Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

68. The Controlling and the Controlled

  • Prince Claude’s POV

Meanwhile, back in the kingdom.

As of the present, Claude was before His Majesty the King.

Baldur stood beside him. He was none other than the archdemon whom had invaded the kingdom and ordered Claude to bring him to the king.

Originally, he didn’t want to meet his father—because of course his father would be mad at him!

But… the archdemon was too dangerous. Going against his order was too stupid.

The castle was naturally on high alert.

Of course, the meeting between the archdemon and His Majesty the King didn’t merely involve those three.

Some knights were sighing as they watched over them. They were prepared to throw away their lives for the king.

Claude really wanted to tighten the security, but Baldur had emphasized. “I find crowds annoying.”

By the way, Saint Leticia had been left in her chamber.

Naturally, Claude was reluctant to tell His Majesty the King about Leticia’s face.

“O Demon, why have you come to the Kingdom of Verclaim? I’ll listen to your wishes.”

The king spoke to Baldur with a magnificent attitude. However, his hands were trembling. Even the king was scared.

The fact that the royal capital had been captured should’ve reached his ears.

“Baldur. Please refer to me by name. Let us get along with each other.”

Baldur clicked his tongue.

“I, I understand, Baldur, I’ll never bring it up again.”


In Claude’s eyes, the king seemed to be taking the utmost care to not anger Baldur.

However, Baldur couldn’t be won over.

Even with his thoughts intermingled, it was easy for Claude to see.

Father is too kind. He should’ve just been straightforward with Baldur. Dealing with all the knights in the castle has to be a pain, even for a demon like him.

Despite the situation, Claude was still naïve.

Baldur continued.

“I heard about it—Saint Eliane has been banished. Were you aware of this?”

“Oh, about that… I left the matter of the saint in Claude’s hand. Truth to be told, that slipped my mind.”

As for Saint Eliane, the king no longer cared.

Therefore, when the king received the report regarding the annulment and the banishment of the saint, he only replied with a simple, ‘yes’.

“Looking back, the former saint, who was my queen, was also a dubious person. The only reason I married her was because the ministers urged me—saying things like, ‘the woman’s power is real.’

The king had long been dissatisfied with the kingdom’s tradition regarding saints.

The only reason he participated in the tradition was because those idiot ministers and sages kept urging him.

Hence why, right when the king began his reign, he gradually purged the kingdom of those devout people. The purge had been completed. As such, there was no obstacles to banishing the saint.

That might be why even though Claude was still a prince, he was allowed to banish her. In the end, he was still the child of the king.

Speaking of which, there was a rumor that father had pulled strings behind the death of the previous saint… I wonder what that was about…

Well, it had nothing to do with him. There was no reason to give a damn.

However, at the exchange between Claude and the king, Baldur laughed.

“What a stupid parent and child.”

Baldur continued.

“As I said earlier, her power is real. By banishing her, you aided our invasion.”

“W, what are you talking about—”

“—The best example is how even the dragon abandoned this kingdom after the saint’s deportation. You are all so pathetic, I could cry. However, I’m also grateful for your stupidity.”

The king couldn’t refute Baldur’s words.

With that said, Baldur instantly appeared before the king.

The movement was so fast, the knights around them failed to respond.

“From now on, you’ll listen to my orders. This was never a negotiation to begin with.”

Baldur lifted the king’s chin with his claws and continued.

“First, surrender this kingdom to the demons.”

“What are you saying!? As if I’d do that!?”

“Then, I’ll just kill every single person in this kingdom. If possible, I’d like to spare them, but it is how it is.”


The king’s face distorted.

Baldur was serious. The moment the king disagreed, he’d massacre the entire kingdom.

Who gives a damn about those people? But what will happen to us once that happens? There’s no guarantee we’ll be spared…

Claude was in a dilemma.

“Alright… let’s go with that for now.”

“‘For now’? I said this is an order, not a negotiation. All that’s left for you to do is nod!”

Baldur raised the corners of his mouth as he released the king’s chin.

“From now on, this kingdom is under our control. You will listen to me.”

“W, what are you thinking about…? What is your goal?”

The king asked Baldur.

“Don’t you think my kingdom is a bit small? Therefore, I want a large garden!”

Baldur began to gracefully circle in place.

“Why does an excellent race like mine has to suffer such a dilemma? I’ve always wondered about that. Hence, what we want is…”

“What do you want?”

Baldur turned to the king and said with a big, evil, smile.

“…To become the conqueror of this world.”

“Wha…!? As if you can do that! On this continent, no, the number of people in this world is countless!? No matter how much you guys are—”

“Indeed. As of present, it is a little farfetched. We’re still not strong enough. That’s why, we will instead do it little by little. So to speak, you’re the first. Therefore, rejoice.”

…the conqueror of the world?

Did Baldur just say that?

Besides, the world wasn’t only filled with humans. There were also other races, which were rarely seen in public—such as dragons and spirits.

It should be impossible for the demons to conquer them all at once.

“I was quietly enduring it, but I’ve reached my limit. It may be small, but as long as I take action, some will surely follow. Us conquering this kingdom shall be the trigger.”

Baldur slowly walked around the place like a stage actor.

“Now, I wonder whom I should conquer next.”

Seeing that smile, Claude felt that his spine had frozen.

**E/N: The previous Saint’s death had nothing to do with Claude.  Nope, she was just his mother.

***T/N: It could also be that Claude is the son of the king’s mistress, seeing how much the king despised the saint lmao. …So, there’s actual deathly consequent if Eliane were to decide to stay and support her kingdom. Lol even the king hated the saint custom lol.

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