I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (8)

Right Marshal, former Knight Commander, Vidika (female):  She is from the Horse tribe in the steppes of the continent. She became a bouncer and came to Lemaire, where she met a man that she fell in love with at first sight! She tried to kidnap him to bring him back home, but was stopped by the Knight Commander at the time. The man she fell in love with at first sight was a nobleman, and she tried to win him over by force, rising to the position of Knight Commander. Eventually getting married. It’s unusual for a foreigner to become the Knightly Order Leader, however she was given the right to a knighthood. Not for being a woman, but for being able to get by with her fists. Because she loves children, she usually wears an ordinary Knight’s outfit and a tiny sword to avoid frightening them. However, when she is in battle, she fights on horseback in her horseman’s costume with a short bow and a Kukuri sword. The horse is an ordinary rough horse, but it can fly!

Left Marshal, former Head of the Magicians, Isabella (female):  The mother of the current Leader of the Magicians and Knight Commander. A beautiful witch of indeterminate age. Isabella, who has been in a family of sorcerers for generations had a high magical element. She fled because she didn’t want to be forced to have a pure-blooded child from an early age. She was on the run for a long time, but her childhood friend caught and married her. People believed that women were unsuitable for magic because their power becomes unstable after pregnancy. Still, she discovered and established a new method of measuring magic power and demonstrated that it was not unstable, but, instead, stable in another vector. Because of her achievements, she was appointed as the Head of the Magicians’ Association. She is good at large-scale defensive magic. Recently, she’s been into studying demons and have been actively inviting Vidika to join her in tearing them apart.

Protagonist (Rururia): Resting like the dead.