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47.1 Epilogue: The Grand Finale

“The seriousness within his eyes as he engraved the amulet parchment was a cross between that of a wise old sage and a legendary hero. The fluidity of his movements as he manipulated the pen was akin to that of a tactful conductor directing magnificent music with a single swing. The voice which spoke the theory backed by his deep knowledge was smooth, without any hesitation. All bards present would have had no choice but to put down their lutes and join the audience—”

Two weeks after the award ceremony, Sharina and Riol had returned to their normal lives.

“‘A fish out of water,’ is the saying that would suit the current Shari.” Said Ange.

“…Or rather, she’s like a carp that has been thrown into a basin.” Said Tobias.

“I see… you didn’t know where to climb and continued with tremendous momentum…” Said Riol.

At that moment, they were in the process of finalizing the strategy that was decided a month ago.

“The jet-black, dark, abyss that engulfs everything can’t even be touched by moonlight. Still, don’t be afraid. It’s also a cradle where his droopy, lamb-like, eyes rested.”

The strategy to allow as many people as possible learn how cool and wonderful Riol Glen was.

“…She mentioned something like a bard?” Said Ange.

“All the bards would leave their instruments and run away, she said.” Said Tobias.

“…At least let the bards join the audience.” Said Riol.

Amongst the annual events of Fala Rubia Academy was a bonding dance party for all grades.

Within the social space, at the center of the girls, stood Sharina. Amidst those colorful dresses, she began a thrilling tale in a bard-like style.

“…It’s true that I was the one who approved it, but… I’ve been feeling pricked from a while ago. Everyone’s stares hurt.” Said Riol.

“Don’t think too much about it, Riol-kun! Everyone thinks you’re amazing!” Said Ange.

“Indeed, Riol! What matters is the inside, not the outside!” Said Tobias.

Riol was watching the situation from a distance.

As soon as the party started, the greeting of the school director was casually ignored. The female students of the various grades approached Sharina like snowflakes. There was nothing wrong with trying to deepen friendships across grades. After all, it was an all-grade bonding party.

Those girls wanted to get past their jealousy and learn more about Sharina. After all, Sharina had been the target of a crown prince not for once, but twice.

“I, I see, Lady Sharina is truly knowledgeable about that person… uh…”

“…She’s probably talking about his black hair.”

“R, right! Regardless of whether or not it’s gorgeous, black hair is rare!”

They had created a narrative in which Sharina, after being moved by Riol’s invention, rejected the role of the princess to be his assistant for the sake of the kingdom. Without that, the queen would surely be doing her utmost to imprison Sharina within the Dahlia Garden.

If the fact that the former crown prince’s scandal had been glossed over, and that the pair of lovers had once again been torn apart, this time for the sake of restoring the current crown prince’s honor, were to be brought to light, the reputation of the royal family would fall to ruin.

“The color of the night sky is beautiful because it’s studded by radiant stars. After all, only one side of the black sky receives their brilliance.”

However, fortunately—or, unfortunately, for the parents who hadn’t actually meet Sharina and the others, the case went like this; ‘The reason why the countess refused the former crown prince is because she yearns for the second prince.’ It wasn’t farfetched, as such, everyone believed it. There was also the fact that even months after the duel, Sharina and Riol hadn’t been engaged.

“…I’m starting to think that black hair is wonderful…”

“Eh!? Get a grip!!”

“Stay firm, Rachel!”

As of the present, those parents believed Sharina and Riol withdrew from the throne due to patriotism. They believed in Sharina’s selflessness. It never occurred to them that Sharina never wanted to be a princess from the beginning.

“Why are the wings of a fallen angel black? That’s because there’s an unyielding strength in said color. Black doesn’t have any other colors mixed within. It’s the color of pure admiration.”

For the time being, Sharina no longer had to worry about the royal family. There was also no talk of her being turned into the third prince’s fiancée, which was a good thing.

“…What if my hair were to turn gray in the future?” Said Riol.

