I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 8]

Chapter Eight: An Idiot’s Suspicion (Part II)


However, contrary to my confidence and assertions, the way that word left Kaname’s lips was truly suspicious.

Tenseisha? …What are you talking about?”


…Hold on.

“…Eh…did you not understand what I meant?”

“In the first place, I don’t even understand what the word ‘Tenseisha’ means. The meaning of ‘Tensei’ will change depending on whether someone was born or reincarnated artificially, naturally, by heavenly forces, or exhibitions, as well as nature’s malleability… and how it is used in the Japanese language. While ‘sha’ is a term that refers to a person, organization, or a house that points to a building… it’s very unlikely, but some mediums point to such, so what did you mean by that?”

…Hey, wait, hey, wait a minute…

I sipped on my tea to moisten my dry mouth and tried to pretend to be calm as much as I could, so I decided to ask Kaname a question.

“…Huh? In short, maybe you really didn’t understand what I meant?”

“That’s why I said what I did. Explain what you meant immediately.”

The expression that showed on his face was that he was very serious.

There were no signs of lies and deceptions. I could only see the shadows of impatience.

…Eh, eh, eh? With that being said, is this really what I think it is?

Does he really not understand what I meant?

I felt cold sweat trickle down my temples.

…I messed up! If the main point is to assimilate into being an otome game character, then my statement was complete self-sabotage!

It’s like a completely alien remark!

Nine out of ten people won’t believe me, and even if they did, it would be a breach of my confidential information! I’m the one who got hold of it, with the intention of taking advantage of his weaknesses, but it backfired!

…Well, it’s not too late… I can manage to fool him that it was just a joke….

“No, well! I was surfing the web the other day, and there was a novel that went, ‘I was reincarnated in the game I was playing in my previous life!’ If it were real, I’d say it would be interesting! Well…. it’s just a game, so don’t worry too much about it!”

When a spy tells a lie, he tries to increase credibility by slightly mixing the truth.

What a natural and perfect excuse! As expected, I have the brains of an empress!

If this were the case, no matter how genius of a child is, he will be fooled.

However, my face, which I turned away because of the guilt overlying my conscience, was straightened by his hand that grabbed my cheek.

Hey…this dog! His lips look so ugly on his face, and he’s too close! 


A sweet tenor tone that was suitable for a handsome boy, whose voice has not yet begun to change, echoed in my ear.

Hey, you’re too close to my face! I can see the size of his perfect pores. Stop talking to me at this distance! I feel like my ears are beginning to turn red!

Besides, I’m scared because his eyes aren’t smiling at all and they’re so intimidating!

“Don’t even think about lying to me. Tell me your secret this instant.”

With that, he smiled with a “gentle expression” that I had never seen before.

…how many women in this world can tell a lie to a handsome being with a beautiful face (and eyes) like a fallen angel?

At the very least, I couldn’t. My instincts warned me that if I didn’t say anything, I’d be in trouble for 99.9% of the time from now on, so I had to confess everything.

Yes. I was an adult in my previous life.

This is also the world of an otome game that I played before.

In the game, my character made the main capture target my ‘dog’ and ruled as ‘Empress’ at Oudou Academy.

In the sophomore year of high school there, the heroine was introduced to carry out its reform.

I confessed all the information that I knew… I mean, whenever I tried to omit something, I was apprehended and was made to confess.

In the end, I half-cried, “Oh, that’s all! This is all I remember! I’m not lying!” After staring at me for a while, he let out a deep sigh.

“It’s hard to believe.”

…Well, if you were going to doubt it anyway, don’t ask me from the very beginning! I was really scared of the pressure that I had to experience because of it! It was such a waste of time!

I snorted and shrugged my shoulders.

“Notwithstanding the reincarnation portion… it is impossible that you were already an adult in your previous life. I think you were at most five years old or so…?”

…Of all the things to doubt, that’s what you chose?

No, it can’t be helped that he can’t believe in reincarnation, but my mental age now is different from my previous teen years, right? I was an adult then, no matter how you look at it!