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100. Please Apologize

Douglas pressured the king.

“I, I…”

Such a voice leaked out from the king. However, instead of letting him go, Douglas pressed him even harder.


“Your Majesty, I’ll help you soon!”

Watching the situation, the knights whom were waiting nearby unsheathed their weapons.

They immediately tried to run up to the king…


Douglas turned his keen eyes turned towards the knights.

“U, uuuh…”

As if petrified, the knights couldn’t move from where they stood.

“Douglas, please stop with your rude treatment.”

As our surroundings began making a fuss, I rebuked Douglas.

“Am I being rude? This guy is being unclear. I just want to hear his answer.”

“Still. We didn’t come to this kingdom to wage war. We came to convince them of our goal.”

“…You’re really naïve.”

Douglas reluctantly released the king.

The king coughed violently. Seeing that, the once petrified knights rushed towards the king. They looked worried.

The knights turned their eyes to Douglas, blaming him. However, Douglas had an unperturbed expression.

“You truly don’t have a sense of crisis, do you? Do you know what kind of predicament your kingdom is in, right now? You couldn’t even do anything to prevent the first wave, much else the second or the third. Don’t forget that, please.”

Douglas turned around, and called the king out.

The fact that Douglas was a dragon was unknown to everyone else.

Regardless, they most likely felt the weight of his words.

Actually, no one in that place could argue against Douglas’ words.

“I, I understand! I’d like to work with the ministers on the details, but in general, I agree in accepting your offer!”

Did Douglas’ action succeed?

The king said while holding his breath.

“Wise judgment. Thank you.”

Nigel smiled.

Eh, it’s already been concluded?

By the way, when Douglas rushed towards the king, Nigel made no particular attempt to stop him.

Did he deliberately do that to facilitate the discussion?

Nigel was quite the tactician.

“Gahaha! You have the capacity to think, after all!”

Douglas laughed with satisfaction.

…Could it be, Douglas was also acting to pressure the king?

If so, Douglas had grown, too…

“If you were to do anything strange, I was ready to destroy the kingdom as it is! Well, too bad, I didn’t get to vent out my frustration!”

…I took my words back.

As if someone like Douglas could do something as meticulous as that!

It seemed that he was simply annoyed with the king’s attitude.

What Douglas said caused everyone to pale.

“Of course, let’s discuss the details from now on. But, before that… there’s still something that needs to be done urgently.”

Nigel continued without wavering.

“The second wave may soon attack this kingdom. In that case, even if we were to combine our strength, I don’t think we can defeat them.”

“I, I see, how unnerving, but, you’re probably right. But, will they really come? Is there something really of worth in this kingdom?”

“Yes, actually…”

Nigel told the king about the sealed Demon King.


“What the hell!? Is that true!?”

Everyone was surprised.

Apparently, it seemed that the king didn’t know about the war of ancient times.

“Yes, doesn’t that basically explain everything? Why that cruel archdemon let you go, why they didn’t immediately kill you… about why they are so obsessed with this kingdom?”

“I, I believe you. I have to do something immediately…”

“That’s right. But, it’s probably not a good idea to fight the demons head-on. So…”

Nigel turned towards me.

It was finally my turn.

I stepped forward and greeted the king.

“Your Majesty, it is I, Eliane. It’s been a long time.”


My light bow resulted in the king showing a bitter expression.

I didn’t care much about his attitude and proceeded with my suggestion.

“I shall place a barrier around this kingdom starting now. That way, the demons won’t be able to attack.”

“What? You’ll really do that?”

The king was amazed.


“Back when you were still in this kingdom, I doubted your barrier… but, could it be, it’s the real thing?”



I wanted to sigh.

How stupid was that person?

He probably didn’t believe in my power.

Honestly, when I heard what he said, I ended up wanting to go home. But there was no way I could do that, so I put up with it.

I had matured.

“Yes, but it’ll be a temporary one. The barrier will cover this kingdom for about two weeks at most.”

Basically, a timed barrier.

Once that barrier was set, setting up another wouldn’t be easy for me.

I’d require time to recover my magic. In the meantime, it was almost certain that the demons would attack again.

Actually, if I were to move the barrier enveloping Lynchgiham to Verclaim, the barrier would be semi-permanent. However, Lynchgiham would be in danger. I couldn’t allow that happen.

As expected, time was needed to conclude that matter. Being hasty wasn’t a good idea.

“If you can do that, then you definitely must do so. But, once the barrier disappears, what then?”

“In the meantime, let’s consider how we shall deal with the demons.”

In other words, my barrier was for buying us some time.

It wasn’t meant to serve as a solution.

If we couldn’t find a way to repel the demons during those two weeks, the kingdom—and also the world—would end.

The demons must be stopped at all costs.

“Okay, I’ll accept your offer. Let’s start right away.”


We had received permission from the king. Was it an exaggeration to say that the discussion was proceeding relatively smoothly?

I was satisfied with that. Nigel, on the other hand…

“…Your Majesty, don’t you think you’ve forgotten something?”

He said severely.

“Did I…?”

“Yes. I’ve been made aware of what you’ve done to Eliane, the saint of this kingdom. Don’t you think she deserves an apology and a thank you for everything?”


Nigel’s words made the king tense up for a moment.

“Nigel, it’s alright…”

“Eliane might say that, but I’m not convinced. Even if you were to treat her differently from now on, at the very least, you have to apology for what you’ve done to her.”

Nigel swiftly interrupted me.

Would the king, who was more prideful than Claude, bow to me?

Would the discussion stay as smooth as before?

However, as if my anxiety had been a lie…

“…I’m sorry.”

The king stood up and bowed deeply on spot.

“For many years… thank you for what you have done for our kingdom. I don’t think you will forgive me, but please, for the sake of this kingdom, I want you to help me.”

The people around me were surprised by the scene.


For their king to bow his head to a young woman…

“…Your Majesty, that’s enough.”

After hearing what I said, the king slowly raised his face.

“But, from just hearing your words, I can’t be too sure, yet. I’ll be watching your actions from now on.”

“Of course.”

The king replied with a quivering voice.

I had been bullied by him.

I’d be forgiven for saying at least that much, right?

Nigel smiled in approval.

***T/N: There’s nothing naïve with Eliane, in my opinion. She’s just full of herself, but it so happens that the Author is catering to her every whims so…

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