Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

87. Together

  • Vincent’s POV

The spirit forest.

“That guy, without explaining any further, told me to do some demon extermination…”

Vincent thought such while facing against the demon army.

Learning spiritual beings rescinded near his territory was quite surprising. What came off as more of a shock was the demon extermination.

Vincent was the first to arrive. He hadn’t only led his knights but also gathered some adventurers. A battle was about to ensue near the spirit forest.

“Lord Vincent!”

The leader of Vincent’s army spoke.

“How’s the situation?”

“As you can see, thanks to the holy water, the demons are no problem!”

The undead.

A mere swing of a weapon wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

In order to defeat the undead, it was necessary to devote a great deal of effort.

However, due to the dungeon thriving with undead, the soldiers had become accustomed to dealing with them. Thus, the undead were no longer a threat.

Thousands of demon armies can be defeated easily… once again, I’m in awe at the holy water…

The number of demons slowly decreased.

It was only a matter of time before they wiped them out.

I have to thank her for this.

Vincent thought of Eliane.

However, the battle wasn’t over yet, even though it was obvious which side was going to win.

“Everyone, don’t let your guard down.”

Vincent inspired the soldiers and adventurers, and unsheathed his sword.

“At this rate, our victory is certain. We must do our best! If we managed to accomplish this, we’ll receive plenty of reward from His Highness. I’d like all of you to cooperate with me!”


Vincent’s words boosted everyone’s morale.

He carried his sword, which had been sprinkled with holy water, and confronted the demon army.


Before coming here.

We stopped by Vincent’s territory to prepare for exactly that.

The request was quite brief—dispatch to the spirit forest.

Not once did we think Baldur was our only enemy. He surely call forth his subordinates. Once that happen, Nigel would be in danger.

Therefore, we asked Vincent, who was the closest to the spirit forest, to send troops.

“I can’t refuse a request from Nigel and Eliane. However, do remember to generously reward me.”

With a grin, Vincent immediately prepared soldiers and adventurers.

Fortunately, because of the dungeon, there was a lot of holy water stocked in Vincent’s territory.

Judging from the demons in the tower, I concluded that Baldur’s army mostly consisted of undead.

“M, my subordinates, are decreasing…!?”

Baldur must’ve sensed it. He began to tremble.

“What are you going to do, now?”

Nigel asked Baldur.

“It’s your defeat, it seems. How are you going to turn the tide of the battle from here?”


Baldur shouldn’t have any other plans, as was proven by his silence.

“Why, where did I go wrong?”

Baldur’s voice was trembling.

“I wasn’t wrong… it’s all your fault! Especially the saint! You’re the one who bestowed the blessing of the goddess upon this guy! Without you, my plan would have gone off without a hitch! The world would’ve become mine!”

I gazed at Baldur. I spoke without thinking.

“Sure, all I can do is spout naïve things. It may be a wishful thinking to protect everyone. But, you, on the other hand, are shallow. You did everything out of your own selfishness. As if we would lose to such a person!”

“That… gaze!”

The atmosphere shifted.

Baldur was completely angry.

“I hate those eyes! Are you pitying me!? Stop looking at me!”

The darkness emanating from his body increased exponentially.

“I will send you straight to hell!”

Not good!

“Nigel, get back! That archdemon is going to self-destruct!”

“What did you say!?”

Nigel quickly retreated from Baldur.

No, not fast enough!

I analyzed the darkness and concluded it’d swallow the entire forest.

I formed a barrier immediately. Nigel was my priority.

The spirits, and Vincent who was still fighting in the forest, also wouldn’t be spared!

“Please, make it in time!”

I wasn’t willing to give up. I tried to establish as wide a barrier as possible.

Was I going to fail?

—I wanted, to protect everyone…

“You needn’t worry.”

Philip spoke to me in my desperation.

“The darkness, has dissipated?”

On the contrary, my surroundings were filled with light.

Philip, and also the other spirits, were shining.

Their magical power was enormous, and of light attribute.

The children spirits also desperately tried to activate light magic.

A large magic circle was formed in the sky.

Light shined down from the magic circle and enveloped Baldur.

“What a dazzling light… I see, it’s my defeat…”

Baldur was about to self-destruct. However, it seemed that the magic of the spirits made it impossible for him to even release his magical power.

He dropped his shoulders as if giving up and collapsed on spot. His body gradually disappeared.


Seeing the divine light, such a word leaked from my mouth.

“I have to show my cool side, as well.”

Philip bashfully rubbed his nose.

Seeing that Baldur had completely disappeared, I was relieved.

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