan wanted that man to become his ally.

“Of course, we’ve swore allegiance to the royal family, after all…”

“I understand what you mean. Compared to my uncle, I’m still immature.”

Nicholas must had been pondering the merits between supporting the king’s younger brother and the third prince…

“…I think it’d be wonderful to turn the woman who’ve taught me so much into my queen.”


Sevan thus persuaded him. That was the purpose of his summon.

“I’m sure I can be a good king if Ms. Sophia, who has been with me, were to continue to support me for a lifetime.”

“T, that’s!”

In conclusion: give me your daughter.

Nicholas probably heard that as, ‘I’ll welcome your daughter as a queen when I become king.’

“Y, Your Highness is prepared to that extent…! I’m glad I’ve been watching over you since you were a child!”

“Lord Brightwell, then—!”

That blocked one escape route for Sophia. Even if a good man were to appear and demand Sophia to be his second wife, Nicholas wouldn’t marry her off.

“Y, yes, of course. I will continue being your ally. My daughter will surely be delighted at hearing this…”

“Of course!”

He was aware of how cowardly his trick was. Through her father, he had arbitrarily gained permission to marry her.

However, it was Sophia who first used a cowardly hand to take advantage of a man’s love. She also never explicitly stated he never fall for her bait.

He had no need for the throne. However, it’d be a different story if Sophia were to agree to become his queen.

There was still the second prince faction, which, although it had lost its momentum, was still in the competition. The royal brother faction, which had taken deep roots before the birth of the first prince, also existed.

Sevan had no way of overtaking them, yet.

The battle of the third prince Sevan had only just begun.

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