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31.2 The Clown Climbs the Stage (Execution Site)

“…It seems that the noise has increased. I’ll concentrate all my nerves on Riol’s voice alone.”

“Wait, you can do that?”

Sharina finally regained herself.

A tsunami of cheers occurred in the audience seats as the second prince waved with a smile. Even though she sat in the front row, right before Riol’s stage, she couldn’t hear Riol’s voice.

“During the summer break, in case something like this happened, Gabriella taught me. By concentrating my magical power on improving my physical ability to hear, and then further narrowing it downonto a single target… by the way, Gabriella doesn’t possess any magical power. Instead, she utilizes energy—but it’s still inherently the same.”

“Hee~ I don’t understand most of what you’re saying, but it sounds awesome.”

“Eh, oi, Sharina, I spent about half a year trying to learn that in the knight department…”

In the first place, multiple matches were about to begin all at once—so it’d be difficult to pick up the voice of each player just by concentrating normally. She couldn’t thank Gabriella enough for teaching her that technique.

“But I can’t understand the flow of conversation if I exclude His Highness Roland’s voice… what do I do…”

“Then don’t exclude him?”

“Forgive me, I’m still but a beginner. If I were to concentrate of the voice of a single target, I wouldn’t be able to pick up the noise from the surrounding vicinity.”

She didn’t want to hear Roland’s voice, but she needed to in order to figure out their exchange.

However, considering the extent of her ability, doing such would be difficult because the training period had been too short.

“That’s right, Ange! Why don’t we ask Tobias to write down the lines of His Highness so I can re-read it later?”

“Is there a need for such hardship?”

Telling Angelica that they could continue talking later, she further concentrated on Riol.

“…Oh no, this is going to add to my black history… I can’t stand it, I truly can’t stand it, that prince just said, ‘O pitiful lamb, are you ready to waltz?’ He also said something else but all I could hear is murmuring…”

Angelica, whom was suffering goosebumps, cringed with all her might. The reason for her cringe was also oddly specific—could that line also be found in one of her novels?

“Hmm? Dancing? Angelica is paying close attention to him, I see. Once, he said something similar to me, to be precise… ‘Fufu, with neither hands nor legs, you’re still attempting to dance—fine, I’ll let you dance.’”

“Noooooo! Stooop!”

Before her eyes, Roland was spreading his arms—to her, it appeared as if he was making a fool of himself. Perhaps he was saying the exact same line Tobias had recited—

—there was no doubt about it.

“Oh, it seems that His Highness Roland still have something to say, let’s see… ‘Do you know the saying; drowning in your own tactics? You seem to be quite confident in your plan, but you seem to have failed to notice the noose gradually tightening around your neck’.

Uguuuu! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

“What happened, Ange!? Did you get hurt somewhere?! Are you alright!?”

Sharina supported Angelica, who suddenly clutched her chest, full of anguish.

“…’Then let us begin—our fun, endless, waltz—Angelica!? What happened!?”

Tobias, who continued to recite Roland’s lines, also looked back in shock.

“Did you eat something weird yesterday? You don’t seem to have a fever? …No way, heart failure?”

What happened, suddenly?

By the way, the suffering only started after Riol had climbed onto the stage. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well today. Since Angelica was clutching her chest instead of her belly, it may be a sign of serious illness rather than food poisoning.

“No, it’s okay… I haven’t eaten anything weird, and there’s nothing wrong with me… don’t worry about me, Shari, and focus on Riol…”

“But… to dismiss Ange, who seems to be in serious pain…”

“It’s alright! That’s right, how about Shari repeats Riol’s lines to us? That might improve my condition!”

“Eh, I, I understand…”

Angelica forced those words out. Despite the pain, she was strangely desperate about Sharina focusing on Riol without any concern. It was as if she was trying hard to not remember something.

“Are you truly alright, Angelica? If you’re suffering, why don’t I take you to the medical office? Don’t force yourself.”

“I’m truly alright! Just continue repeating His Highness’ lines, Tobias! This time, I’ll listen to the full conversation!”

“G, got it…”

Angelica, holding her breath and looking straight ahead, said flatly. It seemed that she had successfully overcome her suffering.

“—This is the end of the school’s directors’ greetings—everyone, give some applause!”

While doing so, the greetings of the school directors ended. Waves of thundering applause spread and converged from both the stage and the audience seats.

When the rumble had completely subsided, the area was filled with silence and tension.

The first match of the magic tournament was about to begin.

“Ah, my lord is saying something again—‘Let’s see how long can you remain standing.’”

“Ah… that line doesn’t hurt as much… I’m fine with that…”

The surrounding noise gradually faded.

To hear the voice of Riol, Sharina made up her mind and concentrated.

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