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Extra 15.1 The Battle of the Third Prince

“Good morning, Your Highness Sevan. I’d like to express my sincere congratulations on your being the most promising candidate for the next king.”

“This is the first I’m hearing of that~”

“That’s why, class time shall be doubled starting today. Let’s do our best.”

“W, wait, Sophia, I haven’t heard anything about this! No one has mentioned anything this important before, right!?”

At a villa on the royal palace ground of Elgacia, a small distance away from the main residence, Sevan, the third prince of Elgacia, raised his hand just as his usual lessons with his trusted educator were about to begin.

“Your study will be doubled at once. The suddenness might prove to be difficult to you. However, I shall do my best, as well.”

“It’s not about that! I’m alright with that! But, before me, shouldn’t there be another successor to the throne?”

“Oh? You’re a wise prince for knowing that. It seems that the second prince has collapsed…”

“H, hold on! That’s too fast! It hasn’t been long since the first prince was toppled!”

Sevan Casey Elaine Elgacia, 14-years-old that year, was the eldest son of Elaine, the concubine of the current king, and was also the third prince of Elgacia.

Until recently, he had almost nothing to do with the throne thanks to the presences of the first and the second princes—the queen’s sons.

“N, not yet…! It’s too early to give up…! Keep at it, second prince…!”

“Are your textbooks ready? Please open page 52.”

“Wait—! My heart isn’t ready—!”

Indeed, until recently, he was barely mentioned.

The daughter of a marquis, Sophia Brightwell, 21-years-old, was teaching Sevan. The reason he had such a young educator was because it was unnecessary for him, the third prince, to receive an outstanding education.

“I, I can’t be the king…”

However, if he was too stupid, he could end up as a puppet king. As such, some education had to be provided.

Sevan was also aware of the circumstances of the adults in that area. That was why he tried to lay as low as possible. He was someone who could be said to be moderately excellent, but not as mighty as the top two.

Sevan was rarely pressured. He also found his position very welcome because such was Sevan’s nature.

“It’s okay, Your Highness Sevan. I know that within you the capability exists.”


Dark blonde with grayish, blue, eyes. In a broad sense, he was the stereotypical blond, blue-eyed, noble. However, the brooding impression he exuded couldn’t be extinguished. For a member of a royal family, Sevan’s magic was average.

Sevan might not have been as flashy and gorgeous as the two other princes, but he was not in any other way inferior to them.

Occasionally, when he was called to the main residence and met with an influential aristocrat, or when he was in class with another educator, he could do it. As long as he possessed the will to not be looked down upon, he could do it.

“There are those who can do it! There are also those who can’t do it because they aren’t supposed to do it in the first place! I am of the latter!”

As of the present, he didn’t want to do anything. It was too much of a hassle.

I can’t do it…

“You can evaluate yourself objectively without being overly confident. That alone is already wonderful.”

“Wow, you even evaluate things that are taken for granted as a person! I’m not happy at all!”

It wasn’t like Sevan was unfit to be the king. It was just that his laziness far exceeded his desire for power.

More than wealth, fame, and pride, living comfortably was more important to Sevan. No matter how much he was ridiculed and compared to the other princes, Sevan wanted to the throne to stay at least a million years away from him.

“There are many things you can do as a king. For example, you can choose any girl you want… no woman isn’t interested in the throne, or in becoming the queen.”

Sophia had no choice but to close the textbook and talk to Sevan. Towards Sevan, who despised the idea of becoming the king, Sophia spoke of the merits.

“The other princes also thought the same and got ruined!?”

“You noticed that, too. You’re truly amazing.”

“I’m not happy to be praised for that!”

Sevan wasn’t particularly charmed. After all, he cared not about the throne. He could also easily tell that one or two ladies not being interested in the throne, or the title of queen, wasn’t strange.

The fact that the other two princes couldn’t understand that was a mystery to Sevan.

“…Regardless, I’m sure many women long for it. I, for example, have dreamed of it since I was a child.”


“Of course, as of present, my dream is for His Highness to grow up brilliantly.”

Placing the book on the podium, Sophia approached Sevna.

“If Your Highness becomes the king, that’ll be the happiest day of my life. Would you please make this unfortunate educator’s dream come true?”

Willing to get her skirt dirty, Sophia bowed down while looking up at Sevan.

“Please give me the role of supporting the future of this kingdom and His Highness by letting me stay at your side.”


Thunder struck.

Such was the kind of impact Sevan experienced.

“Well, that’s, uh…”

“Please open to page 52 of the textbook.”

“Wait?! Your change in demeanor is too quick! Okay, I will do it?! I will do it!”

He could do it if he tried, but couldn’t because he wasn’t supposed to. It was at that moment when a certain other desire overcame Sevan’s laziness.

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