The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

130. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (20)

After kicking the last soldier into the room and landing on the long desk, Jill was shocked.

Because Hadith was right in front of her. Next to him was Elynsia, and on both sides of her were a large number of men with frowning faces. They exuded auras of great authority.

I, I jumped into something I shouldn’t have, didn’t I!?

Jill still hadn’t quite grasped the layout of the imperial castle, yet—which resulted in that disaster. In such a situation, first off, she had to report.

Jill saluted Hadith.

After all, in that imperial castle, the best ally she had was the emperor—Hadith.

“Excuse me, pardon the intrusion! You guys were actually in the captivity of some bandits! But, don’t worry, this is the last one in the area! I’ve beaten all the others! The exact number of them should be… I’m not really sure, I stopped counting after 800!”

“H, huh…? 800…? Hey, how many soldiers have entered the imperial capital?”

“I, it should be 4000. The rest of them are waiting outside the imperial capital—b, but, the Fairert army was almost annihilated by a little girl…!?”

“Y, you must be joking—!”

The surroundings went into an uproar. Jill panicked—did I do something wrong!?

“D, don’t worry, those people were merely knocked unconscious! Some bones might be broken, but they’ll heal. Your Majesty, please believe me? I was suddenly attacked. As such, I could only fight back…”

“I know. What you did is correct—you were merely defending yourself.”

After being kindly told that by Hadith, Jill felt relieved.

“But still, that was very reckless of you. Jill, are you injured?”

“I’m alright! So, Your Highness Listeard, what’s the situation here…?”

Discovering that Listeard was surrounded by the soldiers, it occurred to Jill to ask about the situation. At the same time, Jill was also surprised—those soldiers are wearing the same uniform as those I defeated!

“C, could it be, no way—His Highness Listeard has been captured!? Did you allow the enemy to invade!?”

“Hmm, what do you think?”

Hadith mischievously laughed—it was as if he was having fun.

Jill started feeling awkward. It seemed that she had jumped into a serious situation, and not only that, had failed miserably in reading the situation.

“Why does it seem like you’re having the time of your life, Your Majesty…?”

“Well, it’s because my wife is cute, cool, and reliable.”

“S, save the praise and the kiss for later, Your Majesty! My job isn’t done, yet!”

“H, Hadith, read the atmosphere, please…”

Elynsia was groaning, while Listeard burst into laughter.

“Rest assured, I haven’t been caught, Lady Jill. However, I’m about to be.”

“What happened?”

“Crown Prince Vissel and I were just having a discussion about the future.”

Due to the name, Jill was shocked. She immediately turned towards the aforementioned person. The moment she saw him, she recognized his appearance.

His hair color resembled ash while his eyes were as calm as the moon. From his appearance, it could be concluded that he wasn’t a fighter. Perhaps because he wore a long robe, it’d be more suitable to call him a priest than the crown prince.

“I’ve decided, Hadith. I’ll go to the Duke of Leirzatz. I’ll also remove the approaching Kratos army. Do you have any complaints?”

For some reason, Vissel frowned at Listeard who spoke with a firm expression.

“You’re saying you’ll leave the imperial capital in exchange for Frida’s safety?”

“Exactly, that’s what you wanted, isn’t it? Bastard. Frida is a fine princess. Hadith will ensure that she’s safe. Isn’t that right, Hadith?”

“Don’t make me repeat myself. You’re a worrywart, older brother Listeard.”

“With this, I will end my allegation. Who do you think I am? How disrespectful. If you’re going to call yourself the imperial army, let’s go.”

Being glared at by Listeard, one of the soldiers retracted the tip of his spear.

Suddenly, Listeard stared straight at Jill.

“I entrust the Dragon Emperor to you, Your Majesty the Dragon Princess.”


She wasn’t sure about the situation, but that was just the obvious! Jill straightened her back and responded to him. Listeard, who laughed with satisfaction, turned on his heels and left.

What the hell… by imperial army, did he mean the Fairert army?

Then… those people aren’t bandits?

Jill was a little befuddled.

“Go after him. Don’t allow that person to be alone.”

“Un, understood…”

Under Vissel’s order, some soldiers went after Listeard.

“That’s right, older brother Vissel. Why don’t I introduce the two of you?”

Hadith stood up and suddenly lifted up Jill.

In a place like this!? Did he go insane?!

However, because Jill didn’t know the situation, she had no choice but to comply.

“She’s the bride I’ve chosen. She’s the Dragon Princess.”

Silence immediately spread. Regardless, she thought that the conversation needed to happen.

For the time being, she should stay quiet. After all, it seemed to be serious.

“By the way, isn’t he a soldier who quit the imperial army the other day?”

Hadith said that when Jill’s gaze landed upon the ‘bandit’ who was rolling on the floor. Elynsia immediately approached the fainted man.

“Indeed… the face looks familiar… did he transfer to the Fairert army?”

“Eh!? Then that’s bad, Your Majesty! After all, I’ve told Her Highness Natalie and Her Highness Frida to rely on the imperial army…!”

If some of the bandits were masquerading as members of the imperial army, they wouldn’t know the enemy apart from their allies. Moreover, Rho was with them. While holding the pale Jill, Hadith turned to Vissel.

“First, we’ll have to look for Natalie and Frida. If it’s alright with you, older brother, we shall continue our discussion later.”

“…It can’t be helped. Such an unexpected young lady. It seems that I have much to think about.”

After sending a slight, meaningful, glance towards Jill, Vissel started soundlessly walking ahead.

She felt that his footsteps somehow resembled Hadith’s.

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