A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

13. Liliana’s Sword

Neither Grave nor Doga said a word after that.

However, it was different from silence.

Only the sound of steel being struck and breathing could be heard.

It wasn’t like they were fed-up with it or anything profane like that.

They were just fascinated.

I could feel their gazes as I struck the steel.

I proceeded onto the blade-making process.

The Tamahagane with its impurities removed to the limit was stretched into the shape of a blade.

Making it fit within the shape of the pattern was difficult.

Since noon, for five hours, I kept refining its form. No one dared to interrupt my concentration.

Phew… It’s finished…”

It had been a while since I concentrated so haard.

Recently, all I ever did was tend to the Holy Sword. I didn’t have time to forge swords.

The new smithy was also a refreshing and fun place.

Clap clap clap!

I heard applause come up from behind.

When I looked, I saw Doga clapping. For some reason, he was tearful.

“I’m impressed! You’re the best blacksmith I’ve ever known!”

“T, thank you…”

I saw an adult man crying for the first time.

I was glad that he was impressed. But at the same time, I wasn’t sure how to react.

“Thank you for your hard work, Liliana.”


In contrast to Doga, Grave greeted me with a satisfied expression.

I handed him the finished product.

“Alright. Thank you for your help.”

“No problem.”

I handed it to him with both hands, and he received it with both hands.

I was shocked when our hands accidentally brushed past each other.

However, Grave didn’t seem realize it. He joyfully received the sword.

“Can I unsheathe it?”


He unsheathed the sword.

Doga, who was crying, wiped his tears and squinted at the brilliance of the blade.

Grave also stared at the blade and muttered in awe.


“Indeed… It’s really amazing. This isn’t just a sword anymore, it can be categorized as a holy sword!”

“A holy sword?”

“Indeed. There’s no mistaking it. With this sword, you can cut down any opponent!”

“…Any opponent…”

Muttering, Grave stared at his blade.

Doga, who was also staring at the blade, got emotional.

He looked like he was about to say something. Grave, who noticed, asked.


“G, Grave, can we negotiate?”

“I won’t give this sword to you.”


Apparently, Doga intended to ask for the sword.

Doga, who was rejected instantly, looked truly dejected.

Still, without being discouraged. “I, I will give up everything I own, so please give it to me!”

“A, all your property?” Surprised, I suddenly gasped.

I wondered if my sword was actually worth that much.

On the other hand, Grave was stubbornly unwilling to give up.



“No matter how much money you’re willing to give, I won’t surrender it to you. This sword is important to me, also…”

Grave turned towards.

“This is the sword Liliana made for me. I’ll cherish it more than anything.”

“I, I see…”

He suddenly said that.

Because of that, I felt my expression loosening.

Doga, who was depressed, still wasn’t willing to give up.

Unexpected words popped out of his mouth.

“I-if so, hand me the young lady!”



“She’s your guild member, right? If so, I definitely want to work with you! Or rather, become my master!”


I had never thought of becoming one…

Also, Mr. Doga, you’re older than me, right?

Would that work?

When I contemplated that future, it didn’t sound so bad.

“No can do!”



When I was about to relent, Grave’s refusal came.

Grave firmly explained to Doga.

“Because Liliana is our guest.”

“W, what’s that? That sounds fishy… Are you scheming something?”

“I am not!”



I felt a little disappointed…

I thought Grave refused him for me out of the consideration for my feelings and other stuff…

That was what I had hoped, but…

“Liliana, shall we return?”

“O, okay.”

While somehow feeling a little depressed, we thanked Doga and left the smithy.

I straighten my feelings on the way home and told myself that I was alright.

However, I didn’t feel fine at all. Looking at his profile made me uncomfortable.

In the end, I returned while feeling depressed.

When I opened the door, the inside was somehow busy.

The atmosphere was different from yesterday’s liveliness, and it permeated throughout the building.

“What happened?”

“It seems that something happened?”

“Grave, Liliana, too! You guys have returned!”

Rigard descended the stairs and waved at us.

I bowed deeply, while Grave casually greeted him.

“I’m home, Boss.”

“Hey, there.”

“What happened?”

“There’s a big request. I have to immediately prepare for our departure.”

“Big request? Enough to make even the boss go out?”

“Yes, I’m going with a select few. After all, our opponent is a dragon.”

A dragon!?

I screamed inwardly.

The dragon, which reigned at the top of other monsters… they were going to face that?

“It’s black, and it seems to be a humongous one.”

“I see.”

“I think you have the right to know because you’re part of the dispatched team. The place is a bit far away. We’re leaving tonight, so get ready!”


Grave had a stern expression.

Seeing him, Rigard tilted his face.

“What’s up?”

Grave stared at me and whispered.

“Liliana, can this sword cut a dragon?”


He looked serious.

It was different from his usual refreshing smile which was like the sun.

He stared at me, as if determined to do something.

“It can.”

I answered honestly.

Then, his usual smile returned.

“Well, that’s what I’ve always wanted. A partner that can cut everything!”

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