The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

40.2 The Overlord Welcomes a Messenger

The man swings his sword down on the fence.
The villagers all stepped back in unison.



The sword, with a firm sound, brakes.

[That’s dangerous. What if the children get hurt?]

I secretly invoke 『Dragonkin Awakening』 and generate dragon scales on the palm of my hand. Then, with that hand, I grab the fallen blade and present it to the man.

[I believe this is a precious weapon? You should take it home with you.]
[Wh…… wha…… wha wha wha wha wha.]

The man gradually starts shaking.

Well, that would happen. The fences protecting the fields are made of surprisingly thin wood, after all. It’s just that I used 『enchant』 on them.

Several enchanted 『konbou』 have been placed here and there along the fence.

I used the Dragon Emperor’s skill 『Naming Bless』 to make 『konbou』 into 『konbou (metal rods)』. I switched in the metal attribute (kon) to increase their hardness.

I thought to myself, “In emergencies, they can be used as weapons. They’re konbou, so I’ll just enchant them into 「konbou」with the kon for metal……” I used 『Naming Bless』 on them and somehow pulled it off. Within the barrier, the effects of 『Naming Bless』 lasts a surprisingly long while. They remain for about 10 days.

But still, to have reached a level where a competent swordsman can’t break it?

Come to think of it, the number of 『magic circles』 has also increased. 『Naming Bless』 might have been strengthened, too.

[Still, we should probably dispose of this rod.]

I borrow a dagger from Lizette, who’s on the other side of the fence, and remove the rod that broke the man’s sword. Then, upon removing the its 『enhancement』, I hand it over to Haruka.

[This is the wicked rod guilty of breaking the sword of Governor Kittle-sama’s envoy. We should dispose of it. Haruka, if you please.]
[Yeーes. Teii.]


Haruka, upon grabbing both ends of the wooden rod, kicks it hard and it snaps, easily.

Screams rise from 『Governor Kittle』’s men.
Both the elder and the swordsman shudder as they back away.

Let’s give them one more push.

[That reminds me. There’s still a tree stump there. Children, can you see it?]
I point at a small stump beyond the fence.

[Eh?] [Ye, yes.] [It’s there, King-sama.]
[Allowing such a thing to remain there would be a disservice to the eyes of the respectable envoy from the Governor-sama. I believe there are some hoes there? Would you mind removing that for me?]

With hoes in their hands, the children step outside the fence. They then surround the stump and swing their hoes at its roots──



Saku. Sakusaku!!

[The tree roots are-!?] [Wi, with the strength of children that young?!] [Look. Even the stump itself is getting chipped away!] [This is a joke, right? It’s like they’re whittling away a sand dune……]

Of course, the hoes they’re using are 『iron hoes – (tetsu no kuwa)』 that I’ve enchanted into 『steel hoes – (tetsu no kuwa)』to increase its penetrative power. However, 『Governor Kittle』’s envoy shouldn’t be able to distinguish them from ordinary ones.

The elder, the swordsman, and the other soldiers are all completely set to run away.

I’m positive that with this, that swordsman won’t say anything more about taking down 『Hazama Village』. I’m sure he didn’t really mean it, but I have to nail the idea into him, just in case.

[By the way, I’d like to ask you something.]
I say.
[Were any mamono encountered on your way here from the Governor’s territory?]

The elder shakes his head.
[We’re all equally capable. I believe the mamono were too frightened to approach us.]

[That’s not it. I exterminated all the mamono around this area.]
[It was the perfect way to test my strength.]

I look at the elder and the soldiers while showing them the most vicious smile I can make.

[The reason I fought the 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』 was not for the sake of justice. I destroyed them merely because they happened to be an eyesore for my living here.]
That isn’t a lie. Yeah.
[The remaining mamono are too afraid of me to come near. However, the moment I move away from the frontier, they’ll start attacking people again. They probably won’t only target those living in frontier, but transporters passing through the Governor’s territory who come too close as well. As such, I cannot separate from this place. For me to leave, a suitable ritual is required. We appreciate your understanding.]

……I’ll wrap it up here.

If I continue talking at this pace, 『Kiryuuou Shouma』 will awaken. It’s why I don’t want to deal with unreasonable people like these. When I am…… it’s like I’m being taken back to my chuunibyou years when I was running around searching for evil.

[What impudence!!]
Suddenly, the swordsman from earlier shouts.
[You exterminated the mamono!? Don’t screw with me! There’s no way some dubious bastard like you could pull off something like that!! I’m sure there was some kind of trick with that fence and those children! For ajin to be stronger than humans, there is no way that’s possible!!]

[Dims, stop! That person might be──]
[Shut up! Hey, you there, lend me your sword!!]

The swordsman called Dims takes the sword from the soldier beside him and draws it. He then points it at me and breaks off into a run.