“That’s fine! At that time, Shari will surely say, ‘Acknowledging their pure beauty, the angels have blessed his black wings. Even the devil, longing for such wings, tried to dye his own white.’” Said Ange.

“…Whoa, I can totally see Sharina saying that.” Said Tobias.

Because of the unending praise regarding his hair color, Riol started to become conscious of his own bangs. He started to entwine them with his fingers. It wasn’t like baldness ran inside his family, but he was a little unsure that his hair would stay black forever…

“The blue flames of intelligence, which are contained within his dark green eyes that harbor a gentleness akin to the moon hidden behind the clouds… they occasionally grasp the truth of the universe.”

“Oh, right… if you mix blue and yellow, you’ll get the color green…”

“That’s why it’s a blue flame and moonlight…”

Sharina went from praising his hair to his eyes. It seemed that the comprehension of the noble ladies who were listening attentively had improved. As such, they could understand her metaphors rather easily.

“Don’t hide your face, Riol-kun! Be dignified!” Said Ange.

“No, it’s just…” Said Riol.

“If it’s unbearable, you can always hide behind me, Riol!” Said Tobias.

Sharina was either exaggerating or being honest to herself. However, as she spun words of praise for Riol while being surrounded by so many students, she looked truly happy.

“Well… I’m glad for you, Ms. Sharina… You look much happier than when you were the fiancée of His Highness Roland…”

“That’s because Sharina-chan loved Riol from the start! Meanwhile, that prince is just delusional, isn’t that right, Sharina-chan!?”

“Hey, Kate, don’t be too loud!”

The rumor-loving ladies were convinced that Sharina declined the princess role for the right reason.

Yes, such was their purpose from the beginning.

“Those dark green eyes, which can see through everything despite being hidden beneath jet-black darkness, easily untie the intricately intertwined threads of magic, spells, and magic circles…”

No matter how much the queen resented Sharina for wronging Roland, there was no way she could do anything to the researcher and assistant duo. After all, they had invented a cure for the demonic disease, an illness which afflicted aristocrats all over the kingdom.

However, the fact remained that Sharina had become even more valuable to the royal family. There was no saying the queen wouldn’t make a fuss in the future and try to turn her into her son’s fiancée once again.

To retain the reputation of the royal family, the queen could be saying, ‘I will spare the girl. As her love for both Roland and the kingdom is so strong, I will also exempt her from the princess education. I shall make it so that she can become a concubine while devoting her free time to assist in research.’

“…Hidden beneath the jet-black darkness? Oh, she means the black bangs covering his eyes!”

“…Her words also rhymed.”

“Since thread is usually white, she may be expressing the contrast between his eyes color and his black hair.”

If the queen were to learn that Roland’s reputation, which she thought she had recovered, had become unsalvageable, she’d probably go wild.

If that were to happen, their effort would go down the drain.

“…It’s becoming more and more like a language class.”

“…Basically, a poetry reading comprehension?”

“The insight of that last girl was good, though.”

Hence why, they were laying bricks to avoid that scenario.

Sharina sacrificed her love for the sake of the kingdom. But while she was involved in Riol’s research, she was charmed by his brilliance and fell in love with him! Afterwards, they lived happily ever after.

Such was the rumor they were trying to spread. After all, the queen wouldn’t be able to take advantage of such a rumor. 

However, Sharina overdid it a little and became a literal bard.

“I have fully understood that you love Riol Glen. But can you tell me why?”

“One, no, two nights wouldn’t be enough to show how much I love Riol! …Also, the first act isn’t over, yet.”

“Will someone call me when she enters the third act? Anyone?”

“…There’s no guarantee it’ll end in three acts.”

Some people started to reach the limit of their patience. However, everyone understood very well—Sharina truly loved Riol. They tentatively took the perspective of, ‘Sharina declined her fiancé, Roland, and then began to fall in love with Riol,’ just for the sake of maintaining the image of the royal family.

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