Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

22.2 Rose and Sora

Sora section

Upon finishing their discussion, everyone decides on where they will sleep. After, another, brief discussion, it’s decided that Sora, Yami, Sura, Laila, and Noi will reside at the village mayor’s house. As for the heroes, they will stay at Gorilla’s house. Everyone separates soon after.

Sora decides to immediately go to bed. A lot happened today, I’m exhausted. Guess I’ll sleep early.

Laila notices Sora leaving and calls out to him.

“Hmm? Shujin1, are you going to sleep already?”
“Yeah, with everything that happened today, I’m a bit tired.”
“I see. Good night.”
“Yeah, good night. Oh yeah, do you mind picking up Noi for me? Something seems to be delaying him.”
“Wow, Shujin is really kind. Okay, leave it to me. Yami and Sura will come too.”

“Got it.” “Roger.”

Sora, after seeing the three off, falls asleep. That he is able to sleep so quickly is testament to his exhaustion. Then, somehow, a white space appears before his eyes.

Even though I’m so tired today…… what horrible timing.

“Hmm~, what’s wrong~? Why the long face~?”
“A lot of things happened today, I’m exhausted.”
“I see~. But you know~, this place is the dream world. It doesn’t matter how tired you are~.”
“Well, what is it this time.”
“How was the labyrinth~?”
“It was just a labyrinth where I got to fight a cerberus and became companions with the Spirit King.”
“Hmm~!? What’s a Spirit King~?”
“What Elias doesn’t know, I won’t know about either. Well, he did say, 『I am the master who generates labyrinths, influences the environment of this world, and manages the climate.』 It was something like that.”

I repeat to Elias what Noi said while imitating his tone.

“What’s with that tone~? Could it be that you’re an idiot~?”
“No, I’m not. That isn’t me. I just imitated the Spirit King.”
“Hmph~, the Spirit King~ you’ve made another amazing companion~.”
“You think so?”
“Yeah, I do~. Now then, that’s enough talk about the labyrinth~. I’m going to be a bit serious now~.”

So, I can’t be considered serious with that tone of voice.

“What is it?

“This is information from a reliable akuma, but~ it appears that the gods have begun to move~.”
“The gods? Why are you telling me this?”
“Well~ There’s that shota god that Sora was talking about~. Furthermore~, the gods are gathering in the Lizaril Kingdom~.”
“What… the heck?”

The shota god is in the Lizaril Kingdom…… I can’t believe it. Does the queen have a connection with that shota god!? …… No, if I think about it calmly, then it makes sense. When I was summoned to this world, there were a lot things that I couldn’t think of, but the queen is definitely connected with the shota god.

“You’re interested, right~? Actually~, there’ll be a meeting about this tomorrow~. I’ll prepare a seat for you, Sora. So, will you come~?”
“I’m coming.”
“Alrighty~ Then, I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow, so wait for me okay~”

Elias vanishes and the white space gradually becomes pitch black. Sora once more falls asleep―― but then wakes up right away.

Sora looks around and sees Yami and the others sleeping comfortably. What time is it? He looks out the window and see it’s still dark outside. Probably around midnight.

Sora tries going back to sleep, but he isn’t sleepy in the slightest.

Haa…… I can’t sleep. Is it because I went to bed too early?
……If it’s like this, then it looks like I have some free time. Might as well go out a bit for a breather.

Sora sneaks out so as to not wake up any of the others. The village has nothing like streetlights. As such, the night is illuminated by natural light like the stars.

“I never thought about it before, but nature sure is amazing……”
Sora mutters to himself as said natural light shines down on him.

He wanders down the dim, midnight, road and discovers a silhouette. Someone is sitting on atop of a giant rock beside a nearby small river.

Who could it be at a time like this? Someone suspicious?

Sora cautiously approaches while keeping the possibility in mind. As light reflected by the stream illuminates the silhouette, the identity gradually becomes clear.

“Can’t sleep, my friend?”
“Eh!? …… Ooh, so it’s my friend.”
“Please don’t feel threatened.”
“Ah, my bad…… may if I sit next to you?”
“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

Sitting next to Yui is nice, but we aren’t talking about anything…… I thought she’d immediately start talking to me.

Eventually, Yui says,
“This world is amazing, isn’t it?”
“Hmm? You think so?”
“It’s still bright even though there aren’t any streetlights. Not to mention, there’s the sound of the flowing stream and the blowing the wind. There isn’t a single car either, right?”
“Yeah, that’s true. This place is abundant with nature.”
“You’ve changed, my friend.”
“Eh? You think so?”
“Yes, I mean, you no longer come of as a chuuni2…… Furthermore, you even mercilessly blew away your classmates without a second thought……”

Now that she mentions it, that might be the case. I get the feeling I slowly started acting and speaking differently after receiving the blessing of the Dai Maou. I don’t feel much of anything when I hurt people, and I wasn’t all that happy at meeting up with Yui and the others again after all this time either.

Sora says,
“……Beats me, a lot of things did happen, after all.”
“Somehow, I feel a bit lonely. It feels like my friend is going somewhere distant that my hands can’t reach.”
“Don’t worry. If I go somewhere distant, you’ll catch up to me in no time. No, you’ll even overtake me. You’re my friend, after all.”
“I don’t quite get what you mean, but yeah, you’re right! There’s nothing I can’t do that my friend can! ……This, somehow, is refreshing. Thank you very much.”

