A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

7. The Sword of the Blue Sky

My image of an adventurer was someone rough, rugged, and menacing.

To hear that a group of such people had created a guild…

“We shall celebrate! Anna, bring out the sake! Sake would be perfect for an occasion like as this!”

“I agree! Right away!”

“Ah, damn, they’re drunk, already… there’s no way they’ll listen to what I have to say, now.”

The building was larger than I expected. It was also lively—or rather, noisy…

Grave stood there, astonished. He gave off a wholly different vibe than when he saved me.

Because various words were flying around like an typhoon, I couldn’t keep up with the situation.

However, it seemed that they were having fun.

“Hey, Grave! Join us!”

“No, I’m soaked. First off, I’m gonna get change.”

“Then just do it here! There’s no problem! After all, we’re all men, here!”

“What are you talking about, Boss. There’re girls—more importantly, listen to me!”

“Alright, I shall listen. Let’s start from your first meeting with her.”

Grave shook his head.

The boss had a bright red face from being drunk.

It didn’t feel like he’d actually listen…

I wondered about what Grave was going to do.

Although on the other hand, I was really cold. I seriously wanted to change my clothes.

Just then, I heard the sound of someone running down the stairs.

It wasn’t as noisy as the previous footstep, but still conveyed an impression of being annoyed rushed.


“—You guys are so noisy!”


“B, boss!”

A woman with red streaks in her black hair appeared. She gave off an older sister vibe. She dashingly kicking away the uncle, the noisiest of the bunch.

“That hurt~ what did you do that for?”

“Didn’t you hear me? It’s because you’re being loud.”

“S, sorry…”

Grabbed by the older sister, the uncle suddenly became meek.

All at once, the others also calmed down and straightened their postures.

“What’s the fuss?”

“I, it’s Grave… he brought a woman.”

“A woman?”

The older sister grabbed the uncle’s collar and turned towards us.

The moment our gazes met, I felt a little scared.

“Is there a reason?”


“Eh? She has a reason!?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to say… Boss didn’t listen to us at all…”

After listening to Grave, the older sister looked back at the uncle.

I couldn’t see what kind of face she was making, but she was probably angry.

The uncle looked scared, after all.

“I told you numerous times already! Listen to people properly!”

“S, sorry! That hurts!”

“You guys, too! When someone comes, drenched, get that person some fresh clothes!”

“I, I understand, big sis!”

“You guys should just continue eating! A woman’s clothes should be prepared by women! Anna!”

“Y, yes, I will prepare some right a way!”

The men silently resumed their meals while the girl named Anna began to prepare some clothes.

The older sister released the uncle and clapped her hands.

“Once you’ve changed your clothes, we’ll have our talk.”


“Grave, you should get changed, too.”

 “I will.”

The large building had various facilities.

One of its rooms had a large bathtub where I warmed my wet and cold body.

After getting out of the bath, I changed into the clothes prepared by Anna.

The clothes were so feminine, I felt a little uncomfortable.

“They don’t suit me.”

As I muttered that, I went to the hallway—


Grave called out as he ran up from the edge of the corridor.

He had also changed out of his soaked clothes and was now wearing indoor clothes.

“The clothes seem to fit you.”

“Uh, yes, but…”

“You look good in them.”


I was surprised and involuntarily let out such a voice.

“Hmm? Is it something I said?”

“I, it’s nothing.”

“Really? Dinner is being prepared in the cafeteria right now, so let’s head there after the talk with the boss is over.”


I started following him.

These clothes… suit me?

I gazed back and forth between my outfit and his back.

At our arrival, I saw that the two were already waiting for us.

The uncle was sitting in a chair while the older sister stood beside him.

His face still had a hint of red—perhaps, he’s still drunk? However, he seemed a lot calmer than before.

“I shall take the liberty of introducing them. The person sitting there is our boss, Mr. Rigard.” Said Grave.

“Nice to meet you, Miss. I’m sorry about a while ago.” Said Rigard.

“The woman standing next to him is Teresia. She’s our boss’ assistant. Everyone calls her ‘big sis’, or ‘sister.’”

“Please forgive this rude idiot.” Said Teresia.

“Who are you calling an idiot!?” Said Rigard.

“Of course, I’m referring to you, who else? Am I wrong for stating the truth?” Said Teresia.

“Well, you aren’t wrong…” Said Rigard.

Mr. Rigard is the boss, while Ms. Teresia is the assistant?

The scene which unfolded before my eyes made me doubt said notion.

Before that introduction, I thought that Teresia held a higher position than Rigard… but, it seemed to be the opposite.

“So, you mentioned about having a reason?”

“Let me explain. She’s Liliana, the truth is—”

Grave spoke on my behalf.

It might be more accountable if I were the one to speak. However, I didn’t want to relive those painful memories over and over. As such, I didn’t find his initiative unwelcomed.

Tthe two made expression upon hearing everything.

“I see… how treacherous.”

“Hmph, I expected no less from a kingdom! In fact, that’s what usually happens! What you’ve experienced is harrowing…”


“Right? It seems that she has nowhere else to go. Can she rent a room here for a while?”

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