Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

98. Side: Leticia

—Since my imprisonment here began, how long has it been?

Leticia was gloomily recounting her days inside the prison.

After the dragon came the demons. Her kingdom had no way to stand against undead demons.

Afterwards, she was imprisoned.

It seems that I’ll die here.

That was what she thought.

She knew how self-driven she was.

In the beginning, she had also begrudged Eliane. However, overtime, she gradually began to reflect.

Towards Eliane and the others… I’ve behaved terribly… no one will come to help me.

However, Eliane did.

Eliane looked much healthier, and also, happier.

Not only had Leticia created problem for Lynchgiham, she had also tried to murder Eliane.

Yet her plan was foiled. The curse on Alberto’s sword was dispelled, and she was struck by a disaster.

She prided herself on her beauty.

Thanks to that, she had gained a lot of things.

Therefore, for such a girl, that sort of outcome was just unbearable.

She also wasn’t able to break her own curse.

Eliane was the only one who could.

Except, there’s no way she’ll help me…

Hence, the moment Eliane entered the the prison, a light of hope shone within her heart.

To be honest, Leticia didn’t want to meet her.

There was nothing she could say to Eliane.

No matter what she said, there was no way Eliane would forgive Leticia.

Eliane came with Nigel.

Behind her was a man who introduced himself as the dragon. However, Nigel was more eye-catching than him.

He was handsome, after all.

But why?

When she saw him, she wasn’t as thrilled as she thought she’d be.

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore…

Leticia suppressed her heart.

What happened afterwards caused her to doubt her eyes.

“—I beg of you! I have a lot of things to say! But, before anything else, can you cure Leticia?”

Claude is bowing!?

That was the first time Leticia had seen Claude behave that way.

Moreover, he did it for her sake and not himself. Given his personality, that was utterly unthinkable.

Eliane was also shocked.

Eliane eyes widened for a moment, before exhaling.

The prison door was destroyed by the man who claimed to be a dragon, and Eliane approached Leticia.

Seeing her, Leticia couldn’t help but doubt her.

She wasn’t overwhelmed.

It was unlikely that Alberto, whom had been cast aside by Leticia, would speak in her favor.

He’d surely prioritize himself.

Eliane must had discovered that Leticia had attempted to kill her.

Could it be she is only pretending to cure me but is plotting something else?

Leticia became even more vigilant.

However, Eliane said that she’d cure Leticia.

Leticia grew even more confused.

Why? What would she gain by that? She did it just because Claude asked her to? Eliane should hate Claude. She is definitely planning something else!

Even though Eliane had explained her reason, Leticia was far from convinced.

It might be because of that—

“—…I won’t apologize.”

Leticia rebelled a little.

Such was the pride of Leticia who had lived as a sorcerer until then.

She would take advantage of others and cast them aside once they were no longer of use.

Such was the path she had lived on.

She didn’t think anyone would forgive her for that, especially not Eliane.

Thus, she didn’t expect Eliane would actually cure her.


“It will be over soon.”

Eliane touched Leticia’s face.

At that moment, her entire face warmed.


“Healed! Your beautiful face has been restored! You don’t need to be so sad anymore…! Thank you, Eliane…! Thank you!”

Claude rushed over and tightly embrace Leticia.

I’m healed?

Despite her suspicion, the tears spilling from Claude’s eyes reflected her own face.

Finally, she understood everything.

Eliane had healed her.

Eliane smiled at the sight of Claude embracing Leticia.

Helping Leticia had no merit for Eliane.

But… for someone like her, probably, that doesn’t matter…

That girl was the exact opposite of Leticia.

When Leticia wanted something, she’d do everything to achieve it.

She always weighed the pros and cons, and she made sure the former weighed more than the latter.

She had never regretted her way of life.

However, Leticia was suddenly tempted to ponder about her life so far.

That path was a bleak one.

No flowers would bloom along that path.

It was a miserable path, one where only skulls rolled along its side.

On the other hand, the road that Eliane has treaded on… I wonder if flowers are blooming.

Eliane was the true saint.

Such a thought entered Leticia’s mind.

At the path Eliane had walked, which was filled with flowers, Leticia felt a little envious.

***T/N: Lmao, Claude might be reforming, but Leticia is basically his karma… look at this bitch, until the very end, all she ever thought about is herself. Not even once did Claude enter the frame. I hope Claude can somehow find happiness with a woman like this #sarcasm.

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