The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

115. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (5)

Perhaps thinking that Jill was overthinking, Elynsia said in a gentle, reassuring, tone.

“It can’t be helped that you’re worried. Upset by the announcement that the current Rave royal family and the Dragon Emperor Hadith have no blood connection, the Three Dukes are now quiet. We don’t know when or how they’ll retaliate. Even so, worrying about it will only exhaust you. We have to think about what we can do, instead.”

“To be precise, the ones who should do something about is us, older sister, we who call ourselves the Rave royal family.”

Neither the dismayed Listeard nor the laughing Elynsia had blood ties with Hadith. Despite that, they decided themselves that they’d remain as Hadith’s siblings.

“The two of you said similar things to His Majesty. As expected, you’re all siblings.”

Jill laughed at the two.

“His Majesty said, ‘If my sister and brother don’t want to die, then surely, they’ll do something about it.’”

Is that a threat?! Also, that’s a blatant shifting of responsibilities, that moron!”

“Calm down, Listeard. It’s an encouragement. If we call ourselves his siblings, we should do at least that much.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

When Jill asked, Listeard shook his head.

“You can’t. You aren’t officially recognized as Hadith’s fiancée, yet, let alone the Dragon Princess. As of present, at best, people would consider you a guest, and at worst, a spy. It’s best for you to lay low.”

“But His Majesty said that I’m the Dragon Princess, and I have received the blessing of the Dragon God Rave.”

She looked at the ring finger of her left hand. Due to having her magic sealed by Georg’s fake sword, her magic hadn’t returned to its usual level. Even so, there was a gold ring there. It was proof that she was the Dragon Princess.

“You’re already acknowledged by the dragons, but the same can’t be said regarding the people.”

“Why don’t we just treat Jill as a formal guest, Listeard? Wouldn’t it possible to put Jill under my command?”

Elynsia was presently the temporary general and military lord to the unite of the Imperial Army of the imperial capital. Faster than the beaming Jill could agree, Listeard interjected.

“We can’t. If she truly wants to be the Dragon Princess, then she has to properly follow the procedure.”

“You’re as serious and stern as ever.”

“I’d like to refrain from saying anything groundless… Lady Jill.”

Called by her name, Jill lifted her face. Listeard told her in a straightforward manner.

“I acknowledge you, but that’s my personal opinion. The same goes for my sister. You’re from Kratos, and we’re in a position where we’re supposed to get rid of you. You’d be forced to go ahead without approval of others. If you did, it’ll always be twisted afterwards. That’s why even Hadith isn’t forcing an engagement ceremony. For the sake of your future.”

Jill was kind of embarrassed after the unexpected explanation.

I see, that’s right, His Majesty is just doing his best.

Elynsia continued with a bitter smile.

“Hadith did well in enduring that.”

“For now, focus on taking care of the black dragon. Don’t let it get in public eye.”


Jill blinked at the unexpected instruction.

Listeard frowned.

“Isn’t it obvious? It’s a golden-eyed, black dragon—the Dragon King. What if a strange person were to see him? Not to mention, when he can’t fly. As of the moment, pinpointing Hadith’s enemies within the imperial castle is a difficult task.”

“I understand that, but the flight training…”

“Hadith’s castle is large. There’s also a stream and a pond in the garden where you can play with a small boat. Above all, if that’s Hadith’s heart, there’s no mistaking it—this guy’s just withdraw due to a weak mentality.”

Jill wanted to argue, but couldn’t. Elynsia was also gently averting her gaze.

“Well, Hadith is a little shy, that’s true…”

“Don’t be fooled by it’s cute outer appearance, sister. That’s right. Don’t worry about anything unnecessary and take care of the black dragon. After all, aren’t you the true Dragon Princess?”

Quietly nodding to Listeard, Jill reflexively saluted.

“Understood! I’ll definitely raise this child to be a magnificent Dragon King!”

“Alright. Tell me if you need anything. I’m about to attend a meeting.”

After checking his pocket watch, Listeard stood up. Elynsia also looked at the wall clock inside the room.

“I also have to return. I have to train the remaining troops as much as possible.”

“By being amiable, don’t miss the spies, sister. I can’t follow you anymore. Even though there are many people who’re planning something…”

“Hadith is probably the only one you can rely on most… how ironic. Even though the names of Duke Noitral and Duke Leirzatz are basically stronger than the emperor.”

“I’ll just use what I can.”

Elynsia smacked the back of Listeard’s head, who answered nonchalantly.

Hadith was a Dragon Emperor, but he had no backing. All he had to serve as his proof of legitimacy was the mark of the Dragon God and his heavenly sword.

Hadith was surely reassured by his brother and sister whom were trying to aid him.


On Jill’s back, who saw them off, Rho screamed as if he had been woken up. Jill smiled bitterly.

He was truly just like Hadith—sensitive to the subtleties of others’ emotions.

“It’s all about having the right person in the right place. I have to take a short break. Jill-chan, take proper care of this child~”

“I know, but I’m a greedy person, I want to show him a lot of things…”

She took Rho out and stared at him.

His big round eyes were looking at Jill. He looked reliable. That was why Jill wanted to respond.

That was when she noticed it.

“…That’s right, he doesn’t have to be a black dragon!”

“What? No matter how you look at it, the scales are black—”

“Wait, Jill-chan, I have a bad feeling—”

“Do you guys have any paint!?”

Due to the Dragon Princess’ cry, her knights stiffened.

Rho screamed and shook his head. “Kyu—”

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