The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

41.1 A Meeting Between the King of the Frontier and a Lady (Preparatory Phase)

The following 4 points are outlined in the letter from Silvia-hime.

  • She wishes to enter into an alliance of equal standing and a non-aggression pact with the king who rules the ajin.
  • That the terms of the alliance shall be discussed and decided on the appointed day.
  • That the meeting should be held in neutral territory.
  • That both parties be accompanied by only 2 people.

 ──That’s all.

So basically, it feels like I’m making an appointment with a person of political influence for a meeting to decide the contents of our agreement. So, a high-level event I’ve never experienced in my original world has come……

Truth be told, I’d like to refuse because it’s too much of a hassle. Unfortunately, the other side is in a position of political authority. Even if they are in the wrong, refusing here gives them a reason to invade 『Hazama Village』── such a thing is possible. This is tough.

[May I have everyone’s opinion on this?]
As such, I decide to ask Lizette, Haruka and Yukino for their opinions.

[I hate those people, so I’m against it.] (Haruka)
[That was a terribly abrupt and blunt response, Haruka.] (Shouma)
[After all, isn’t she the lord of the people who pointed their swords at Aniue-sama? She can’t be trusted!] (Haruka)

Haruka slams her fist on the table.
She is controlling her strength. Had she directly hit it, the tabletop would have broke.

[I believe Garunga-jii-san and the others would be of the same opinion. If that 『Governor Kittle』-sama were to recognize us, the treatment of ajin would probably improve, but……. I’m against bowing to the lord of someone who pointed a sword at Aniue-sama.] (Haruka)
[What if we go and just hear them out?] (Shouma)
[I’d rather just swing my konbou without wasting my breath.] (Haruka)

Haruka is house-sitting, then.

I tried asking the Harpies, but they had no information about Silvia-hime. Since the appearances of Harpies are too different from humans, they can’t enter towns or villages. However, they did tell me that during a stroll in the sky, they noticed a group of what looked like 『Governor Kittle』’s soldiers drilling maneuvers. Seems like that’s all they know.

[What’s your opinion, Lizette?] (Shouma)
[Lizette supports the idea that Shouma-nii-sama and Silvia-hime should meet. The opportunity to meet with the daughter of a lord is rare, after all. Lizette believes missing the opportunity to make an ally out of her would be a waste.]

Lizette nods from across the table.

[Nonetheless, as expected, as we do not know the true character of the person we are dealing with, Lizette thinks we should prepare accordingly.]
[Wasn’t there a rumor that Silvia-hime showed kindness to an ajin a long time ago?]
[That cannot be trusted. First and foremost, Shouma-nii-sama’s safety is our top priority.] 
[As I thought…… we’re lacking too much in information.]

News from the human territories (area) does not reach the frontier.
Now I get why spies were so important during wartime in my previous world.

[Yukino, didn’t you set out from the capital? Do you have any information about her?] (Shouma)
[As I was searching for my 『True King』, that had my full attention……]

Yukino speaks with an apologetic tone.
[Furthermore, since I look like a kid, I wasn’t allowed to enter information gathering places like bars.]

That’s true.
Here at the table, Yukino’s body is about two heads shorter than Lizette and Haruka. She must have had a difficult time going to those places with her child like appearance.

[Still, I suppose we have no choice but to find someone who’ll ally with us……] (Shouma)

With that in mind, Silvia-hime’s proposal is something to be thankful for.
The only question is, can we trust the other side?

[We don’t need to depend on Hime-sama’s strength, Aniue-sama!]
Haruka cries out.

[There’s still the option of having some ajin disguise themselves as humans and infiltrate human society, after all!]
[That’s not impossible to do. The thing is, I think it would be difficult for ajin to blend in among humans…] (Shouma)

Lizette, Haruka, and I were lost in thought.

[How about disguising them as fortune tellers?]
Suddenly, Yukino speaks up.

[The person who read my fortune in the capital told me that fortune tellers have many opportunities to listen to people, and that’s ideal for gathering information. That person was about my height and looked like a child but said there wasn’t a problem as long as a robe was worn along with an, “I have that kind of ability,” expression.]
[There’s a logic to that.]
[That leaves the need for the fortune-telling skill itself, though…… do we know any people with that skill?]

