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39.1 An Undesired Role

“Sharina Clydea, please immediately come to the guest room after this.”


The instruction was sudden.

As according to the script, Roland, whom had ‘won’, acquired the winner’s medal. It happened soon after the closing ceremony in which everyone applauded. After everything was over, Patrick called for them near the entrance of the venue. Sharina was waiting for Riol, whom was chatting with Patrick, at a distance.

“The guest room…”

A place ordinary students would never be able to step foot into. The room was reserved for the houses that had made large donations to the school, the royal family who came to visit from other kingdoms, and other important people. To prevent accidents, the room was locked in a special way—both during when visitors were there and not. Ordinary keys could not open it.

“What’s wrong, Sharina?”

Riol returned after finishing his discussion. Sharina was clenching a small paper. Riol frowned.

“What is that paper?”


The moment Riol had left, someone wordlessly snuck that memo into her pocket. It was obvious that person wanted her to come without telling anyone.

“After the teacher told me to come to the guest room, I was snuck this memo…”

Whether or not to respect that instruction was up to Sharina’s discretion, so she could make a clear decision.

She wished that if someone had grudge towards her, they’d begrudge her daily deeds instead. After all, who would respect the intentions of those who couldn’t be respected?

“…Did it happen while I was gone?”

The wrinkles between Riol’s eyebrows deepened. His skeptical face was very cool.

“Well, even without that, there’s still the fact that the queen is waiting for you. What does she need from you, Sharina? She’s not going to blame you for His Highness Roland’s difficult development, right?”

“As I thought, it’s like that…”

There could literally be no other reason for Sharina to be invited to the guest room. The person waiting for Sharina could only be someone who belonged to said guest room. With that, it could only be the queen who came to watch the tournament.

“Perhaps, she wants to work together to restore His Highness Roland’s honor? I don’t know how much the queen knows about the current status quo.”

“Shouldn’t that farce have been enough? I wonder if he actually had honor needing to be restored to begin with.”

“Don’t make questions like that. He’s still the crown prince.”

“Uh-huh, from the beginning, he never have any.”

“…Don’t be so certain of it, either.”

It was unbeknownst how Sharina, a mere student, could fabricate (because there was nothing to be recovered) Roland’s honor. At best, she could only spread positive rumors about Roland, or cheer for him at competitions like the one that had just occurred—

—rather than doing any of that, she much preferred dying.

“The queen, who knows that His Highness Roland has been poking fun at us, that we’ve been in conflict with His Highness Leonardo before, may say for us to cut off all contact with His Highness Roland to prevent history from repeating itself. Or she might tell you to get along well with His Highness Roland to show to the public that, ‘we don’t have any problems anymore.’

“I’d be happier to accept the former.”

“Actually, if you chose the former, you’d probably be encouraged to study abroad in another kingdom—and by ‘encouraged’, I mean ‘ordered’.”

“Eh!? So I’d have to leave Riol!? No, I absolutely hate that idea!”

Sharina beamed at Riol who muttered. “I also wouldn’t like that.” He immediately averted his eyes, turning bashful. Sharina was rather pleased with that reaction.

“But… if it’s the latter, you’d have to attend evening balls at the royal palace, admire and flatter His Highness Roland all the time, and in some cases, even dance with him…”

“…I absolutely hate that, too.”

 “I’d also hate that.” That time, Riol firmly stated it without looking away.

“Are you Sharina?”

“Yes, Owen, Count of Clydea, is my father. I am Sharina. I am extremely honored to be in your presence.”

“Well, well, there’s no need to be so stiff. Lift your face.”

Lifting the elastic skirt of Fala Rubia uniform, Sharina deeply bowed her head and corrected her posture.

Before her was the queen of that kingdom—Ulysia Scarlet Wayness Elgacia. Not only was her escort present, she was also sitting comfortably on a luxurious sofa.

“Now that I think about it, in the past, you’ve been bothered by my folly. I have wanted to talk to you directly. I have to apologize to you.”

“What an outrageous thing to say. Having Her Majesty’s concern is an absolute honor. How could I hope for more?”

The guest room she currently was in could only be opened by moving the magic stone fitted in the board that served as the lock. What awaited Sharina was, as expected, an influential person. That person was the second most powerful person of that kingdom, and the pinnacle of all women.

What was the queen hoping for? What was she going to say? Sharina had some expectations, but as expected, she couldn’t foresee what would happen.

No matter how much her son had done, there was no way a queen of a kingdom would summon a student only to apologize.

“Then, Sharina. My second son, Roland, what do you like about him?”


***T/N: “Nothing, ma’am. On the other hand, if you were to ask me about what I hate about him… *took out a notebook that is as thick as the bible*”

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