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64. A Mysterious Sword

I received the box from Philip.

It was quite big. It was a size that I, a woman, could only hold by using both hands.

“Can I open it?”


After my question, Philip suddenly started explaining.

“It’s a treasure chest that has been passed down from generation to generation. ‘If something were to happen, use the contents of this box’—however, until now, no one has been able to open it. I don’t even know what’s inside.”

Philip shrugged.

It was an old treasure chest.

It looked tattered—probably because it was exposed to rain and the wind for a long time.

However, it was tightly sealed, and was unlikely to be opened easily.

“Can you give it a try?”

“Of course.”

I tried touching the treasure chest and pulled the lid with all my might—


“It’s really hard…”

The treasure chest barely even budged.

“This seems to be difficult.”

“Is that so?”

I let go of the treasure chest.

Hmm… was it originally designed to be difficult to open?

Or was it left unattended for so long, the lock naturally broke and couldn’t be opened?

“Eliane, may I give it a try?”


Douglas looked with interest, so I handed him the treasure chest.

On the other hand, I continued to talk to Philip.

“Don’t you have any idea to what’s inside?”

“Yes, but according to the legend, when the time is right, the box will open naturally…”

“I see. Maybe the right time hasn’t arrived…”

“That may be so. But it’s been in the village warehouse for so long, everyone is beginning to forget about the legend. As such, would it not be better to give it to the right person? I’ve thought about it.”

From long ago…

That meant…

“Couldn’t the saint who visited here 200 years ago open it?”

“I requested her, alright, but the result is as you can see.”

“Is that so…”

If not even the saint could open it, I doubt the box was designed to be opened…

I felt bad for Philip. Apparently, I won’t be able to meet his expectations.

“Hey, it’s open.”

While I was in thought, I suddenly heard Douglas’ voice. Everyone turned around all at once.

“Oh, it’s open!?”

I involuntarily made a strange voice.

When I turned around, the treasure chest that wouldn’t budge no matter what I did had been opened—just like that.

Douglas was like, “Did I do something wrong?”

“How did you open it?”

“Normally, just like I would a normal box.”

When I heard that, my shoulders sagged.

“That easily?”

“That said, I didn’t use much force either. As such, the box didn’t break—how is it? Aren’t I amazing?”

Douglas was very excited.

No, it was actually amazing, but for him to have opened it just like that. I lost my momentum.

“Is this a sword…?”

Philip also looked in from the side and took out what was inside the box.

“It appears to be so.”

“But it’s already so rusted. You won’t be able to use it like this.”

It was as Philip said—both the blade and the handle had rusted to a dark brown. As it was, that sword wouldn’t be able to cut a single leaf.

I also felt like it could break if it was held too tightly.

“Did it rust from being in that box for too long…?”


“Can I take a look?”

Philip agreed and carefully handed me the sword.

Ugh… it’s heavy.

Looking at it closely, my impression of the sword didn’t change.



“Yes, I feel it too. It contains a small amount of magical power.”

Douglas turned his keen eyes on the old sword.

“Magic power?”

Philip asked us.

“Yes, but it isn’t uncommon for swords to contain magical power. These sorts of swords are often distributed in Lynchgiham, but…”

“It’s a strange magical power—it feels as if something is… dormant.

It was as Douglas said.

The magical power contained within the sword wasn’t just small, but also constricted. I felt such a strange magical power.

However, I didn’t know anything more than that. Thus, we had no choice but to tilt our heads.

“Is that so? But—I still want to give the sword to Eliane and the others.”

“I can’t receive such an important item.”

Albeit rusty, the sword had also been contained within a box that had been passed down from generation to generation.

I felt truly reluctant to receive it.

But Philip shook his head.

“Either way, even if we keep it, it’ll only collect dust. I overheard during the meal— Lynchgiham has a magic research institute? If so, I’d like you to analyze the sword there.”

“Is that alright with you?”

“Yes. If the result says it’s useless, you can throw it away or return it to us.”


“Spirits are beings that keep their promises. Let me keep my words.”

Stubbornly, Philip refused to keep the sword.

At that rate, we wouldn’t get anywhere.

Philip had a serious personality, and I felt like he wouldn’t change his mind no matter what I said.

“I understand. Then, can I have it entrusted to me instead of being given it?”

“If that is what Eliane want.”

Hearing what I said, Philip’s expression slightly softened.

Such was how we got a souvenir(?) as we left the spirit village.

***T/N: //the whole spirit village is in peril due to the thick miasma, they can’t eat or drink or basically breath bcs of thicc miasma//

//the box that is supposedly will open at the right time: Nuh-huh.

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