Don’t get down so easily……

Sora says,
“Eh? Ok.”
“Well, good night.”
“Yeah, good night.”

Sora sees Yui back and returns to her stone. He looks up at the sky and mutters to himself.
 “I knew it, I’m bad at encouraging others.”


Sometime after parting with Yui, Sora secretly returns to the village mayor’s house and falls back asleep.


Sora opens his eyes as he wakes up with a big yawn. Upon looking out the window, he sees it’s already bright out. He doesn’t feel like he slept much, but it sees that he managed to sleep soundly.

Masta, good morning.”
Good morning, Yami”

“……Shujin, good morning……”
“Yeah, good morning.”

“Sora-san sure slept comfortably. Did you have a good dream?”
“Hmm? You think so?”

Yami woke up around the same time as Sora. Laila seems to still be half asleep. Sura is already awake and is doing something like gymnastics. Noi is……

“Huh? Where’s Noi?”

―― Boom

Sora looks around, but he can’t find Noi

Sura says,
“Aah, Noi-san went outside saying something interesting was happening and that he wants to see it.”
“Geez, what a free spirited guy. Aah, oh yeah. I’m heading out for a while today.”
Masta, where are you going?”
“Elias’ place.”
“I don’t want to go.”

Yami expression twists with displeasure.

That’s probably because she got caught up by the various Dai Maou the last time we went to the Dai Maou’s Castle. She must have hated it.

“Aah, I was told to come alone this time. You all can watch the house.”

―― Boom

Hngg, Shujin, who is this Elias! Is it a woman? Are you cheating? Are you having an affair?”

What’s wrong with her? Is she still half asleep?

“She saved my life.”
“Hoho~ Shujin’s lifesaver? ……I’m interested in her.”
“Ah, right. If I remember correctly, I’m getting picked up today. I need to go outside soon.”
“I wanted you to see my anthropomorphism, but…… Well, take care.” (Sura)
“Oh, that’s right. We’re the only one who knows about that place. Let’s all go next time…… By the way, I’ve been hearing booming sounds from outside for a while now. That’s not just my imagination, is it?”
“Yeah, you’re right. What is that?” (Sura)
“Don’t worry about it. Yosh, let’s escort Shujin until his pickup arrives.”
“That sounds good! I will escort you too!”  “Me too.”

…… Is this what being escorted is like? I see, so it’s something like this.

Sora heads outside with those thoughts in mind and confirms that something is happening, just as he expected. A lone akuma is fighting against Yui, Gorilla, and the others. The akuma isn’t fighting back at all, she’s just defending against all their attacks.

“Wow, like I thought…… Hey, where did the other villagers besides Gorilla go?”

Noi says, “Aah, I have a special barrier, so everyone is sleeping in their houses.”

A barrier? This isn’t in Elias’ memories either. Is this a skill of a Spirit King? Either way, this is something to thankful for. Gorilla aside, if the other villagers were to learn I’m acquainted with an akuma, I’d probably get kicked out.

“Thank you, Noi.”
“Fufufufuu! You can thank me more!”

“….. Ah, Yami and Sura probably already know this, but that akuma is my acquaintance so don’t fight with her, okay?”

A female akuma with gradient cut, blond, hair and droopy, golden, eyes. If I’m not wrong,

her name is Rose. She’s the kind and gentle Dai Maou who restored my stamina at the Dai Maou’s Castle.

Laila cries out,

“What! So shujin is trying to violate that akuma!”
“No, I’m not. That akuma is also a Dai Maou.”
“Well, you can still violate a Dai Maou……”
“……Sigh. Well then, I’m going now so please keep watch here, okay?”
“Yes, have a safe trip.”

Sora walks towards Rose.

All things considered, even though they were earnestly attacking her, she didn’t fight back…… I’m positive Rose is the Dai Maou responsible for treating akuma, but even so, it’s not like she isn’t allowed to hurt others.

“Ah, nii-san! This person is dangerous!” (Gorilla)

“Oy, Sora! Quick, lend us a hand!”  “Sora-san!” (classmates)

You don’t have to yell like that.
Rose is just defending herself, so why are they the ones getting worn out?

“Ah, Sora! You’re late, what were you doing?”
Rose, noticing Sora, shakes her hand and hurries up to him.

“Oy Sora, run away! She’s too strong―― huh, why are you two having such a casual conversation?” (Yui)
“No, I know her. You’re the ones who arbitrarily assaulted her.”

Yui and the others cry out in surprise, but Sora continues speaking without any issues.
“I’ll be going now, so ask Sura for the details. Yosh, let’s get going! I’m going to use teleportation, is that okay with you?”

“Ooh, you can use teleportation! As expected.”

Yui shouts, “Eeh? Wait, Sora-san!”
Sora, however, has already used teleportation and went to the Dai Maou’s castle without a second thought.

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  1. Shujin ( 主 人 ) either means Husband, Master, house head. All could apply here.
  2. an abbreviation of chuunibyou 中二病, “middle-school second-year syndrome.”