The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

116. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (6)

The rank of a dragon was determined by the color of its scales. The reason why Rho was found to be the highest-ranking dragon in existence after the Dragon God was because not only were his scales black, his eyes were also gold. Hence why, Rho stood out.

Therefore, if his scales weren’t black, there wouldn’t be a problem if he were exposed to the public.

“Look, that’s the training ground. It’s huge, isn’t it? It’s where the Imperial Army trains.”


Rho, whose back had been painted with yellow, green, and brown, give a cheerful replied. Camila, who followed them from behind, laughed drily.

“Well, we managed to avoid making the mess out of the paint, somehow~ still, was covering the Dragon King with polka dots truly alright…?”

“It can be washed off with water, anyway, so isn’t it fine? He seems happy, too. Besides, you’re the one who painted him.” Said Zeke.

“If I were to leave it to you and Jill-chan, he’d end up looking like utter garbage~!” Said Camila.

“I’m so happy for you, Rho. Not only you can go outside, you’ve also become fashionable.” Said Jill.


In Jill’s arms, Rho wagged his tail in a good mood. Jill thought he’d hate it, but from the beginning, Rho was curious about the paint. He even poked it with his front paws and tried to apply it to his own face.

By the end, he was checking his own back using a mirror, and he seemed to like the paint adorning his body. He was truly Hadith’s heart.

“…On the contrary, it makes him looks like a new species and now he stands out even more? I mean, both his head and limbs remain black.” Said Zeke.

“No problem. Everyone was surprised, but they didn’t say anything.” Said Jill.

“…They just don’t want to get involved in something strange, Jill-chan~ Nobody would believed that you’d paint a dragon.”

“It’s a vast world we live in! I’m sure one or two spotted dragons exists!”

“—Hey, did you hear it? It seems that the Imperial Army has suffered another loss. Everyone decided to quit.”

At the sudden conversation, Jill stopped.

“—Again? Well, it can’t be helped. After all, the side that quit is higher than the side that didn’t.”

“I wonder if I should quit, too. The Rave royal family isn’t a royal family. Not to mention, our emperor is that kind of person…”

“He doesn’t participate in the military congress. Whether he’s the actual Dragon Emperor or not, what is he doing, seriously?”

“Rho, don’t listen to them…”

Jill closed Rho’s mouth and eyes.

“But the one who decided not to fire us was also the Dragon Emperor.”

“So, it seems. Besides, Her Highness Elynsia is a competent commander. She’s exactly the person this Imperial Capital needs.”

“Most importantly, we’re not going to run away anymore. We have to stay here and do what we can.”

Rho’s eyes were still and calm as he stared at the soldiers and kept listening. He didn’t’ seem to be sad. He was both collected and calm.

Therefore, she rephrased it for him.

“…Everyone’s different, but it’s alright. There are good people, and above all, I’m here for you.”


Rho responded firmly. She was relieved to see that.

But… as I thought, people say A LOT of things about you, Your Majesty…

Hadith would prepare Jill’s breakfast, go to work while arguing with Listeard, and return in the evening to prepare dinner. Therefore, the image Jill had of Hadith was mostly of him in his apron. Despite that, imagining that he secretly received a lot of criticism wasn’t difficult.

Regardless, Hadith kept smiling and cooked delicious meals for Jill.

‘He’s kind, delicate, and strong.’ Was what Jill though all the time

It was frustrating that she couldn’t convey the same to her surroundings.

“…Soon, you’ll be able to fly. You’ll be very strong and cool, Your Majesty.”


As if astonished, Rho’s gaze swam. Seemingly upset, he hid his face—or, maybe he was bashful. Zeke made a fed-up expression.

“…I think flight training isn’t the only thing he needs.”

“It’s His Majesty’s heart, after all~ C’mon, Your Majesty, get a grip. Does Rho-chan also want to drink water~?”

Rho, who shook his head, suddenly leaped from Jill’s arm. He seemed to want to walk on his own.


Jill felt impressed.

“Great, Rho, you can walk on your own!”


“Maybe if I were to throw you from a roof, you’d master flying?”


Byun—Rho escaped in the blink of an eye. He despised that idea. Looking at his small back, which was disappearing, Jill grumbled.

“Even though he can’t fly, his speed at escaping is top notch! As expected, that’s His Majesty’s heart!”

“Now’s not the time to be impressed, Jill-chan~! You have to give chase~!”

That’s right—!

Jill, who was told so by Camila, ran immediately.

“Let’s split up! Camila and Zeke shall be cutting him off from different directions!”

“I understand~!”

Jill also started running after Rho. There were footprints halfway through, but because he had jumped into the garden, not a trace of him could be seen.

“Rho—? Rho—?”

Although she called out to him, there was no reply. Jill went straight through the garden of trees.

Is he in the backyard? But which side…?

The imperial castle was wide. She’d like to learn its layout, but wasn’t allowed to because as of the present, she was an outsider. Feeling a bit depressed, Jill decided to stop thinking about it.

Rho’s my priority!

“I don’t think he’d approach anything dangerous looking, but… I’m still worried.”


Suddenly, she heard a scream. The scream was easy to understand. Jill rushed towards the cry in a hurry. As she passed through the bushes, her view suddenly spread. Before her was a large pond surrounded by trees. As Jill raised her head, she quickly saw Rho.


It seemed that he couldn’t get down from the big tree he had climbed. As such, he was desperately clinging to the tip of a branch that was hanging down towards the pond. It was about to break.

Jill shouted while running.

“Can you fly!? Do your best!!”


Bunbun—Rho shook his head.

Perhaps because of the swaying, the tip of the branch broke.



As he fell into the pond, Rho screamed. Jill clicked her tongue and leaped towards the pond. Rho was rampaging on the surface of the water. If he stayed like that, he’d sink.

Sure enough, Rho sank before Jill could reach him. Jill took a deep breath and dived under the water. She desperately chased after him and firmly embraced his body.

She hurried to the surface and tapped his soft nose.

“Hey, Rho! Are you okay, Rho—!”


She was relieved that he answered. He didn’t seem to have swallowed any water, either. The moment she felt relieved, the weigh of her clothes sank in. It wasn’t surprising. After all, she did jump into the water while still dressed. Half of her magical power hadn’t returned yet. If she were to stay as she was, both her strength and temperature would drop. The pond in early spring was still cold.

The same went with Rho. If she didn’t dry him up quick, he might get sick.

His Majesty entrusted Rho to me, if something were to happen to this child, I—

Fending off the bad thoughts that arose, Jill ran as soon as they reached the shore.

***T/N: Accident was quick to happen to Jill’s new son.

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