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44.2 The Magic of Rebirth

“Don’t lie! You’re merely trying to hasten the process! You want to be crowned as queen as soon as possible! You are eagerly awaiting my father’s death, aren’t you!? How foolish—!!!”

Sharina didn’t have time to deal with the delusional crown prince. Whether the plan succeeded or not, it all depended on her. The result would be known once the light subsided.


The light was much stronger than she expected. At that rate, the magic circle would spread into the floor.

“Knights! Catch that girl!”

Assuming Sharina was trying to rebel, the queen was quick to act. The queen screamed for her escort knights outside the door.

The rushing footsteps of the knights resounded. Despite the blinding light, the knights could still advance—it was quite amazing.

Soon, their blades found their way towards Sharina’s throat—

—however, before anything could happen, there was a rattling noise.


As if signaling an end, the light faded.

As everyone regained their vision, they could see Tobias standing between Sharina and the knight, parrying the attacks.

“Tobias, what are you doing!? That girl tried to harm the royal family!”

“Doctors! Take a look, His Majesty is awake!”


Everyone focused on the bed. There laid the king who had been sound asleep since yesterday.


The magic stones emerging from his face had vanished without a trace. His eyes were also open.

“Y, Your Majesty!?”


A commotion soon ensued.

“I deeply apologize for disturbing Your Majesty’s slumber. I subject myself to any punishment.”

“I thereby forgive you. What kind of magic did you use?”

“Beginner light magic—Light Powder.”

All the magic stones that were eroding the king’s body had disappeared. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, there were no issues with the king. The king only needed to restore his physical strength which had weakened due to being bedridden.

Light Powder? That spell has such an effect?”

“Impossible! That spell should be useless!”

“But the magic stones have actually disappeared …Either she’s telling the truth, or a miracle has occurred.”

Sharina’s answer only attracted more commotion.

After all, not only had the king recovered, a cure for the demonic disease had also emerged. A meeting of aristocrats and court doctors would be held as soon as possible with Sharina as the key speaker.

“No, His Majesty wasn’t cured by that spell. Actually, any spell would have been fine.”

“…What do you mean?’

“However, spells from the four major elements will become dangerous once they reach such powerful states, so it has to be either light, dark, or holy magic…”

Sensing that the secret of the treatment would soon be revealed, the spectators held their breath.

In a room that was too large, and was furnished with almost nothing but luxurious chairs and tables, only the sound of writing could be heard.

“The magic stones of the demonic disease are formed through the crystallization of one’s magic, something which flows through the body. Therefore, in order to eliminate said disease, one has to be completely deprived of his magic. That includes the magic stored in the magic stones.”

“That’s just foolish! You can’t just change your source of magic! Even if you used up all the magic coursing through the body, you can’t use the already crystallized magic!”

“Yes, magic circles seek magic that hasn’t been crystallized—or, is fluid. Such is the law.”

Magic was activated by pouring magical power into a magic circle. Thus, already crystallized magic couldn’t flow out naturally.

Demons had circuits similar to that of magic circles in their bodies. As such, they were able to absorb power from magic stones. In order for humans to be able to use magic stones, it was necessary to process them, or connect them to a media such as a magical instrument.

Hence, demonic disease was considered as incurable. The disease was fused with the patient’s skin and internal organs, making the stones difficult to touch.

“—However. If right after activating the magic, you cut off the flow of the fluid magic, and connect the spell with the already crystallized one, the magic circle will proceed to absorb power from the magic stones. With sSuch a process, depending on the spell, not a shard would be left behind.”

In contrast to how calm Sharina was when explaining, all of the court doctors were wildly scribbling in their notebooks.

“Wait, I’ve never heard of a magic circle absorbing power from a fixed source!?”

“Did you perhaps develop a new kind of magic circle!? How on earth—!?”

“How much skill does it require? How much power can said magic circle draw? Hopefully, with this, all patients with demonic disease can be cured!”

In search of more information, passionate gazes were directed at Sharina.

“It’s not a new magic circle, but instead an amulet. As I mentioned earlier, the magic circle can be of any spell as long as it isn’t dangerous when amplified.”

Her answer created an uproar.

Only those with enormous magic power suffered from the demonic disease. As such, there was no way those patients would be able to cast beginner spells. In other words, as long as the patients had the proper amulet, they could treat themselves.

“Then, we have to mass produce that amulet! This is a life and death situation, disclose the amulet’s manufacturing process!”

“I’m sorry.”

Towards the excitement, Sharina casted down her gaze as she calmly apologized.

“The amulet wasn’t developed by me. Therefore, I can’t explain how to properly make it from scratch.”

Everyone was surprised. However, soon enough, they understood. There was no way a 14-year-old girl would be capable of such an invention. Perhaps Sharina had her parents invest in a magic research institute, or something similar.

“The name of the person who has created this amulet is…”

The queen, who realized what Sharina was going to say, was about to interject.

“…My precious friend.”

That precious friend of hers wasn’t next to her at the moment, but Sharina was not afraid. When she touched the amulet hidden on her chest, it was as if a gentle warmth had enveloped her body.

Her precious friend had invented that amulet.

Her precious friend was also the most dependable person in the world, someone whom was always one step ahead of the queen and the others.

Her precious friend was the one who instructed on her everything.

“His name is Riol Glen. The son of a baron, and also a freshman of Fala Rubia academy who studied at the Research of Written Magic department.”

No one would ever look down on her precious friend anymore.

Sharina stared straight at the queen, whose eyes were wide open.

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