I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

40. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Four People, For the Sake of One Person: Soran


It was somehow not very convenient to open the door with my hands, so I used my feet. Then, as expected, this guy was growing mushrooms while holding a jewel in the dark. Even though I came in with a loud noise, he didn’t even notice me.

…I should have taught him to be alert, no matter how focused he was. I bent down to pick up the magic stone next to Soran, my adopted child. As always, the stone had a fantastic magic circle.

As expected of Soran.

Hmmm, I see. Instead of a magic phenomenon caused by the magic element, the magical component’s core remains inside the magic stone to generate a natural phenomenon outside of it. If so, it can be used in the setting where that girl is planning to summon an evil dragon without affecting the muster of the magical command. I think it might just work.

I went up to Soran and examined his work. He was trying to put magic into the jewel but with a distracted concentration, hence it was scattered before he was able to place the essential magic.

I don’t think I can form such a complicated magic circle with no concentration… Nevertheless, I feel sorry for him.

“I… Be fast… For Ria… I have to do this.”




When I hit my fist on his head, Soran finally noticed me, turning his eyes to me.

Oh, what great black circles you are fashioning under your eyes, like a panda’s.

How long have you been working?

“I’m always telling you this: There’s no point in magic that has no purpose.”

“…Give me… I need to do it.”

Tears are being shed from the familiar red eyes that I know so well. These are coming from a man who doesn’t shed tears so easily. Yet, somehow, terrible things have always happened to him.

When his parents abandoned him, he cried. When someone called him a devil, he cried. Mostly because he wanted Irene to turn around.

He cries constantly.

His creators were fucking bastards, and all the people who called him a devil were full of crap, Irene… Well, she’s okay.

“But Ria’s life depends on these magic stones of mine!” He’s crying and screaming in a sad, desperate voice. Well, depending on the case, it can happen.

Soran looked at me with sullen eyes.


“…I can’t know everything like that girl. I can’t put together aristocrats like Irene. I can’t go anywhere to help like Lionel. So, the only thing I can do is to make magic stones…”

As he said this, he looked down and wept.

“Hey,” I put my leather bag in front of him.

Looking at the depressed Soran, I clicked my tongue and emptied the contents of the bag onto the table.

“This is a rare yellow diamond! Red diamond! Paraiba Tourmaline!”

“…Master! What does this all mean?!”

 “I think that’ll be enough.”

 Looking at the gems as if they were about to disappear, Soran immediately tried to use magic. I kicked him to make him stop.

“Hey! That hurts! What are you doing that for?!”

“For doing that. Don’t you know what happens to magic if it has no purpose?” I sat down on the sofa that’s laid opposite to Soran and put my foot on the armrest.

I made a light barrier, picked up Soran’s magic stone, and threw it.



‥.Was that a combination of thunder and water magic? The result of compound magic is terrific, and I’m sure that if he publishes it in an academic treatise, it will be a huge hit.

Well, I wish I could logically prove this.

“This is a complex of widespread magic. The lady won’t be able to use it.”


You didn’t notice this at all, right? Soran hunched over, his eyes that were comparable to dead fish were becoming the eyes of rotten one. Oh, I don’t know…

“You can leave the magic circle in the stone as it is, but reduce its power. She doesn’t want to commit mass murder, does she?

“…Yeah… I’m going to be a bait… I’m going to hit that green bastard with one shot…”

Soran’s words were completely unclear to me, so I have no idea what he is talking about. Who is he going to hit?

I got up from the couch.

“You’re a genius, but you’re also a stupid guy.”


Soran looked at me as if he was hurt. I wonder if my words were too cruel? It was supposed to be a kind of compliment, frankly speaking.

“Is that enough?”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s enough.”

Soran perked up a little. With tears dripping down his sloppy face. I wanted to hug him. Are all children like this?

“It’s not a problem if you reduce the power, as well as, reducing the range. There is no useless compound, and it wouldn’t be a problem if you could overcome it… You are my son, aren’t you?”


What a stupid voice, Soran.


What a stupid voice.

Perhaps I got rid of my adopted child without knowing it? I’ll need to check it later.

“…Condense them better.”

Saying this, I walked out of the half-shattered door.

“I’ll do my best… Fa… father.”

Damn, don’t say anything crazy.

I don’t know anymore.

Do I really have to go?