Translation When I Faked Amnesia to Break Off my Engagement, my Fiancé Casually Told me a Ridiculous Lie—“You were in Love with me Before you Lost Your Memory.”

25. The Sound of a Heartbeat Hidden Beneath the Rain

Afterwards, I leisurely had dessert while chatting with Rex. Suddenly, a familiar, high-pitched, voice echoed around.

When I lifted my face, my eyes met with the woman’s bright crimson eyes.

“You’re going out with another man, again!? How unbecoming!”

“No, I—”

“Even though you’re Lord Philip’s fiancée!”

It was none other than Natalia, the girl who had pointed at me during the birthday party the other day. Apparently, she was also there to eat.

Even today, she was wearing a flashy outfit and a striking make-up. Her eyes widened as she looked down on me.

“Your tryst with Cyril, I also witnessed it the other day!” Said Natalia.

“T, tryst…” I said.

“Viola, how cruel of you~ even though you already have me~” Said Rex.

“Rex, shut up.” I said.

Apparently, it was Natalia who reported to Philip regarding Cyril and I the other day. Of course, her perspective was very biased.

By the way, Natalia had been a weirdly straightforward person ever since childhood. She couldn’t lie. Perhaps, that was why Philip believed Natalia.

However, Natalia sometimes terribly misunderstood.

“You misunderstood. Cyril and I don’t have that kind of relationship. Also, Rex is my cousin.” I said.

“Even cousins can get married!” Said Natalia.

“Good point. I, myself, would like to believe that I’m a great catch—what do you think?” Said Rex.

“Rex, seriously, shut up.” I said.

I had been kicking Rex’s leg for a while, now. Rex was obviously enjoying Natalia’s reaction.

“I’ve always been suspicious of you!”

“O, okay…”

“Ahahaha! Me and Viola? That’s new!”

After reaching his limit, Rex finally burst out laughing.

“I’ll definitely find the evidence! Just you wait!” Natalia spun around and left.

There couldn’t be any evidence—since her accusation was baseless. As usual, she loved to cause a storm.

Anyway, I was relieved to find out who had informed Philip.

“As I thought, that girl is interesting~”

“…Don’t fuel her misunderstanding, please.”

After glaring at Rex, we finished our tea and went home.

When I said goodbye, he told me. “Ah, by the way, I consider you as cute as Philip. So, do your best?”

I almost went crazy.


“The weather suddenly turned bad…” I said.

“Yes, it doesn’t seem that the downpour will stop.” Said Selma.

Outside the window, the rain was pouring heavily. I felt depressed.

That day, I planned to have dinner at that hotel with Philip. Of course, using the ticket given to me by the boy I met in the park the other day.

Considering the weather, return home right after eating would be for the best.

“Ah, he has arrived. I’m going.”

“Alright, please be careful.”

After parting with Selma, I boarded the duke’s carriage and went for the hotel.

“It’s very delicious.”


After arriving, we were escorted to a ridiculously luxurious private room. We ate while facing each other at an overly large table.

As expected of a very popular restaurant—everything was delicious. I couldn’t stop smiling.

“…Phil, you don’t seem to have eaten much. Do you perhaps dislike it?”

“No, that’s not the case.”

He smiled a little bashfully.

“Seeing you eat so happily, you’re so adorable, my heart is full.”


Being told such a thing, I stopped eating. The delicious taste of the food vanished entirely.

Even so, I still had some after-meal desserts and tea. After finishing our meal, we decided to leave the restaurant. Then, at the lobby, I noticed that there were a lot of noisy people present.

When I asked a nearby employee about what happened, it seemed that the weather had worsened, to the point that the carriages couldn’t run. It was a weather that only happen once every few few decades.

In the restaurant, I failed to notice the worsening weather due to the live music of the orchestra. In reality, the heavy downpour of a storm was underway.

“It seems that the rain and the wind won’t settle down for a while. As such, everyone has decided to stay. What will you do?’

“…T, to stay…”

“Very well. Since you’re the acquaintances of Lord Nigel, we can reserve a suite. However, because we are almost full, we can only provide a single room.”


The sudden development stunned me. Staying overnight seemed to be inevitable. Not to mention, with Philip. In other words, I’d be staying with Philip. My head blanked.

I was terribly confused. Stunned, I tried to find another solution. Despite that, judging from the surroundings, returning home looked to be out of the question.

The moment I thought that, I heard a loud clap of thunder and shook.

Going home is truly impossible…

Philip was as calm and collected as usual.

“Let’s stay in the suite for the time being and wait until the weather settles. Afterwards, I’ll sent you home as soon as possible.”

“I, I understand.”

Looking at how calm he was, I felt a little relieved. Soon after, we were escorted to the room.

All we had to do was wait until the carriages could run again. I felt strangely embarrassed and self-conscious.

While thinking so, I sneaked a glance at Philip. He still appeared cool.

Despite that, with his right hand and foot extended at the same time, his movements were very robotic.

***T/N: Uh-oh his brain short-circuited. Hopefully Phil will survive that night.

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