I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

34. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

The Withered Tree Sage, who had been looking with dumbfounded eyes at the Dragon Pearl that cracked in front of him, as if he couldn’t believe it, finally revived!

“M-My boy!”

That scared the hell out of me; I thought it would just fade away!

“Welcome home, Withered Tree Sage!”

No, no, no, no, come to think of it, he was going to sacrifice me too. I should’ve just stood there and watched it happen.

With trembling hands, the withered tree sage tried to scrape up the broken pieces of the Dragon’s Pearl.

This guy was planning to use the Dragon Pearl to revive the Evil Dragon in the first place, right? To sacrifice us.

That just wasn’t going to happen!

Even if he were teary-eyed, wobbling his hands like ah, ah, ah, and trying to pick up all the pieces of the Dragon’s Treasure, I’d make sure to do it before him!

“We’re getting out of here! Because I won’t allow you to resurrect this Evil Dragon.”

“Although I can feel someone’s dumbfounded gaze, the top priority is the Dragon’s Treasure, right? So, help me out over here.”

Oh, it was that scary-looking guy out of the corner of my eye! “All right, I’ll pick it up then!”

Luckily, the Dragon’s Jewel was broken into two large pieces, with about three or four small fragments!

“When I get it all together, I’ll give it to His Royal Highness.”

I clawed my way through the trembling Withered Tree Sage hands, gathering even the smallest shards left in his hand.

“Oh! This is the last piece of the puzzle! There you go, Your Royal Highness!”


The magic circle suddenly began to glow.

While I was wondering what it was, something long and white came out of the magic circle.

“I am starving!”

I thought it came out of nowhere, but it smashed through the ceiling of this place, which was supposed to be a basement room, with ease.

Wow, I could see the blue sky.

“Who has summoned me, the Evil Dragon? What is your request?”

The Withered Tree Sage muffled a sound.

“Huh? Did you try to conjure up something you didn’t know? And it took 30 years to do so…”

“I don’t even know what to say now.”

The being in front of me that suddenly appeared was just as intimidating as the Dragon, if not more so.

It looked a little fuzzy. Was it a ghost?

No, no, no! I mean, he blew up a hole in the ceiling, so he surely had a body. There was no way this was a ghost.

I got a little distracted…

“By the way, that guy who was supposed to be the Evil Dragon Master, looked more like a snake than anything, huh?”

“Yes,” It wiggled its long, serpentine body, its mouth with sharp fangs and a slender beard as long as its face. I don’t know how it floated, but it drifted like fabric over our heads.

The intimidation and the scales that covered their bodies are familiar to us, but the flying membranes that were supposed to be present in Dragons were not present in snakes like this one!

But I couldn’t even call this a snake.

“Maniacs! Now is the time!”

“Yeah, they’re not coming. I’d be surprised if they do.”

“Yes! I’m starting to feel a little cooler now.”

I was pretty sure that guy said something like Resurrection of the Evil Dragon. So, was this another Dragon?

Its scales were clear and white, and they were divinely beautiful in the sunshine as if they were decorated with diamonds!

Hmmm, it didn’t look like an Evil Dragon.

Evil Dragons aren’t supposed to be evil like this unless they were evil like Sara-chan… Sorry, Lady Sara!

“Someone evoked the scent of a mistress…”

The snake Dragon, whose eyes were barely open, looked around, and his eyes met mine.

I know, right? I’d gotten the Dragon’s Jewel, and it was cracked!

I should have given it to His Royal Highness when I picked it up!

“So, you… are you the one with the Dragon’s Jewel?”

“No! There is no such thing with me. I don’t even know what it is! Believe me; I don’t have it hehe…”

I spoke the truth with power—the purest of truths.

“Really, until now, the Dragon’s Treasure? I didn’t know anything about that!”

“And what Dragon are we talking about, to begin with? I only know about the Dragon.”

“What do you think? I’m a girl who can say no, too. I learned that recently.”

I looked back and saw that it was from all of us. He looked at me with a mute, That’s you, and a look of deep accusation.

Let’s not turn to look at him again.

“But it makes it looks like I am letting my mistress go…”

I got a good look at him. Oh, his face was so big…

I thought Dragons didn’t have facial expressions, but I feel like this snake Dragon just smiled at me.

“There is something curious about you. With this Dragon’s Crest, it may be possible for me to spend some time with you.”

As he said that, his huge frame shrank in a flash, and the cracked Dragon Pearl in my left hand disappeared, leaving a vague white light in the palm of my hand!

“Your Royal Highness…”

“What is it?”

“Is this the Dragon Crest that the Snake Dragon was talking about?”

“Well nine times out of ten, I suppose.”

“It’s floating, and if you don’t hold it tightly like this, it won’t be considered a receipt, right?”

“Are you serious about that? …Look around.”


I had a bad feeling about this. I was getting the same vibe I got from the fiasco with the Dragon Knight.

No, not again. Not again!

“You were supposed to have saved the Empire by calming a different kind of Dragon that was trying to threaten it.”



His Royal Highness held his head down and sighed deeply.

What the hell, what the hell? No, no, I don’t want to hear it!

“You’re The Dragon Knight’s Bride, and you’re the savior of the land.”

“But I’m not very famous, so unless I spread the word about it myself, people won’t know about it! So please, Your Royal Highness, don’t let this matter go unnoticed!”

There has to be some hope left in there somewhere.

His Royal Highness gave me a lukewarm look as I desperately pleaded my case. Ho-Hope!

“Where do you think we are?”

“Hmm, a famous tourist attraction?”

When I looked around, I saw many people cheering as if they were looking into the open ceiling.

“Colosé is a famous tourist destination! There are a lot of people in here.”

I heard something like Saint of the Kingdom or Dragon Knight’s Bride, but I couldn’t help but think of His Royal Highness.

“I’m sure that’s not true, right?”

His Royal Highness put his hand on my shoulder and made the same face as always.

Yes, it was as if the old chaotic evil gods were laughing with joy as they watched the sacrifice of a fleeing conspiracy.

“It’s all set then. It’s the Dragon Knight’s Bride and Saint of the Kingdom, hahaha!”

Then he pointed to my left hand.

Oh yeah, there was this white fluffy Dragon Print or something like that Snake Dragon that looked like a pain in the ass when you hold it.

My hand was closed.

Gently, I opened my hand. My heartbeat steadfastly.

“No, no, no, no, we don’t know that yet, do we? Maybe it’s not given to you because you don’t deserve it or something.”

“What is this white pattern?”

I turned around and rubbed the Dragon Crest on my arm and the back of my hand to see if I could somehow blame His Royal Highness for this.

But the pattern didn’t come off; it only made His Royal Highness have a fit of laughter. Hmph!

“Oh, no! I’m in a lot of trouble! Let’s go home already!”