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Extra 17.1 The Battle of the Third Prince 3

  • The event below happened one year after the previous chapter. It was the story of the third magic tournament for Riol, and the second magic tournament for Sevan

“…E, even though this time she gave me her word!”

“…I couldn’t stand on the podium for the second year in a row.”

“Riol, which do you prefer? A pear or something pear-like?”

“Something pear-like.”

Around the time when the award ceremony for the top contestants of the magic tournament was underway in the arena, Sevan, the third prince of that kingdom and runner-up of that competition, was despairing in a bed within the medical ward.

“…It’s softer than a normal pear.”

“Yes, Gabriella also said that the faster the movement, the softer the fruit.”


In the bed beside him, the winner of that tournament was chewing on something that looked like a peeled pear. It had been given to him by his fiancée.

Sevan felt that she said something about fast movement… was that really a pear?

“The taste is amazing… no, they’re always amazing.”

“Then, that’s good. It seems that Gabriella struggled a little, this time. She regrets the fact that she let the most delicious-looking one escape.”


Was that really a pear?

“Your Highness Sevan, do you want to have a taste?”

“Ah, uh, uhm…”

No, he shouldn’t be fussing about such a trivial matter. The problem that he should be focused on was the fact that he failed to become the victor yet again. He had also missed the reward for winning the tournament.

“I, I don’t have much of an appetite, right now…”

“It also has the effect of improving your love life.”

“I will gladly accept it, thank you.”

At the same time last year, Sevan made an agreement with his educator, beloved, and fiancée (for the time being)—Sophia. She said she’d kiss him on the cheek if he became the victor of the magic tournament.

However, during the final match, he was defeated by Riol Glen, a senior. Riol had also pointed out that even if Sevan won, Sophia would have flaked on him. As a result, Sevan cried until his pillow became wet.

“This pear-like something… is good…”

That year, he made her promise and gave his damnedest to win. He managed to reach the final match. His opponent was none other than the same boy from the Written Magic Department whom he had lost to last year.

“The better the relationship between the male and female of this tree are, the sweeter the fruit will be. Therefore, in Gabriella’s hometown, it’s a tradition for lovers to eat this fruit on their anniversary.”

“I feel like I need you to explain more about the background of that tree, but still, it’s delicious…”

Then— he was defeated.

Riol had invented a new amulet, and he lost.

The moment Sevan covered Riol’s half of the arena with a huge earth spell so that he could defeat him by invoking a massive earthquake, his magic circle was literally flipped. As such, his half of the arena was what got affected, instead.

Sevan despised the victor who called out to him afterwards and said, “That was unexpected, Your Highness.”

Yet, no matter how much he thought about it—you’re the unexpected one!

“Next time, something grape-like are likely to appear.” Said Riol.

“Actually, something grape-like are so rare, even Gabriella has a hard time finding them.” Said Sharina.

They actually exist?” Said Riol.

Just like last year, Sevan had to borrow Riol’s shoulder to get off the stage. Then, he lost consciousness, they tumbled down together, and went to the medical ward again. They were both absent from the award ceremony. Around that time, the student who placed 3rd should be celebrating grandly on the spacious podium.

“What will happen next year—”

“Again, I’m sorry, but I want to show my fiancée my cool side.”

“Kyaaa—! Riol is so cool—!”

Sevan honestly didn’t feel like winning anymore. He asked for mercy but ended up easily refused.

“Look, your fiancée would say that you’re cool whether or not you win!”

“I won’t deny that, but…”


He didn’t feel like he could win, either—be it in the tournament or in love.

“Of course, Riol is cool at any time and in any condition! Be it when the final battle of the tournament started, when he was surrounded by that huge magic circle and flipped it over, or when he’s sitting in bed trying to recover his strength!”

“Let’s talk about this later. We’re in front of His Highness.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Riol Glen stopped his fiancée as she was about to preach as he was chewing on the crispy something pear-like. Riol was the complete winner. It wasn’t one or two professions love, it seemed that he could listen to her profession as much as he wanted later, too.

Or rather, what did he mean “We’re in front of His Highness.”—!?

Was Riol saying that because they were in the presence of a pitiful man who couldn’t receive his fiancée’s love, they had to stop!?

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to imply—”

—It seemed that Riol saw through what he was thinking.

“Oh, right, Your Highness Sevan. This pear-like thing has the effect of improving your love life, but it’s said to be more effective if you eat it with your beloved. If you like, I can give you some!”

“Thank you, Lady Clydea…”

A basket containing pear-like fruits(?) was presented and Sevan tearfully received it.

Until now, Sevan had been steadily accepting Sophia’s words while manipulating his hands behind the scenes. In reality, he had a weakness for magical systems concerning successful romances. Sophia’s name was on the back of his eraser and also on the red misanga on the wrist of his dominant hand.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I can’t attend next year…”

Nevertheless, no matter how many cards he played, Sevan knew it’d be useless to marry someone who didn’t really love him.


Therefore, he was doing his best so she would come to like him, even if a little. He kept praying to God.

“No matter how good your plan is, honest words are more impressive.”


Such was the advice from the complete winner to Sevan, the advice from man who was loved by his fiancée and was also the tournament’s champion.

“Something like that…”

It was the advice from an experienced person. The tremendous persuasive power seemed to shine from beneath his words.

“B, but, if I am straightforward with her, what if she straightforwardly denies me, too!”

He was painfully aware of that, too. Sophia could prepare escape routes despite hanging such overt bait because even though Sevan had been reeled in, he wasn’t straightforward about it.

Regardless, no matter how elusive Sophia was, if Sevan proposed head-on, she wouldn’t hesitate.

Her choice was only one of two—either to accept or to refuse.

“…Actually, that’s not true. If I, as a member of the royal family, were to propose to her, Sophia, wanting to ensure her position, would probably accept—even if in all actuality, she’s unwilling. I can’t do that to her.”

“I see…”

With genuine concern, Riol said, “It must be difficult.”

Not wrong.

“…Well, I’ve had enough rest. I’m going home. Thank you for the precious pears. I will eat them carefully.”

If he were to stay there any longer, he felt that he’d just grow more forlorn. In such a condition, if he were to be hit by their lovey-dovey aura, he’d die.

“Oh, do be careful.”

“Please take good care of yourself, Your Highness.”

Sevan, with the pear-like things which were given to him as a souvenir to improve his love life, left the medical ward with a swaying feeling.

***T/N: *muffled sobbing* …What differentiate Sevan from his two brothers is the fact that ‘consent’ exists in his vocab!!! He doesn’t wanna force Sophia and all that… AAA+ man, I know how broken my standard is after everything that happened with Roland and Leonardo, but still, AAA+

But still, I hope Sevan doesn’t try to learn explosion so he could explode the riajuu couple beside him next year.

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