I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

39. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home

Four People, For the Sake of One Person: Sara

“Excuse me.” says a girl who suddenly came into the office.

There should have been an assistant in the waiting room, and there shouldn’t be any visits today.

“…Do you have any dealings with me?”

“I came to sell.”

She had blond hair, black eyes, and a face as pristine as a doll’s. This is the girl that everyone has been secretly talking about lately.

“Do you mean selling yourself?”

“Yes, of course.”

As the girl said that, she opened her arms and smiled.

In other words, she showed her ability to enter my office, the place where the Young Brother of the King and Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country is.

Well done.

“Why are you asking me?”

When I asked that, she lost her smile and bit her lips with remorse. It was a face that I wouldn’t dare think could belong to a person who sneaked through the guards of the office tower and, which is much more critical, boldly crept up to me.

“I…” She takes a deep breath. Then started talking as if it was a confession that’s taking place in a church.

“…I don’t have the magical talent to help a child like her. I don’t have the authority to quell other people’s homes. I don’t have the power to protect that child.” Of course, she said this with darkened eyes.

In the depths of her eyes, I didn’t see my reflection. It was like a mirror into the future.

“If I have time, and if it’s not limited, I would have done it myself.”

What? In other words, if you only had time, you would be comparable with the Intellect of a magic child, the Influence of the Duke’s family with three major territories, and the Armed Forces of the Kingdom’s Strongest Knights, right? Listen to yourself. This will make a great comedic story to tell. However, when I heard about the Duke’s family, I couldn’t laugh at all.

“But I cannot do it, in the vast majority of cases, I do not have enough time… I never thought that I’d be this helpless…”

If the Duke’s family heard these words, they would be dying. I sighed involuntarily.

The girl continued to stare at me. Ah, that’s scary.

 “So, since this child is planning to do something soon, I want to be able to do everything in my power to aid her.” With a challenge, calmly, she declares it to me, Countess Sara Wale.

“And your workplace is where I can demonstrate my abilities at its best.”

“…And will it be a stepping stone for the future?”

She grinned with a predatory expression. Yeah, that’s not a reply, but it’s probably one of the right things to say in return. A person like her cannot end one action in just a single way.

“Come on now. What are you going to do, Your Highness?”

Oh, how interesting this is!

Before I could reply, I heard rushed footsteps outside… Have they finally noticed? First Mate Royce burst in.

“Your Highness! I’m sorry! There’s an intruder!”

“Oh, have you finally noticed?”

“Well said.”

Is this a demonstration of the lack of intention in harming me in any way?

It was an act of immense courage to come here alone.

“Hmm? Are you interested in hiring her?”

“Yes. Thank you, First Mate Royce.” Thinking of hiring in such a situation? Good decision, First Mate.

I was thinking about a pay cut because he allowed someone to invade this place, but I probably won’t. I sighed thoughtfully.

In this case, my brother would declare, “No matter where they are, we will go with a thorough fight.” With that in mind, we will use force in other countries and present our troops by changing from the conventional policy of deceiving the Name of the Dragon, which is somewhat roundabout, I admit.

Yeah, I feel like it’s going to be a rough one. If that’s so, I would like to have a numerical advantage with large troops to deal with each country.

“Of course, it’ll be tough, but everyone can work harder, right?”

“Your Highness! Please do not say that this applicant will be returning!”

“Don’t’ worry, First Mate Royce. Your Highness, do you think you will be able to use my skills in the best way?”

Royce seemed to be relieved… But I think, I, your boss, is being defeated right now. However, I still wonder if I should reduce your salary. Even so, she did say she was powerless a while ago. This is just for diplomacy, yes? It seems that good people have finally started jumping in. After all, I can’t avoid being ridiculed. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem necessary to suppress her. She also bears a beautiful smile.

“Then, would you like to show me your ability right away?”

“Well, of course. However, don’t make a judgment by imposing a boring job, please. Your Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs.”

Wow! The work seems to be progressing… Hey, Royce. You’re going to be a senior, so there is no need to stand with such a pale face, obviously thinking, “Damn, the workload has increased again.”

It’s a pay cut, Royce. A pay cut is confirmed for you.

“Then, I’m going to collect evidence about the involvement of those who gave financial support for the Fallen Hero.”

“What! Your Highness, that’s a dangerous job… No matter how hard you’ve tried from the beginning…”

There it is. Royce is already complaining about Sara.

What about Sara? Thinking about it, I glanced at her. Sure enough, the fearless smile didn’t disappear.

“I’ve already grasped the people who might have been involved. I already know the internal structure of the building. Do we have the opportunity to get help from Necro’s assistant?”

“Yes, that’s not going to be a problem.”

“It looks like you’re doing okay, Sara.”

Royce is looking into the distance for some reason. Well, I am not interested in details.

What I’m expecting from you is the fruitful work of from each department.

“Then, that’s all. Good luck, Royce.”

Well, now let’s go and punish those who have become arrogant.