Translation When I Faked Amnesia to Break Off my Engagement, my Fiancé Casually Told me a Ridiculous Lie—“You were in Love with me Before you Lost Your Memory.”

28. Birthday

“Hey, Viola, why don’t you give it to Philip?”


“Usually, it’s too pitiful for even pig feed… but today’s is well-done. How rare!”

I didn’t know if Jamie was complimenting or degrading me. I stared at the beautifully-wrapped cookies on my palm. Although the packaging was very beautiful, the content was a mess like usual.

Around us, all the girls were discussing whom to give the cookies they made during cooking class to.

By the way, I wasn’t good at making sweets. As such, I always gave my finished products to Jamie. She wanted them for some reason. Although, what she did with them was a mystery.

I was sure I did well that time. Despite that, it never occurred to me to give them to Philip.

“Didn’t you tell me that recently you guys have been out-of-touch? There’s no harm in raising your friendship.”

“That’s just how it is, we’re out-of-touch.”

“Anyway, just try giving them to him? Please? Do it for me?”

She pushed my back, and we left the classroom. Why did she insist I give them to Philip?

In fact, it was normal to give presents to your fiancé—said Jamie. There was no deeper meaning to it. I assured myself and went to the special class. However, he wasn’t inside. I was terribly relieved—that meant I didn’t have to give them to him.

However, if I were to return to my classroom as I were, Jamie would surely complain. I decided to make a detour to the backyard.

As I walked while humming, I saw two familiar people and involuntarily stopped.

—Why were Natalia and Philip together in such a place.

“…Really, that Viola is just a hassle. Don’t you think so too, Lord Philip?”

“Indeed. Even though nothing about us is on par.”

The moment I heard those words, my heart froze. I felt faint.

At the same time, I was convinced—

—he was just telling the truth.

I wasn’t worthy of him.

“Then, you aren’t interested in Viola, right?”

Towards Natalia’s question, Philip nodded without hesitation.

“Nope. If the promise between our houses didn’t exist, we wouldn’t even be involved with each other.”

Philip’s merciless words made my vision o blurry.

Before I realized it, I had already started running.

…I felt like an idiot. If I were to give those cookies to him, he’d surely just throw them away. My tears were overflowing.

The time I had spent with him since I was a baby was by no means short. I wasn’t aware that Philip, whom was usually composed, actually felt like that. I cried even more.

Thus, a few days later, I told him.

“I hate Philip.”


I only vaguely remembered it, but today, I felt like I had an unpleasant dream.

As usual, I was facing Philip at the Duke of Laurenson’s residence having tea.

“Isn’t it Phil’s birthday?”

“Yes. I want you to join us at the party.”

I was confused by his words. Even though I always participated every year, I had completely forgotten.

“O, okay, if it’s alright with you…”

“Thank you, also, one more thing.”


“May I give you a dress to wear on that day?”

Philip spoke with a bashful expression. My heart sharply leaped.

“Even though you’re the one having a birthday, is that alright, Phil?”

“Yes. That’s why I want you to wear something I gave you.”

“…Thank you very much, I’m very happy.”

Hearing my reply, he looked terribly overjoyed. The atmosphere had become so fluffy, I couldn’t remember those days in the past when he was always expressionless.

At the same time, he was about to give me a dress. I was perplexed—what should I give him?

Until now, we had only given each other bouquets. But that year, it’d be different.

Regardless, I couldn’t think of anything that’d make him happy.

“Ever since then, have you remembered anything else?”

“No, nothing yet.”

“…I see.”

For some reason, upon hearing my reply, Philip looked a bit sad.

“I’m looking forward to the day.”

I’d like to give him something that’d make him happy—or at least, smile a little. I thought so from the bottom of my heart.


“…As such, you called me.”

“I can’t talk about this with anyone else.”

While having such a conversation, I was rocked in a carriage with Rex.

A few days after that, no matter how much I thought about it, I just couldn’t come up with anything. I decided to have Rex go out with me to choose a gift.

In retrospect, I used to feel some animosity towards Rex. However, as of the moment, not anymore. I couldn’t tell him that, though.

“A pPresent, huh…? I think he’d be happy with whatever as long as you’re the one giving it. Just give him some pebbles?”

“There’s no way…”

…Rex had a point, though. Phil was happy with the utter chaos which was my handkerchief. Judging from the situation so far, it was as Rex said. As such, I was troubled.

“Anyway, I want Philip to be happy.”

“He?! My~! That’s just~!”

I averted my gaze from Rex, whom was grinning, and gazed out the window. From there, I could see the city.

“No, no, no, no—this is just impossible!”

“I really think this is the best present.”

“Absolutely not! I can’t give him this, I’ll be embarrassed to death!”

We were at one of the most popular jewelry stores in the royal capital. What Rex recommended was a couple’s necklaces.

The design was indeed nice, but a couple’s necklaces was just too much for me.

“I’m sure he’ll be the happiest man alive when he receives it.”

“B, but…”

“…I see, so that’s the extent of your determination to make Philip happy.”

“I, I understand!”

As such, I bought the couple’s necklaces.

“Well, well! How unbelievable!”

I turned around, and found Natalia. How could we meet so often, was it really just a coincidence? I secretly sighed—it was getting annoying.

“You already have Lord Philip, but you’re buying a couple’s necklaces with Lord Rex…”

“Eh? No, I am—”

“—no excuses!”

“No, but, really—”

I thought it’d be troublesome if Philip misunderstood once again, so I decided to explain. Regardless, Natalia stormed off while leaving her servants to carry a bunch of her things.

I felt like she had misunderstood, again. However, I was with Rex. I was sure no one would believe her.

“Ahaha! I was caught having an affair!”


Next to Rex, who burst into laughter, I was just wondering what to say to Philip when I gave him that necklace.

***T/N: Something tells me Natalia will be an instrument to a bigger misunderstanding…

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