I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

33. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

“You’re late! Why did you come here to the greatest and most famous Empire?”

Normally, you wouldn’t expect someone to be shackled up in a famous tourist attraction.

Oh, there stood the twins.

“You’re safe! You’re tied up and, on the ground, but safe! Thank goodness!”

In the meantime, I went over to the twins to untie the ropes.

I was relieved to see that they were not hurt, even though they seemed to have passed out.

Yes, the Withered Tree Sage was still mumbling and angry while taking care of the twins.

“After all the evidence I’ve left behind! You still took your time.”

“There was too much evidence, and I thought there wouldn’t be.” His Royal Highness muttered to himself. If it were too blatant, you’d think he meant the opposite.

The Withered Tree Sage of the Yahari Empire shook in anger…

“I wanted a bit more of a twist!”

“What the hell are you doing?!” Shouted the misogynistic prince, who came from a different entrance than we did.

By the way, there was a scary guy with him. But not the one I mentioned before. It was another scarier guy.

“Your highness, forgive me!”

The bodyguard who was brought with us tried to protect the misogynistic Prince, although he was already battered and bruised.

“It’s okay, Your Royal Highness. There’s no need to get all worked up. Let’s just wait in the corner.”

Things were starting to get too hot in the room.

“Uh, Your Royal Highness. Forgive me for asking this, but this is not who you are. I mean, it’s no good being the heir to the throne without all the Knights guarding you and falling for a trap like this.”

“Guess now we have our sacrifices.”

“What the hell do you mean?”

“You… Bastard!”


Oh, the twins were up. Hey!

Was I supposed to keep be like them and say, “What is happening, where am I and stuff?”

But His Royal Highness didn’t say anything either, so now what?

That damn acting was making me too uncomfortable.

It was all his fault!

The only reason I couldn’t react truthfully was that the Prince had a thing for acting.

If I were that scary guy over there, things would be quite different!

Perhaps satisfied with our surprising reaction (except for two people), the Withered Tree Sage confidently pulled out a palm-sized ball from his pocket.

“Unholy blood, to all of you who are in my way, vanish!”

“Are you insane?!”

The twins’ faces turned blue, and all of us were kept silent.

“You’re quite startled, misogynist Prince. That’s the exact reaction I was expecting.”

Then, a large amount of dense magical power was released all at once from the dead tree sage’s ball!

Under pressure, the misogynistic Prince and his bodyguard fell to their knees.

Even His Royal Highness, as expected, turned serious and activated the boundary stone he had in his pocket.

I then entered the ward that His Royal Highness had put up for the twins and me.

A familiar sluggish voice echoed in the air, where everyone was tensed。

“Hahaha! That’s a nice move! Your Highness, or is it Harold? Persius?”

“Oh… So, it’s you, Count Rondane! But why?”

Well, here we go again.

That was the drunken Count that was warded off by the Aide for his brother’s (and I) involvement in the soiree.

And the misogynist Prince, who would be a fool to answer the question.

“I’ll tell you the truth, you poor bastard.”

“Oh, you’re so kind for telling me, you Drunken bastard.”

His Royal Highness then started looking up at the ceiling.

“Hear me out clearly!”

“I was lured by the famous wise men of the Empire to raise the Second Prince’s blood to atone for the sins of the hateful Lemaire Empire and to raise the specter of war with the blood of these filthy twins.”

“Wow, that was an obvious explanation. You’re a much better actor than that, His Royal Highness over there. You’re a drunkard, Count. You should have been an actor instead of doing this.”

“And in the end, the Empire will be mine! I will have the last laugh!”

“What?! You just sounded like a drunken Count and the Withered Tree Sage.”

“So… Let me get this straight. The drunken Count will pretend that his country’s Second Prince and the Empire’s twins were killed by His Royal Highness and will use this as a justification to attack the Lemurians and try to take over the Empire.”

“The Withered Tree Sage was trying to betray the twins and the Second Prince of the Alphayd Empire by trying to betray the Empire from behind the scenes while they attacked the Lemurians as revenge for their killing by Your Royal Highness.”

“Can I just say something?”

“Our country has absolutely nothing to do with it!”

“You should have just left it to the Empire to do what they wanted.”

“Why do you insist on involving us in this?”

“That’s the extent to which they think they can also get our country involved. We’ve been lied to.”

His Royal Highness snorted and grunted. The old, chaotic, evil god had descended. And now the momentum was fading.

“A little fellow like you will suffice as the Evil Dragon’s sacrifice.”

“Evil Dragon? Are you resurrecting him or something? “

I looked at the Withered Tree Sage in question as though I’d misspoken.

But still, the Withered Tree Sage was able to withstand the icy gaze of His Royal Highness.

“Come to think of it; it’s quite hard for an old man to see Your Highness’s face at this distance.”

“No, no, Let me remind you. This is the one that we will give to the Dragon, but multiplied by ten.”

The Withered Tree Sage signaled with his eyes, and the scary-looking people from earlier grabbed the drunken count and threw them to us.

Nobody caught him.

“So, this guy came here all by himself… If he were to declare war on two countries, he should at least hire some bodyguards first…”

“C’mon, we’re all set!”

When he said that, the Withered Tree Sage held a ball of light as an offering.

Hmm, I got it now!

The magical pressure was increasing rapidly. He had already gotten a magic circle below his feet. He was earnest with his spell.

The Evil Dragon that the Withered Tree Sage referred; he was going to sacrificing us to resurrect the Evil Dragon with this ball?

“Answer my call, Dragon’s Jewel!”

“It’s called the Dragon’s Pearl. It’s got a white glow to it. Maybe it’s a spell? His Royal Highness is pretty rigid with nomenclature.”

“I must admit that I’m quite curious to see where this is going.”

“Evil Dragon! Subject yourself to my will.”

“Hmm, your hand is twitching, Withered Tree Sage.”

“Ah! Could you not make it go that high? I can’t even hear the spell anymore. I’ll definitively grab it and break it on the ground!”

“Show your form to me!”

“All I want to see is the ball shattered on the ground…”

“He’s going to drop it sooner or later.”

“C’mon, drop it!”


The Dragon’s Pearl left my trembling hands, hit the bare floor, and easily broke in two!

Did it break? It broke!

The magic power that had overwhelmed this place just a while ago disappeared without a trace.

And then… Silence!

“Lady Rururia!”

Everyone in the room was staring at me, the embarrassed flower maiden Rururia.

Eh! It’s my fault!

That’s what it sounded like in my head.

“So, don’t look at me like you’re suspecting anything, Your Royal Highness!”