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46.1 The King’s Mistake

“Brian! Brian!”

The cry of the queen of Elgacia—Ulysia Scarlet Wayness Elgacia—echoed off the polished walls of the castle.

The queen dragged her dress towards the king of Elgacia whom had just concluded the award ceremony—Brian Seagal Heydlein Elgacia.

The man, who had been on the brink of death a few days ago, was walking down the corridor with powerful strides. It was as if his sickness had been a lie.

Realizing she was screaming to no avail, Ulysia blocked his path, forcing him to stop.

Just a few minutes ago, Roland had been dragged by the guards as if he were a criminal. How could her child be subjected to such brutal treatment? Ulysia unleashed all her wrath upon her husband.

How could you—!? You can’t treat Roland like that?! Especially when he has only made a few mistakes!! Can’t you see?! He only recently recovered enough to go to school!!”

“What ‘few mistakes’? Towards those talented scholars who’ll make great contributions to the future of this kingdom… not to mention, my benefactor, he disparaged them with abusive words! He also refused to apologize or correct himself. I don’t know whether I can forgive him or not.”

Regardless of what the king said, it held no impact.

There was no wonder. Roland had already publicly exposed his ugliness to the point of no return. If he refused to show any remorse, he must at least be subjected to a harsh punishment.

Despite that, Ulysia couldn’t understand. To be precise, she just wouldn’t admit it.

“Roland is the future king! No one can contribute to the kingdom more than him! If he closes his heart again and becomes withdrawn, those two will surely seize the opportunity and get engaged! Afterwards, the people will start to doubt! If they realize that the story about the countess longing for the second prince is but a lie, what would you do then!?”

Refusing to back down, the queen grabbed the king’s attire and screamed. Her hair was a mess while her eyes were blood red. The queen’s beauty, which was once praised as resembling a white lily, was marred with exhaustion and hatred.

It felt like she had been rapidly aged in just a few months. To conceal said fact, the make-up she wore had grown thicker every day. Regardless, her complexion was paler than the king’s when he was suffering from an incurable disease.

Her face was about to lose its radiance, yet her distorted gaze seemed to be gleaming.

Then, we’d have no choice but to accept it—because it is a fact. Are you saying that we have to separate two people who truly think about each other just to erase our children’s mistakes? Don’t you think it’s too miserable, and not to mention, shameful?”

“I see! You’ve been deceived by that girl, too! It shouldn’t matter at all! Can’t you see how self-serving and greedy she is!? She keeps alternating between men to save herself!! What do we do… what do we do…—”

Even though her husband, the king, had offered a solution, the queen only grew enraged. It was as if she wasn’t truly there. Her hollow gaze wandered aimlessly. Her mouth endlessly spewed curse after curse towards that girl who wasn’t present.

The appearance of the queen as she fell into the pit of resentment made her appear as if she were possessed by a demon or something.

It was the same woman who was hailed as the wise princess. Despite that, not a trace of her time when she governed alongside the king remained.

“…Ulysia, enough already!”


At his last straw, the king screamed at the mess which was the queen and shook off the thin fingers which were clutching the collar of his formal wear. The king was absolutely angry, which staggered the queen. Returning to her senses, the queen choked on her words for the first time.

“Can a woman who only cares about herself bet everything upon an unproven method to cure my demonic disease? If the amulet didn’t work as per intended, she could have even been charged with treason.”

The king spoke while tightly clenching his fist.

Ulysia, who recovered from the shock of being yelled at, tried to say something back in a hurry. However, she soon wavered when she saw the king’s piercing gaze. Her legs were about to give way.

“Do you honestly think a greedy woman who only wants money, status, and power would discard the title of a princess and choose to be with a baron’s son? She didn’t show any dissatisfaction or anger. She even simply let go of the enormous reward.”

His aggravated voice gradually calmed. By the end, the king spoke with a trembling voice.

Along the way, Ulysia tried to argue several times, but ended up not being able to. She could only open and close her mouth before finally pursing her lips.

“I’ve heard everything—be it the fact that you’re trying to foil the engagement of those two, or that you forced Ms. Clydea to take part in your charade. It’s truly regrettable that you resorted to that. It’s also regrettable that I fell victim to the demonic disease. I’m sorry that I left you behind, made you shoulder everything, and cornered you into this kind of situation. Still, this is it… you don’t have to do anything for the sake of anyone anymore. In fact, do you even know who you’re trying to sacrifice, and for whom…?”

Brian wasn’t incompetent as a king. Despite that, he was somewhat soft and lacking in determination. Ulysia always supported, guided, and controlled him from behind.

To cover for his indecisiveness, the queen made it her job to make ruthless decisions from behind the scenes.

Even when the two disagreed, in the end, the king would always take Ulysia’s side. He’d always be blamed for his words and actions. In short, the queen had never been utterly rejected.

“Why, why do you side with that girl so much! Think of our son, Roland! Don’t you pity him!?”

At that point, she no longer had any excuses. A rational, unbiased, argument be damned, the queen kept unleashing her emotion. Even knowing that, Ulysia couldn’t shut up.

From the time she read about Sharina Clydea, the queen was already sure that Sharina was but a sly fox who kept alternating between men. Her motives were greed and self-protection. The queen was sure of it.

The reason why Sharina refused to be engaged with Roland was because unlike Leonardo, Roland was aware of her true nature. She was scared that he might reveal it to the mass.

The queen reminded herself many times—surely, that girl would cave in. She wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to drown in both wealth and power. To achieve that, the queen would teach Roland to soften his demeanor a little.

Because otherwise, otherwise…

“You dare turn a blind eye towards our children who were finally born!?”


For more than seven years after their marriage, Ulysia and Brian weren’t blessed with an heir. It wasn’t because the king gave preferential treatment to his concubines, but more because of his virility. As such, there was a limit to individual effort.

In hope of passing her extraordinary magical power to her child, Ulysia was chosen among the candidates to become queen. It was also partly because of the support of the former king. Yet, because of her inability to conceive an heir, slanderous rumors grew by the year.

However, in the eighth year of their marriage, Ulysia finally gave birth to her first child—Leonardo. The following year, she gave birth to her second child, Roland.

In an instant, the tables were turned.

Because not only were the three children born to the concubines girls, Ulysia’s sons also inherited her mighty magical power. Thus, Ulysia’s once tarnished reputation peaked in an instant.

“Roland, our son, will eventually rule this kingdom! No, if not for that accursed girl, it would have been Leonardo! My children can absolutely do no wrong!”

To conceive an heir. To later raise those children as successors. That was Ulysia’s duty and mission, the proof of her legitimacy as she continued to sit in the queen’s seat.

‘It was a mistake to recommend Ulysia to be the queen.’—such was Ulysia’s seven years’ worth of suffering. The births of Leonardo and Roland saved her from that hell.

As such, those who deny her children, even if just a bit, sounded like messengers from hell to Ulysia, ones eager to bring her back to those torturous seven years. Hence why, she desperately tried to keep that from happening.

“Everything went wrong after that girl appeared! It’s all her fault! What’s wrong with making her take proper responsibility!?”

The queen lost control of herself. She could no longer turn back. Unrelenting, Ulysia tried to raise her voice further—

“—Mother, what do you mean?”

That was when she heard the desperate voice of her beloved son which took her breath away.

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