Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

48. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (21)


It felt completely different to when she was kissed by the spirit.

It was hot and slimy. Her eyelids fluttered. She felt Gaizel’s other hand wrapping her waist, tightly embracing her.

W, where should I put my hand!?

Tistye had no choice but to rest her hands against Gaizel’s chest. Did he perhaps take that as a sign to proceed? Gaizel leaned in further.

Gradually, her entire body weakened as she leaned against Gaizel. Despite that, Gaizel never released her lips.

His breath hit Tistye’s tongue. Gradually, their temperatures and boundaries of their bodies blurred. The temperature in the room shouldn’t have been too high, but she felt as if she were in a stuffy greenhouse.

—, —!

During the long kiss, Tistye tried to match his movements, but couldn’t endure Gaizel’s advances at all.

Eventually, their tongues separated and Tistye finally closed her half-open mouth. At the same time, she forced her eyes open, and Gaizel’s face appeared.

At the same time, Tistye’s heart fluttered.

—Your, Majesty?

Tistye was instantly fascinated by his solemn, majestic, look.

Maybe it was because he was showing such a rare expression. Was it a side effect of possession, perhaps? For an unknown reason, Tistye felt her chest screaming.

Just a moment ago, their bodies were on top of eachother, but…

—she wanted to touch Gaizel more. Her heart was urging her to say, ‘I love you,’ to him.

Before she could, however.

“—Sorry. Are you alright?”

“Y, yes…”

It was as if she could faint at any moment. Soon, Gaizel returned to normal. However, it seemed that he was concerned about her. How kind of him—Tistye showed him a reassuring smile. Gaizel then narrowed his eyes and muttered.

“…Was it overwritten?”

“Over …written?”

Tistye could only parrot what Gaizel had said. At last, she remembered the spirit’s kiss, and her cheeks were dyed vermillion at once.

By chance, was Gaizel unhappy because of that?

“Y, yes! No trace of the spirit’s kiss is left!”

Her words spoke an unmistakable truth. Tistye had completely forgotten about the spirits and could only recall the kiss she had with Gaizel.

Perhaps satisfied, Gaizel kissed Tistye’s lips once again—softly, that time.

“Remember this well.”

Then, Gaizel got into bed, lifted the blanked, and stared at Tistye. Tistye stood in her place for a moment, staring at Gaizel holding the blanket up.

Now that she thought about it, the master bedroom only had one bed.

The only place for Tistye to sleep was beside Gaizel.

I, I have to sleep in that position again?

As Tistye laid next to Gaizel, he tucked her in.

His soft hair stroked Tistye’s cheeks. She felt happy, but at the same time, her heart was pounding.

On the other hand, Gaizel laid down in a calm manner. Probably because he was completely unaware of Tistye’s dilemma.

He gently stroked Tistye’s bangs, and embraced Tistye from underneath the blanket. At that moment, they were facing each other.

“Good night.”

“Yes. Good night, Lord Gaizel.”

Gaizel gently kissed Tistye’s forehead before immediately closing his eyes. In a less than a few moments, a gentle sigh was heard. Tistye furrowed her eyebrows, as if troubled.

His Majesty sure fell asleep quickly…

Since he was a soldier, did he train to sleep at anytime and place?

With Gaizel having already fallen asleep, Tistye sighed alone. In addition to her first lover’s kiss, her mind was also filled with the sight of Gaizel’s chest as it rose and fell before her.

***T/N: Do you guys consider the fact that Tistye has finally let Gaizel ~true lover’s kiss~ her as a progress? To me, it just feel empty lol. They did nothing to understand and convey their feelings to each other better, but meh lemme stick my tongue into you and we’re all gud now aren’t we babey?

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