The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

122. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (12)

Ignorant people made assumptions as they pleased. Jill inwardly regretted their lack of awareness. Whether it was in social life or politics, that might be a common occurrence.

I’m absolutely not good at it…

‘You have to lay low.’

‘Avoid being conspicuous.’

Jill was thankful for the advice given by her surroundings.

“As of the moment, it’s quiet because the Dragon Princess has secluded herself and isn’t exposed. Despite that, she must be scrambling for information.”

By that point, the inner palace sounded like some kind of intelligence unit. Natalie laughed as she tried to comfort Jill who grew silent.

“If at a time like this, we try to side with the Dragon Princess, we’d be risking death. Not to mention, the inner palace would also go on a rampage.”

“T, the princesses of the inner palace are surprisingly formidable…?”

Natalie made a scary expression and managed to shock Jill.

“Formidable? There’s nothing formidable about poisoning your enemy, assassination disguised as an accident, or turning someone into a scapegoat. Those are the specialties of the inner palace.”

“…I thought they’d compete to be the most skillful.”

“The only thing they’d compete for is the emperor’s favor. For the inner palace, kicking off an opponent with a smile is the true definition of pleasure.”

“…So, it’s actually that scary… the inner palace…”

It was full of treachery. In a sense, it was tougher than a battlefield.

So that’s how it is… will I be alright?

Well, no one said using my fist won’t be effective in the inner palace.

She decided to not dwell on the problem. Learning how to become a proper Dragon Princess would be better for her.

“The fleeing imperial army is also making bizarre movements. As of the present, the priority seems to be strengthening the foundation of that repulsive emperor. The Dragon Princess should’ve been advised to not provoke the inner palace. On the other side, the inner palace is trying to send little girls to the emperor to blatantly threaten the Dragon Princess’ position.”

“Their strategy is to assign a girl under the age of 14 to His Majesty…?” Said Jill.

“Indeed. However, if we were to get along with the Dragon Princess, they’d surely become inpatient. Not even a secret tea party can stay hidden when it comes to the inner palace.” Said Natalie.

“But… the Dragon Princess… might be lonely…”

Squeezing her stuffed animal, Frida argued.

Nonchalantly, Natalie responded.

“It’s also for the sake of the Dragon Princess. She should be 11-years-old, …it’s too early for her to be assassinated.”

Jill stiffened instantly.

N, no! I’m about to be assassinated!

I see… are they worried about me?

They were worried that if they got along well, the 11-year-old Dragon Princess would die before she could attain her footing. They were trying to prevent that.

…Is that how it is? Then, I must also stay quiet about my true identity…

Considering the current situation, turning the inner palace into her enemy would certainly be dangerous. To be honest, Jill was confident she wouldn’t be assassinated. However, what if the two princesses ended up being targeted too? That would be troublesome.

Indeed. Jill remembered it well.

In the future, the two princesses would be assassinated.

The second princess, Natalie, in Kratos.

The third princess, Frida, in the Rave Empire.

Her Highness Frida’s disappearance happened after the false emperor mayhem. She was probably involved in His Highness Listeard’s uprising. I can only conclude that there’s a threat to His Highness Listeard.

Before the settlement of the mayhem, Listeard had acknowledged Hadith as the Dragon Emperor. Such a man wouldn’t rebel easily. She was positive something must have happened to his sister. Assume that the inner palace had something to do with it wouldn’t have been strange.

It was said that the Southern King wanted to start a war with the Rave Empire. Hence why, he targeted Her Highness Natalie…

‘Southern King’ was a derogatory term for the current king of Kratos. Said king hadn’t only delegated all his duties to the crown prince, but was also indulging in depravity in the Southern back palace.

In the end, the cause for Princess Natalie’s death remained unsolved.

The only reason the Southern King was suspected was because not only was he infamous, Geraldo also couldn’t control him.

Afterwards, probably as the Southern King expected, the death of Princess Natalie deepened the conflict between the kingdom of Kratos and Rave Empire to the point of starting a war.

Neither of them had triggered a direct conflict. Despite that, a conflict had been triggered.

The situation may be changing, but there’s a good chance that it’ll trigger something…

The fleeing imperial army could also be seen as a threat. Jill couldn’t foretell what was going to happen. In her former memories, Hadith had executed everyone and reformed the imperial army. Such a future wouldn’t happen anymore.

While Jill was pondering, Natalie laughed brightly after finishing her cookie.

“Well, it should be peaceful for now, so don’t worry. Work with peace of mind.”

“I, understand…”

Jill recalled being told by Natalie to serve her.

“A, actually, I was tasked with raising a baby dragon…”

“A baby dragon? Is it a gift for the emperor? I quite found of dragon babies, myself. Did its parents die? Or did it stray?”

“Tha, that seems to be it! I can’t just neglect my duty!”

It wasn’t like Jill didn’t care about Natalie and Frida, but she couldn’t just abandon Rho.

“Then isn’t that fine? I can’t ride a dragon, but I’m interested in learning more about them.” Said Natalie.

Frida gently told Jill who had become speechless, “Older sister Natalie, is studying about dragons…”

“I don’t want to remain as a useless princess. I have to have some expertise!”

“Really? Then, do you know how to train a dragon to fly?”

“It can’t fly? That’s rare, but there have been a few cases. If you’re worried, then bring it with you. I’ll help take care of it. So, be thankful.”

Natalie seemed to be radiating.

“I, I just wanted some advice, but if it’s alright with you, then, please!”

“You like dragons, don’t you?”

“I do!”

“Me, too.”

Natalie was a good person! She was also an astounding princess!

Astonished, Jill screamed. “Thank you!”

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