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95. The Dragon Once Again Descends Upon the Kingdom

  • Side: Douglas

“I’ve had enough of these weaklings…”

Some were running away, while the others attempted to confront the dragon.

Taking it all in, Douglas sighed.


“Why is the dragon attacking!? Didn’t the dragon leave this kingdom!?”

“W, where is Lord Baldur!? Lord Baldur should be able to stand against a dragon like this…”

Currently, Douglas was in a dragon form.

The demons, who couldn’t comprehend Douglas’ muttering, must had been seeing him as a catastrophic disaster.

“Human form isn’t bad, but it’s easier to maneuver in this form.”

With that said, Douglas spewed flames upon a group of demons.

Douglas, soaring high in the sky, looked down at the fleeing demons. He was satisfied with that sight.

“It’s as Nigel and Eliane said—this battle will be over before they can even arrive.”

While burning the demons, Douglas recalled his conversation with Nigel the previous night.

“Douglas, I want you to go to the royal capital by yourself first.”

“Hm? By myself? Aren’t we going to fight together?”

“That’s the best choice, but after some consideration, you should be enough to wipe out the remaining demons.”

Nigel said so.

“Well, that’s fine with me, but why alone?”

“Because by the time we arrive, it’s highly possible they’ll realize their leader’s death. Once that happens, there’s no guarantee they won’t commit a massacre.”

“That’s right, but…”

“…Eliane doesn’t want anyone to die.”

Eliane, who stood next to Nigel, nodded.

“Got it. As always, you’re so naïve.”

Douglas grinned at Eliane.

“I’m very aware of my naivety, but… what if they chance upon a method to resurrect the Demon King because we delayed the rescue?”

“Well, that’s true. If we waste too much time, that might happen.”

Douglas was convinced.

“No way. Douglas, are you scared of a few mere demons?”

Eliane provoked Douglas. It was unusual for her.

In response, Douglas scoffed. “Hmph! What did you say? Those demons, they’re no match for me! I will burn them into toast before you even arrive!”

He proudly hit his chest.

If he didn’t burn them, he wouldn’t deserve to be called a dragon.

“Oh, of course, I won’t tell you to fight empty-handed. Here, take this.”

At the thing Nigel handed over, Douglas smirked.

That was the end of their conversation.

Compared to Eliane and the others who were traveling in horse-drawn carriage, Douglas, who could fly in the sky, arrived much earlier.

Being able to carry all of them would have been nice… But that might be dangerous. Eliane could be thrown off.

In the first place, Douglas was unaccustomed to carrying people.

“Fighting the demons while excluding the humans is quite difficult…”

The demons weren’t the only ones who scattered beneath his sight.

There were also the king’s people whom were being held captive by the demons.

With the arrival of the dragon, keeping the people imprisoned was impossible for the demons.

The humans who saw Douglas was terrified and ran away.

“I seem to have no choice but to use the item Nigel gave me…”

Douglas took out something from his storage magic.

It was a small vial containing a liquid.

In fact, he had over 100 vials containing the same liquid.

As soon as it appeared out of nowhere, it burst.

The liquid poured down from high up in sky to the ground.

“What is this!?”

“Holy water!? Did the dragon do this!?”

“Why does the dragon have something like this?! Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

The screams of the demons echoed.

“As I thought, it’s convenient to use the holy water… to come up with such a ridiculous thing, as expected of Eliane.”

As he watched the demons disappear one after another, Douglas thought of Eliane.

That was their secret plan.

Douglas would soar high in the sky and sprinkle holy water throughout the city.

They learned in the previous battle that Baldur had many undead demons.

Originally, slaying such immortal beings would have been difficult. But, with the existence of the holy water, everything became convenient.

“After all, holy water is only harmful against the demons, not the humans. This allows me to defeat the demons without hurting a single human.”

The proof lied with how the demons were disappearing while the humans could only stay agape.

There was no problem, then.

“Kukuku, for me to rely on a manmade item… how ironic.”

The him from before he met Eliane would have consider such an act disgraceful.

However, as of the present, he was different.

“I will use everything that can be used. If I were to prioritize my pride and die in this war, I won’t be able to boast. Nothing is as pathetic as a loser’s excuse.”

Moreover, if Douglas were to be defeated, Eliane and the others would be inconvenienced.

I’m not fighting solely for my own sake… I have someone to protect—

—therefore, I won’t let myself be defeated.

For that reason, he was happy to use the holy water.

Dear demons, have you been enjoying yourselves while I was present? Now is the time for you to understand who is the strongest!”

Douglas shouted at the demons whom were at the brink of annihilation.

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