[Fight me! I’ll prove it that you’re just all ta── guboh?!]
[……You’re pointing a sword at Aniue-sama?]

I didn’t even have the time to do anything.

The body of Dims, the swordsman, is bent like the shape of the character “く” as he is blown away. The sword is broken as well. That guy couldn’t even reach me.

[That, to me, is absolutely unacceptable, alright? It’ll be regarded as a declaration of war, okay? Will that be alright with you? It’ll be a battle between you and me, one that won’t end until one of us is dead, you know?]
[……A, a, aaaaaaaa.]

Dims, the swordsman, was blown away by Haruka.

Without anyone realizing it, she pulled out a 『konbou』 from the fence. No, they are meant to be used for that. I see you’ve been practicing, Haruka.

[As the chief of Hazama Village, let me tell you. This person, Shouma Kiryuu-sama, is our, the ajin’s, king. Accordingly, to turn your blade towards this person is unforgivable. I shall not allow you to take this person against his will.
Of course, if Aniue-sama had chosen to become a subordinate of your lord, I’d happily accompany him. However, Aniue-sama has rejected your words. That’s all that matters to me. If want to continue your exhausted arguments, then do it after fighting me!]
[So you can make long speeches too after all, Haruka.]

Even Lizette is here……
She hopped over the fence and now stands next Haruka while clutching her sword. She hasn’t, however, drawn it from its scabbard. Could she be waiting for my permission?

[Shouma-nii-sama is the king of Lizette and the others. What you should desire is an alliance of equals. If you wish to convey something, then bring your lord, Silvia-sama. If the likes of you believe that you can directly address our king, then you are severely mistaken!]

[『Your insolent deed shall awaken the chaos of days gone by and guide the world into a freeze.』]
A phrase that sends chills down my spine comes up from behind.

It’s Yukino.
I get that you’re angry…… but the people in this world don’t have the 『ability to decipher chuunibyou』. What are you going to do if they take you seriously?

[My special abilities do not reach the 8th Heaven. Be that as it may, the slaughter of the Devil of the 5th Heaven is an act I can realize……… My true king leads the earth to a bountiful harvest, the Dragon King of Organic Farming. Trample the land where he descended, and a punishment of freezing shall fall upon you.]

Fuwari, pellets of ice flutter and dance around us.

That’s Yukino’s magic. She is a master of ice magic. She seems to have invoked it to an intimidating level. 

[You pointed your sword at Shouma-nii-chan!] [You reckless foolー] [Nii-chan is ridiculously strong, you know!] [Also, he’s the stranger who enriches the land, you know!!]

[That’s right, that’s right!!] [In the first place, the frontier is a territory that doesn’t accept the human rule!] [That was why we, the ajin, were banished here!] [We decide who the king of the frontier is!!]

Even the children and the villagers get involved.

[Now, allow me to inform you once again. I will not become Silvia-hime’s subordinate. However, I will accept an alliance of equals.]
I say.
[Furthermore, I have no intention of being hostile against 『Governor Kittle』. This…… also holds for the villagers under my rule. Also, we express our gratitude for your evaluation. We regret that we are unable to meet your expectations. That is all.] 

[Understood…… Those words shall be conveyed to Hime-sama.]
The elder says such while glaring at me.

Then, he and the soldiers retrieve the fallen swordsman and, just like that, leave.


So, they’ve gone back.

That it ended safely is for the best. We were able to resolve the problem without summoning 『Kiryuuou Shouma』, after all.

When I was a chuunibyou, I used to wander around looking for the world’s evil. Whenever I see someone who is blatantly evil, the me from back feels like it is resurrecting. As such, I find working in places with people like that swordsman or that elder difficult.

In my original world, I merely had to tender a resignation letter…… here, my special ability has been awakened. I feel like I’m going to inadvertently go wild saying, “FUHAHAHAHAHAHA! The Aberrant Overlord shall depart from this land. For the last time, burn the image of my familiar into your eyes!!” Not good.

[……Once the chuunibyou gate is open, closing it is hard……]

Haa, I sigh.

Haruka is poking the ground with her konbou. Looks like she’s still angry.

Yukino is apologizing to the people of the village for using magic to threaten the envoy. The villagers don’t mind at all, though. After all, Yukino is very polite when she’s not in her chuunibyou mode.

[Shouma-nii-sama, there is one thing that is bothering me.]
Suddenly, Lizette looks at me and speaks.

[When I was traveling with Kaa-sama in the past, I heard rumors about Silvia-hime…… apparently she was not the type of person who discriminated against ajin.]
[This is, of course, merely a rumor. It is said that she helped a collapsed ajin child, or something along those lines. For her subordinates to look down on ajin……that really makes me wonder.]

I uncover the answer to that question a few days later…

When I receive a letter from Silvia-hime.

『I wish to form an alliance of equals with the king of the ajin.

Such is written in the letter.

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