[That sort of thing is a forté of harpy?]
Haruka raises her hand.

[Harpies have the ability to read the wind. Also, when they fly at night, they apparently look at the stars to select their destination. Sometimes, children with the ability to tell fortunes are born.]
[That’s the first I’ve heard of this, Haruka.] (Shouma)
[Recently, I’ve been sewing clothes for the harpy children, and that let us become friends. I used to make clothes for oji-san’s children, so I’m good at that kind of thing.]

That’s an unexpected skill.
Haruka is rather rough, but she surprisingly has a domestic side. Even back when I first met her, she was looking after the kids.

[Got it. I’ll talk to the harpy elders once the matter with Silvia-hime is settled. Thanks, Yukino.] (Shouma)
[……Plea, please thank the fortune teller-san who read my fortune instead.]

Yukino, as if bashful, turns away.

[By coming to the frontier…… Ahem, that person is the one who kindly informed me of various things, after all. As her name was similar to own, 『Dragonchild』, we saw each other as kindred spirits.]
[Eeh, so what was her name?] (Shouma)
[Primordia Babyphoenix, is what she told me.]

……The name rings a bell.

Primordia Babyphoenix. For short…… Prim?

[The person was a harpy, wasn’t she?] (Shouma)
[Yes, the granddaughter of Elder Nanaira-san.] (Lizette)
[So, you requested her to find him……] (Haruka)

Lizette, Haruka and I exchange glances.

Prim is the harpy elder-san’s granddaughter. Being half-human and half-harpy, she is a wingless harpy.

In exchange for her wings, she has arms and look completely human. The Elder-san said that she was brimming with curiosity, so she set out on a journey to learn more about the world.

I see…… So Primordia is a fortune teller in the capital.

[Thanks, Yukino. Thanks to you, we’ve discovered an important piece of information.] (Shouma)
[Is, is that so? Then, I’m glad……]
[So much so that I want to ignore Silvia-hime and go scout her right now.]

Primordia has a fortune-telling skill and is also familiar with the circumstances of the capital. As she’s brimming with a thirst for knowledge, I’m sure she has data on the governor and those related to him. For those of us living in the frontier, she is a talent we need right now.

[For Primordia to become your subordinate…… that might be rather difficult.]
Yukino, with a serious expression, looks downward.

[This is what she said, 『When the stars permit it, surely I’ll find my lord.』
[……Sounds like a difficult person.] (Shouma)
[She also said this. 『It, it’s not like I’m gathering information and pursuing knowledge for the sake of a peaceful world! Don’t get the wrong idea!!』]
[……Sounds like a terribly difficult person.]

Rather, who is the person is being a tsundere to?

For now, I’ll put the matter regarding Prim on hold.
Later, I’ll tell the harpy elder about her being a fortune-teller in the capital.

[As far as the meeting with Silvia-hime is concerned…… I suppose I’ll have to accept it.]
It’s a bother, but I’d like to settle this once and for all. I won’t be able to go to the capital for as long as this keeps dragging on.

[I will reply that we accept the meeting. Let’s take all the precautions we can until then. First……Haruka.]
[Yes! Aniue-sama!]
[Accompany me to the magic circle room later.]
[Yes, of course, but what are you going to do?]
[I want to try adjusting the 『barrier』.]

Presently, the magic circle is producing a 『barrier』 of the largest size.
Is changing the size possible? I’d like to determine what effect changing the size of the 『barrier』 will have on its interior.

[Understood, Aniue-sama. I’ll accompany you no matter how long this takes!]

[So Nii-sama going to experiment with the Dragon Emperor-sama’s skills? If that’s the case, then……]
For some reason, Lizette places a hand on her chest as she stares at me.
[Lizette has a request, if she may.]

[A request?]
[Lizette wishes for Shouma-nii-sama’s 『Naming Bless』 to be attempted on Lizette as well.]

Lizette looks straight into my eyes as she speaks.
[That skill can enchant items, correct? Maybe if Lizette is given a new name, perhaps her powers and skills may be enhanced too]

That…… never crossed my mind.

The 『Dragon Emperor skill』, 『Naming Bless』, allows me to add attributes to an item by applying characters with the same sound. For example, if I were to apply the characters 『chouken (super-hard)』 to 『chouken (long sword))』, the sword would become super-hard.

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