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93. Let’s eat Rice Balls Together

The next day, I woke up a bit earlier than usual.

As soon as I was ready, I left for the city’s gate.

“This may have been sudden but thank you for all your support until now.”

Nigel was giving a speech to the knights.

“As of the present, the royal capital of our neighboring kingdom is being ruled by the demons. We have no obligation to save that kingdom, but we cannot claim that the demons won’t invade us. As such, I have decided to aid them.”

Most likely, everyone had already been informed. Regardless, Nigel took the liberty to explain it once again.

As Nigel spoke, the knight captain, Adolf, raised his hand.

“We’ll be facing the demons, as such, it’ll be a fierce battle. Are you sure that our number is enough?”

Only appointed knights could go to the kingdom of Verclaim.

—Adolf must have received an explanation about that matter in advance from Nigel, too…

Nigel was clarifying to avoid any misunderstandings. Adolf’s question was probably part of the script.

Upon hearing to Adolf’s inquiry, Nigel gave a resolute answer.

“I am. The leader of those demons, Baldur, has already been defeated. Hence why, our chances of victory should be high.”

“Furthermore, there seems to be a lot of undead. However, they shouldn’t pose a threat. After all, we have a lot of holy water in stock.”

Adolf nodded.

“But even if the possibility that the damage will spread to Lynchgiham exists, why can’t we just send our soldiers?”

“Yes, I have also considered that. However, I intend to impose some adjustments to benefit Lynchgiham. Once the safety of the royal capital is secured, His Majesty the King shall follow us there. Our aid was never meant to be free.”

Everyone was surprised at the king being mentioned.

The rescue of Verclaim was such an important operation, even the king decided to appear.

Adolf shrugged his shoulders.

“I see, I now understand everything. I therefore entrust my life to you.”

I grinned.

The trust between the two was so apparent.

“Alright, let’s begin right away. This is an urgent matter. Before that, Eliane, do you have anything to say?”


The focus suddenly shifted while I was shocked.

The knights seemed to be waiting for me to speak. Shrugging them off didn’t seem possible.

What do I do, now…?

I had never had an opportunity to address such a large crowd.

“A, ahem…”

I took a step forward and cleared my throat.

“Thank you for joining us today, everyone.”

It felt like I was about to start a party…

“As you may already know, I can use healing and barrier magic. I will not allow anyone to die. Therefore, everyone, please prioritize your lives. Life is important!”

Everyone in my surroundings started to cheer.

That was good.

Apparently, my speech was successful.

We left the city.

We departed from Lynchgiham in carriages.

“It’s about time for lunch.”

Nigel, who was in the same carriage as me, said that.

“Then, let’s have lunch, soon? I’m starting to feel hungry…”


Nigel gathered everyone to have lunch.

I presented the rice balls and sandwiches I made last night to Nigel.

“They look similar to the ones made by the chefs… Eliane helped with making them, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I see. Then, I’ll eat them right away.”

Nigel bit into the rice ball.

“How delicious!”

Nigel’s eyes beamed like a child.

“But… what is this sour thing? What is this red fruit in the middle?”

“It’s called umeboshi. In Eastern countries, they are often put in rice balls. Do you not like it?”

“No, it’s really good. Umeboshi goes quite well with rice.”


Nigel ate the rice ball with delight.

I also tried one.

I wondered if they were actually tasty…

…As soon as I put it in my mouth, the softness of the white rice gently enveloped my mouth.

The sourness of the pickled plum made me frown for a moment, but the taste gradually spread across my mouth.

The pickled plum was nutritious.

Slowly but surely, the exhaustion from being rocked by the carriage was washed away.

…It tastes amazing…

Apparently, Nigel wasn’t the only one. Everyone was enjoying them.

“What is this!? How can a mere rice ball be this good?!”

“I never thought I’d have such a delicious meal before a fight!”

“Did Eliane make this…? Why does the food made by beautiful women always taste so good!”

Voices of admiration rose up from my surroundings.

Everyone seemed liked it.

“I want Douglas to try some, too…”
Nigel said with a rice ball in one hand.

“I agree.”

“Once we reach the royal capital, I will give on to him. Douglas is the key to this operation. He should at least be granted that much.”

I agreed with Nigel’s words.

As Nigel had said—Douglas was been dispatched first.

By this time, he should be rampaging within the royal capital.

“I wonder if he’s safe…”

“He should be, he’s Douglas after all. Don’t worry.”

As I worried about Douglas, our journey ensued.

***T/N: Saving an entire kingdom only to be paid with a riceball… that rice better be made from CN 1000 years cultivated paddies...

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