The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

129. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (19)

Listeard, who was deeply furrowing his eyebrows, spoke.

“…What the hell are you saying?”

“I wonder which older brother should I side with.”

“Read the mood a little, you’re so—!”

“Older brother Listeard, you’re being noisy.”

“I haven’t even said anything, yet! Don’t you dare complain! Why do you think I’m so noisy!?”

“It seems that you’ve come to call Listeard ‘older brother’, Hadith.”

Vissel affirmed in a quiet tone. Listeard immediately stopped talking.

Turning towards the seat behind him, Hadith asked back.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“…I’m merely asking. Albeit, it’s indeed a little surprising that you’re willing to acknowledge him as your older brother. The two of you aren’t blood-related, after all.”

“As I thought, older brother Vissel was aware of it. Thank you for keeping it from me.”

Pulling out a chair, Hadith proceeded to sit. Trotting towards Hadith’s side, Elynsia asked.

“Hadith… what do you think you’re doing? As of the present, Radea, Leirzatz, and also Listeard, they are—”

“Hmm… well, if the rebellion in the Radea territory is true, that’d be a problem. It’s originally a free city governed by the Dragon Princess.”

It was stipulated that a substitute lord could be issued form the royal family only when there was no Dragon Princess. After Georg was defeated, the next lord couldn’t be decided immediately. Jill was supposed to be the next lord, and the fact that she wasn’t would mean that Hadith refused to acknowledge her as the Dragon Princess.

I prefer for Jill to lay low until there’s a way for her to officially become the Dragon Princess.

“Don’t forget—it’s Radea. That’s where one of the Dragon Princess’ sacred treasures is.”

Rave, whom Hadith thought was asleep, seemed to have been listening to the conversation. At all times, a dragon would impose dragon reasoning while humans would impose human reasoning—which was confusing.

However, Hadith was the Dragon Emperor. Therefore, he had to listen to both.

“We currently have a Dragon Princess. Therefore, shouldn’t the decision be up to her?”

Due to Hadith’s judgement, everyone in the surroundings exchanged glances.

Vissel showed a bitter smile.

“No way, are you saying that you’d let the Dragon Princess suppress Radea? I mean, if she calls herself the, ‘Dragon Princess’, then that’s the only way.”

“That’s a great idea.”

If it was Jill, she could pull it off. If Jill were to be sent as the Dragon Princess and succeed, no one would doubt her legitimacy anymore.

Hadith showed a smile while Vissel erased his own. Although he appeared like an easygoing sort of guy, he was actually competent. Vissel must had guessed Hadith’s intentions.

“…Before that, let me affirm a few things about the Dragon Princess. It seems that she was the fiancée of Prince Geraldo.”

“What!? I haven’t heard of that, Hadith!!”

“I, is that true!? Then how did you manage to bring Jill here, Hadith!?”

Turning towards Listeard and Elynsia, Hadith tilted his neck.

“Did I forget to tell you? Sure, there was indeed a time where Prince Geraldo tried to propose to Jill.”

Towards Hadith, who basically confirmed it, Elynsia was at loss for words. Listeard grew pale.

“But, before she could be proposed to, Jill escaped. Therefore, considering her as Prince Geraldo’s fiancée is strange when in fact, it was one-sided.”

“You’re merely grasping at straws, Hadith. Most likely, she’s a spy sent by Kratos—no, that’s the only possibility.”

“Hey… wait a minute, Vissel. I get why you’re doubting Jill. I’m surprised, too. However, the entire time Hadith had been banished from the imperial capital, Jill stayed with him. The reason Hadith is safe and sound is also thanks to her. Therefore, I doubt that—”

Vissel asked Elynsia, who tried to cover for Jill, with cold eyes.

“—What if becoming the Dragon Princess was her goal all along? That way, she could get her hands on the sacred treasures. Afterwards, she’ll bring said sacred treasures back to Kratos. In fact, letting her go to Radea would only aid said purpose.”

Vissel’s hypothesis was wonderful and didn’t seem to only stem from his dislike for Listeard. His assumption would indeed make it difficult to send Jill as the Dragon Princess to Radea.

“Now, not only is the territory of Radea occupied, the Kratos army is also about to invade. Can this be dismissed as mere coincidence? Is that girl really irrelevant to all this?”

Murmurs began to rise from the surroundings. Perhaps feeling guilty, Elynsia pursed her lips and refrained from saying anything more.

Well then, what should he do?

Perhaps impatient with Hadith, who was indulging in his own thoughts, Vissel pushed forward.

“At this very moment, as we’re talking, she might as well be executing her own scheme—”


Vissel’s voice was interrupted by a brave shout and the sound of the glass window being struck.

With a splendid kick, Hadith’s adorable bride jumped in from the window.

Aah, for some reason, I’m no longer surprised.

Some of his plans had been ruined.

Regardless, he liked the sight of Jill, who was free, strong, and cool.

Hadith, with his elbows on the armrest of the chair, relaxed his expression and smiled.


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