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46.3 The King’s Mistake

“A lie…! This is a lie…!”

On the other hand, beside the smiling couple.

Roland, who had turned invisible using his magical instrument of light, had watched the whole situation. He kept stomping the ground.

“Why… just what is it that you want?! Why would a greedy witch accept the proposal of a man who has no money or status…!?”

While dDespairing over the merciless sentence of the King, Roland wandered aimlessly around the royal palace. That was when he spotted Sharina, who was running, from the window.

Roland immediately flew out of the window, activated his magical tool, and chased after her.

This time for sure, I’ll uncover her true nature!

“…Is she acting? No, for what…?”

To protect Roland’s heart and honor, Sharina was forcefully welcomed into the Dahlia Garden by the queen. It was the undeniable truth.

Nevertheless, in secret, the witch could have been smirking over the situation. The witch might’ve grasped the queen’s true intentions and could have been acting to take advantage of it.

When Roland was about to conclude such, he saw Sharina running straight towards Riol Glen.

She could’ve requested for as many personal belongings as she liked—such as a carriage that would carry her home. Regardless, the fact that she was in a rush, without any luggage, meant that there was urgent business.

There was no doubt about it—Riol Glen was about to receive a dressing down from the witch. She’d complain about his rejecting the enormous reward and urge him to regain it.

“Why, why aren’t you uttering a single complain!? Just why—!?”

There was no doubt about it… but for some reason, the witch wasn’t blaming her familiar at all. She was simply pleased by the fact that they could return home together. Could it be… she was in such a rush because she couldn’t wait a second longer to be reunited with Riol Glen?


In the future, Riol Glen wouldn’t pocket a single coin for developing that amulet. It seemed that he had also invented other amulets in the past, but he didn’t show any signs of mass-producing them.

Although there was a possibility that he could amass a fortune by making a breakthrough in the future, the amount would be less than what the queen, or the king’s concubine, would make.

Remaining inside the Dahlia Garden would have been far more beneficial than choosing to stay with that man.

No, no matter the benefits, the fact that Sharina simply released such huge reward was already strange enough. After all, wasn’t she a witch who only had eyes for wealth and status? She had to be!

“Your Highness, can’t you see?”

“T, Tobias!?”

Roland, biting his lips to the point of bleeding and kicking the ground out of frustration, was surprised by the voice of his servant. Tobias appeared from behind and stared straight at him, even though Roland should’ve been invisible with the help of his magical instrument.

“It’s because Sharina Clydea loves Riol Glen. Is there any other reason?”

“T, that’s, there’s no way…!”

Try as much he could, he couldn’t deny that. If she was truly as evil as he thought—if Sharina Clydea was indeed the witch who only had eyes for wealth and status, she wouldn’t have taken the hand of the poor baron’s third son. There was just no way she’d do that.

“Please return to your room. Even if you disappear with a magical instrument, you can’t erase your footsteps and presence.”

Roland thought he was the only one who knew the truth. He intended to uncover the true nature of the ugly witch who managed to deceive the royal family by acting as if she wasn’t tempted by the prince. There couldn’t be a woman who preferred a low-ranking aristocrat over the prince—as such, Roland was sure she was two-faced. Or, at the very least, that she had a hidden agenda.

“U, uuuh…!”

However, from the beginning, said ‘true nature’ or ‘hidden agenda’ never existed. It wasn’t like she was misguided, either—she just loved the boy and that was it.

“N, no way…”

Unable to look away from the truth, Roland collapsed on spot.

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